Holman HCSB Minister’s Bible, Black Genuine Cowhide Leather

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This newly designed and gift-boxed edition of the HCSB Minister’s Bible is ideal for pulpit use with its large type, wide margins, and extensive ancillary notes from many of today’s top preachers and church leadership voices.
The perfect presentation item for a variety of special occasions including Pastor Appreciation Month (October).
• Lifetime guarantee-Smyth Sewn Binding-with overcast stitching.• Two-piece gift box
• Single-column Bible text setting
• One inch outside margins for taking notes
• Seventy-two page HCSB concordance
• Introduction to the HCSB
• HCSB Bullet Notes
• Eight 4-color maps
• Where to Turn When . . .
• Plan of Salvation
• Four-color presentation page
• Various wedding and funeral outlines by Jim Henry
• “8 Traits of Effective Church Leaders” by Thom S. Rainer
• “21 Essentials of Authentic Ministry” by James T. Draper
• “Four Kinds of Expositional Preaching” by Ed Stetzer
• “30 Keys to Giving an Invitation” by O. S. Hawkins
• “Leading a Child to Christ” by Bill Emeott
• “Reaching Students with the Gospel” by Lynn H. Pryor
• “The Importance of Baptism and Communion” by Rick White
• Commitment Counseling
• The Christian Year and Church Calendar
• The Apostles and Their History
• Table of Weights and Measures

Trim Size: 9.25 x 6.25 x 1.50 in
Page Count: 1824
Weight: 2.00lb

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Weight 4 lbs

7 reviews for Holman HCSB Minister’s Bible, Black Genuine Cowhide Leather

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    A few things I REALLY like about the HCSB Minister\’s Bible – Black Genuine Cowhide (Leather) Edition:

    ► LEATHER: The box states that it is \”Genuine Cowhide\” which is very flexible, soft and supple. It practically melts in your hands. If I were to compare this to another, I would compare it to Crossway and Tyndale\’s calfskin leather. The grain pattern on the Crossway and Tyndale calfskins are more `pronounced\’ and noticeable than on the HCSB Minister\’s Bible, however in regards to flexibility and softness, they\’re in the same league since the interior is leather lined.

    ► BINDING: Smyth-sewn. Enough said. And if this wasn\’t enough, it is one of the rare Bibles these days that have what is referred to as \”overcast stitching\” in the front (pages 10/11) as well as in the back (pages 1786/1787). What this essentially means is that this Bible has reinforced durability all over it and will probably last long beyond the time you leave this earth.

    ► FONT: The font is somewhere in the area of 9 and 10, and the text itself is VERY easy on the eyes.

    ► LAYOUT: Single-column PARAGRAPH format (as opposed to VERSE-BY-VERSE format). It has 1 inch margins on the sides for notes and extensive footnotes on the bottom of the page. I thoroughly enjoy this layout, without the clutter of cross references in the gutter OR down the middle of a double-column layout. If you like \”text only Bibles\” (with just footnotes at the bottom) this layout will suit you perfectly.

    ► PAPER: There is very little bleed-through (aka, \”ghosting\”) and the paper seems to be MUCH better than many Bibles I\’ve laid my eyes on. The times where you can see the other side of the page (barely) are in the poetry sections (Psalms, Proverbs, etc) where it is a verse-by-verse format and the space to the right of the text is more white than normal. But that is quite common in Bibles where the layout is single-column.

    ► RIBBONS: There are two, skinny, 3\” long ribbons and they\’re certainly nothing to write home about. I actually removed the two short original ribbons and added 3 wider and longer 5\” inch red ribbons since I like a little better quality ribbons in my Bibles.

    ► MAPS: 8 very colorful maps in the back.

    ► OVERALL: In my humble opinion, this is THE best HCSB on the planet. The quality and craftsmanship of this Holman Bible is TOP NOTCH and dare I say, in the same league as an Allan, Cambridge or Oxford Bible…and yes, I own all three of these superb Bibles.

    Take the plunge on this incredibly discounted price that Evangelical Bible is offering. Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed. If you want to view 100 pictures of this incredible HCSB Minister\’s Bible to make a more informed decision, please visit my Bible picture link below:

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    As the proud owner of a new genuine leather HCSB Minister’s Bible from, I want to share some brief personal reflections, both on the translation and the presentation.

