Update: December 1 2017.

Since the premium Bible market is amazingly fluid we have decided to update this page.

As of December 1 – no ‘new’ products (Schuyler, Allan or Cambridge) will arrive before 2018. – So whatever is listed is what we have ‘today.’ As you know in this market – what is on the shelf today, may not be so tomorrow.

Last year at this time we were in the ESV Reader’s Set frenzy.  This phenomenon ended early in 2017 when we sold out of our last Readers Cowhide Set.  Crossway will likely republish this set with some changes in the fall of 2018.

ESV Personal Size Quentel

The premium Bible market is dominated by several players: Schuyler, Allan, Crossway & Cambridge.  If Crossway’s ESV Reader’s Set was the brightest star in 2016, Schuyler’s Canterbury and Quentel Personal Size Bibles have dominated the landscape in 2017.  The Quentel Personal Size NASB and ESV have topped the sales charts.  The Personal Size Canterbury (red letter), NKJV and NIV are due in 2018 as well.  Like much of the premium Bible market, the rise of the personal size was jump-started, in part, by Mark Bertrand’s raving review of the Quentel’s smaller brother.  The Canterbury King James Bible has become the best selling King James Bible, thanks in large part to its stunning typesetting design. (Who would have guessed that a Danish company would be the best designers of “the noblest monument of English prose!”)

The British company, R.L. Allan, continues to publish its distinctive “Highland Goatskin” Bibles from relatively small binderies in the UK. Unfortunately, production supply has not kept up with demand, and therefore many Allan Bibles are out of stock before they reach the shores of the New World.  The exceptions to this rule, are the Allan NASB Reader Bibles which may be in stock for a few weeks as well as the Sovereign Longprimer Calfskin and Brevier Wide Margin.

ESV Legacy

Crossway continues to be the only large publisher who has continued to publish premium Bibles (that, of course, is our opinion) – The Crossway Legacy, Omega and Reader’s Set are amazing Bibles, particularly at their price points.

Bibles to come in 2018:

It’s not easy to predict the future!

What seems certain:  (and exciting!) – All Schuyler Quentels will come in a personal size version.  Schuyler will have its Quentel in the NIV sometime in January. The Quentel NASB will come in a Thinline Version in January or February. Schuyler’s Leather over board Canterbury will come in the Spring – along with their first natural goatskin leather journals.

Canterbury KJV

Crossway:  The Omega will be rebound and due in the spring.  It seems likely that the ESV Reader’s Set in Cowhide will come back in stock in the fall of 2018.  Another amazing development is the possibility of the ESV Study Bible (regular size) being bound in Goatskin, along with full leather linings.  [This would be a Lego (Italian) printing with a Jongbloed (Dutch) binding] Evangelicalbible.com will have a part in this production.

Allan: Remember that in the case of Allan, supply will not meet demand in many cases, and small binderies can be somewhat unpredictable in production.  Having said that: we are fairly certain that the personal size ESV Study Bible will be published by Allan in limited quantities, as well as the Longprimer 53 (in Highland Goatskin) in 2018. As far as 2017 is concerned: Nothing new will be added and current stock is extremely limited.

Cambridge: We expect to see the NRSV in Cowhide and Goatskin.  Please stay tuned for other editions.