Top Ten Bibles January 1 – November 1 2016.

ESV Reader’s 6 volume set

Customers often ask us to recommend Bibles – as you can imagine that’s not at all a simple task, since there are so many different types of Bibles, translations, and designs – all which ask the customer to research what he/she is looking for in a Bible….. Compact, Wide Margin, Reference, Text, Hardback, Genuine Leather, Natural Goatskin, Color, Red-Letter, KJV, ESV, NLT etc…..There are a lot of variables here! Having said that our customer service staff does its best to listen to what a person is seeking and match them with a corresponding Bible!

NKJV Schuyler Quentel

Below is a list of our Top Selling Bibles (over the past 10 months) – all of which we recommend because YOUR feedback has been extremely positive and we rarely get these Bibles returned for quality issues.  Please note:  There are many top of the line Bibles that are not on this (for example the Cambridge Clarion Series) – but are equally worthy of mention – so please do your homework before purchasing your Bible.

1. ESV Reader’s 6 Volume Set: This set has really inaugurated a new genre in Bible format.  Sales and interest in this set have gone viral. has the exclusive rights to this cowhide version.  The set also comes in a cloth-over-board version.

2. Schuyler Quentel NKJV – The NKJV Quentel has shot to the top of the list with record sales. The quality of this Bible continue to drive sales. The NKJV was in great need of a great design.  The Quentel filled that void!  Stock is getting low.


ESV Legacy

3. Crossway Omega Thinline – This Bible is excellent particularly at its amazing price point…It’s essentially a double column thinline Bible bound in beautiful (and flexible) natural grain Goatskin. Like the Quentel above – the reviews speak volumes for this Bible. The Black and Brown are identical.

4. Allan New Classic ESV –An great Bible – out of stock indefinitely.

5 .  Crossway ESV Legacy Heirloom – one of the most beautiful typeset ESV Bibles at an amazing price point.

6Schuyler Caxton – Even thought the NLT is not the most popular Bible in our community – sales continue to climb.  The typesetting and reviews are making a big impact. A great single column paragraph Bible….

7. Allan NASB – The Allan NASB (a splendid binding of a Lockman typesetting) continues to move. It is currently available in black…A solid Bible.

8. TBS – Black Calfskin King James Westminster – A great bargain priced King James.  8. The Schuyler Westminster KJV – An excellent typesetting with more reference information than any other KJV Bible that we are familiar with – This is a TBS (Trinitarian Bible Society) typesetting bound by Schuyler. Many additional Bible helps come standard with this Bible.

Crossway ESV Omega

9. Schuyler Quentel ESV – Is typically our best selling Bible, but has been out of stock for months.  Now back in stock!

10.Allan Longprimer 53 – is out of print indefinitely  This is Allan’s vintage Bible.  The Canterbury KJV may be a good alternative!

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