Bible Sales

Update: January 26 2017.  Since the fine-crafted Bible industry is always so fluid we thought we would provide a succinct update on the current trajectory of the industry in a few paragraphs.  The Premium Bible market is increasing.


First, this is an extremely exciting time in the quality Bible industry.  There is a lot of enthusiasm and imagination going forward.  This is a starkly different environment than 10 years ago when it seemed like publishers were putting all of their energy into e-readers, Bible apps and glow in the dark Bibles. A lot has changed since then thanks to the likes of Bible visionaries like Mark Bertrand.  Now we have publishers like Cambridge and Schuyler that publish exclusively fine crafted Bibles, Allan, that refits typesettings with their vintage bindings, and larger Bible publishers like Crossway that have made a considerable investment in quality Bible products within their larger production networks.  Let’s take a look at a few of the top publishers to see exactly what they are offering and what they plan to offer in the near future.

Six Volume Reader’s Set

First, I think we should mention Schuyler Publishers.  Schuyler has led the pack in the past few years in terms of imagination and creativity.  In the past few years Schuyler has created and published its flagship typesetting design – The Quentel Series – available now in the NASB, ESV & NKJV. The NIV will be with us by the end of 2017. This series is the top selling series at For those that follow this industry, it’s no secret that the Canterbury KJV (similar to the Quentel in design) is the big news over the past few months.  The Canterbury made its debut in December 2016 and is already over 74% sold out.  The Schuyler Caxton NLT – a joint project with Tyndale – is a single column paragraph Bible that has received excellent reviews!  Finally Crossway’s ESV Six-Volume Reader Set (Cowhide and Hardback) have had a major impact in the Bible world – with the cowhide version leading the pack at

SCHUYLER NEWS: The Personal Size Quentel NASB is due mid year. The Quentel NIV later 2017/early2018.

Second, Allan.  Allan is a unique player in the industry.  Allan publishes Bibles in very small quantities using typesetting from other publishers.  The bindings are unique and truly distinguished.  Allan’s small production model often leads to scarcity in their production lines so if you want a particular Allan Bible and it’s in stock…BUY it.




Third, Cambridge.  Cambridge has a lot of designs that have been around for quite some time – and are excellent.  Our favorites are their KJV Concord Reference Bibles and their Clarion series (personal size single column format) which spans many translations.  We are unaware of any new designs coming out in the near future.

Fourth Crossway (publisher of the ESV) : Crossway is not primarily a high quality publisher, but has invested in this arena with a few products.  Our favorites are the Legacy and Omega.