    Although I’ve been a dyed-in-the-wool ESV user since 2001, a few months ago I began reading the HCSB. I find that these two translations are perfect complements: the ESV elegant and lofty, the HCSB vivid and direct. A case in point is HCSB’s Jer. 6:16, “…Then take it…‘We won’t!’ ”

    When you carry the HCSB Minister’s Bible it feels great in the hand—soft, flexible, and not too heavy. The single-column page layout is beautiful and open; every page looks great, with lots of space for notes. Even long stretches of uninterrupted prose (such as Leviticus 25) don’t look crowded on the page. The pages are pure white, making for maximum contrast and easy readability. The typefaces are clear (but I just wish they would use true small caps instead of software-generated ones). As for marking, I bought some 005 Pigma Microns, and Bible study is a pleasure! The ghosting from the text as well as from my notes is minimal, and certainly not a distraction.

    After Revelation there is additional material such as a 70-page concordance, ministerial helps, and maps. All of this is less than 9% of the total thickness, so it doesn’t add much to the weight, making this edition appropriate for non-ministers (such as I) too. The word “Minister” does not appear on the spine.

    After having searched several years (and spent many shekels!) for a primary Bible, the HCSB Minister’s Bible has instantly become my primary Bible, and we are practically inseparable. Thank you, Holman and EB!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    All bibles should be designed this way! This bible was made to be read and lived in. The font is readable and formatted in a very nice single column setting, with wider margins for note-takers. Further, the translation is readable, engaging, and accurate!

    For those not familiar with the HCSB, I recommend you do a little research and give it a try. It is a wonderful translation. I would argue the HCSB is the best example of mixing readability and word for word accuracy.

    Thank You Evangelical Bible for offering the HCSB and especially this edition.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have not owned this Bible long, but although I have MANY Bibles, I have been reaching for this one most since I bought it, actually, almost exclusively but using others just for comparing texts occasionally! I am totally enamored with it. I have only one complaint, I wish that the font was super thick for my older fluctuating/problematic eyes, BUT I am sure to others this font might be perfectly fine and considered more wonderful and better and larger than many others for sure. Every single other thing that I can think of this Bible is superb. Besides the luxury of holding such a squishy delightful Bible, this updated revision of the HCSB has all my attention! I understand that this Bible has approx 500 appearances of Yahweh in place of LORD (about 5x as many from previous edition), which is only a tiny fraction of the 6800 plus LORD usage in the OT (if I have my facts straight). I am loving this translation and am extremely delighted in what a difference this usage of Yahweh has made, and I love the footnotes. I am reading all the footnotes as I go along and am delighted in the variant renderings offered. I certainly would not mind if they bracketed those footnotes and put them right in the text, like the Amplified does…I would love it! (Eye thing) But at any rate, it is wonderful also the way it is. I also concur with other comments I have read…putting just the essentials in the Back for ministers is probably ideal in many ways…a lot more practical for the minister who is trying to find the basics in a hurry, and leaving a lot of room for the Bible text itself. Wonderful. I love ribbons in Bibles and this one has two ribbon markers, black and red. The red one I must comment about: it is a rich deep red in a shade that looks stately. regal, elegant. I have seen a lot of Bible ribbons but this color is amazing! One thing that might not be apparent to the one considering this Bible, is that there has been extra liners added in the front and back. I can see that this has really helped in keeping the Bible pages from damage and it is lovely how it works and is. I love it. I absolutely love edge lined leather on the Bibles and this leather is fabulous! So, here we have a newly revised HCSB in a most delightful binding…is that a feast for our walk or what? God bless you all in Jesus\’ Name.

  5. Rated 4 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    A very good bible…..nice font size. Only four stars because I’m comparing it against my Allen and Cambridge goatskins!!

  6. Rated 3 out of 5

    Nice looking, cheap ribons and cheaply glued… I know it\’s smyth sewn but it\’s best to pay 50$ more for the allan hcsb. Overall the bible is ok but a life time of usage will kill it. The glue will let go one day and it would of been better if it was sewn all around. Anyway don\’t bet your money on it. Don\’t expect the quality of an allan of this one…and for 62.50, you get the quality that goes with it. To bad my name\’s on it I would\’ve returned it. So 3 stars…First star is for the HCSB version. Second star for the notes in the end. Third star the leather is nice.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I usually do not write reviews for things but I felt the need to here. I bought this bible for the pulpit. I love the wide margins, it is lightweight and fits great in the hand. The cover is soft but durable. I know now that this will be my main sword of truth when preaching the Gospel. Thank you for the outstanding service, and the wonderful products.

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