Allan NIV Proclamation Edition Black Highland Goatskin

Allan NIV Proclamation Edition, Black Highland Goatskin Bible

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The 2011 updated NIV Cross Reference edition with an enlarged font size and wider margin (1 inch on outer edge), plus ten introductory essays to reading and preaching from the Bible, and introductions to each section and book of the Bible developed for Hodder & Stoughton by Proclamation Trust.

Additional material developed by over 65 contributors drawn from the most respected Bible teachers and church leaders around the world. General editor Lee Gatiss of Church Society; contributors include Doug Moo, Karen Jobes, Chris Wright, William Taylor, Hugh Palmer, David Jackman, Dick Lucas.

Also includes concordance, 4pp colour maps, presentation pages and 32pp Allan lined notepaper.

Bound in black Highland goatskin with navy leather linings and a generous yapp, red under gold page edges, and three navy ribbon markers.

Page size: 9 x 6 inches (234 x 156 mm)

Type size: 9.3 pt

Spine: 1 1/2 inch  (37mm)

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Weight 3 lbs

1 review for Allan NIV Proclamation Edition, Black Highland Goatskin Bible

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I’m not an overzealous premium Bible collector. However, I do own many Bibles with various translations… mostly because I enjoy the different notes various versions/publishers offer. I’m in my early 30’s and after some years (I’ve been a practicing Christian since 17 years old) I decided I wanted to replace my NIV Bible (Zondervan-Student edition in bonded leather) of ten years with something premium/quality that would withstand the test of time. I do own the Tyndale Premium Select in NLT in brown goatskin and also the Cambridge ESV-Clarion Edition in black goatskin.

    So what appealed to me about the Allan Bible? Well, I read through forums, watched some YouTube videos, read through various Bible review sites and what stood out the most as a trademark was Allan being known for a yap… it’s unique. The yap that comes on this particular NIV Allan (Proclamation Edi) is modest. I thought I wanted something a little more aggressive (larger), but after getting my hands on this Bible, the yap is just right for my tastes… it’s there, but not excessive.
    The build quality looks fine overall, the feel in hand is good and the footprint isn’t too large/small upon my initial impressions. The cover is subtle and bends readily and the leather feels mildly soft. I’m assuming it will soften more overtime with use and conditioning; It’s not near as soft as the ESV Cambridge Clarion I have (purchased around same time as this Allan). I find the font to be comfortable(size)/bold and print from one page to another overlaps the previous so bleed through is not really noticeable. The paper doesn’t feel tissue thin either, which is nice IMO. What I feel I have is a Bible in raw form… meaning there are very little notes. You will find some introductory paragraphs explaining each book and an outline of the contents of each book, which I do like/appreciate. There are small/modest blank borders/margins for notes.

    In regards to the company (Evangelical Bible), they are wonderful to work with. I find them to be responsive to questions and customer support thus far in my interactions. My first Allan did have some uncut pages… which happens. This also occurred on my Cambridge ESV Clarion when I ordered that through another company. Evangelical Bible addressed my concern promptly and had my replacement within roughly a week’s time; they provided the return shipping label. I had my replacement Bible around a week. So no delays there as I was concerned about being without the Bible after having become accustomed to it for daily reading. They have a great website that’s well organized, it’s informative and easy to navigate. To me, that shows they care about themselves and how they present themselves to customers. That goes a long way in addition to their reasonable/competitive pricing as a small company. They will definitely get my future business for other Bibles of interest I have.

    This Bible gets a five-star rating for what it is. It’s well put together and the final product has no issues that stand out. Had I compared it to my other two premium Bibles I mentioned, I’d docked it one star on build quality because the leather is softer and the perimeter stitching (Allan is glued) gives the appearance that they may hold up better over time. But I can’t justify taking away a star due to mere preferences/bias… this Bible came delivered as advertised, which is what I base my ratings on. Time will tell how this holds up and so far and my impressions from other owners are good.

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