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Cambridge University Press has been publishing the Bible since 1591. Cambridge Bibles continue to be of the highest quality, created by craftsmen and using traditional methods and materials. is now among the top distributors of these Bibles. To order a Cambridge Bible click on category links below (bottom of page) in red

the Cambridge Clarion above is a new popular Cambridge typeface. It has received excellent reviews. One page chart of all of our Cambridge Bibles. 

To order a Cambridge Bible click on category links below (bottom of page) in red

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Introduction to Cambridge Bibles

One of the reasons we have excelled in Cambridge Bible sales is because we are one of the only sites that understands the product we're selling.   We answer technical questions and provide informed customer support.  We understand our Bibles! - click here to contact us.  The second reason is fairly obvious-we are the most affordable.  If you can find a lower price from a reputable establishment we will always match it. (Remember to factor in our free shipping!)

Glossary of Terms:
A beautiful and very durable top-quality, natural grain leather. Strong yet supple, it is used for the finest bindings. Traditionally known as Morocco leather.
Calfskin leather
A traditional high-quality leather used in fine bindings. It is long-lasting and its suppleness increases with use. Cambridge calfskin bindings use only top-grain leather.
French Morocco leather
Leather taken from a split calfskin, slightly thinner than other grades and therefore flexible and soft even when new. A French Morocco binding offers high-quality real leather at an economical price.
Art-gilt edges
A decorative finish to the page edges in which a red dye and gilt foil combine to add richness and lustre to the finished volume.
Bible paper
Thicker than India paper, but still much thinner than common book papers.
Gilt edges
A decorative finishing style in which a gold-coloured metallic foil is applied to the edges of the pages after they have been cut and rubbed smooth. Silver foil is often applied to the page edges of volumes bound in white. See also art-gilt edges.
Gilt line
A plain gold line or 'frame' on the inside covers.
India paper
The paper traditionally used for the best quality Bibles. The name is now generally used for papers that weigh less than 30 grammes per square metre ('20lb' paper in the USA.)
Reference Edition
A Bible that includes cross-references to guide the reader to other parts of the Bible where similar subjects are treated. Footnotes also give variant readings of the text. Reference editions often include a concordance, maps and other study material.
Text Edition
A Bible in which the text only is provided, without cross-references. 

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