The Canterbury KJV team.: (Left to Right: Camilla,Sandie,Magnus,Thomas,Sky) Sandie was the chief typesetter for the NASB and ESV Quentel Bibles – Camilla for the Canterbury.


metal movable type

Schuyler Publishers partners with the best Bible typesetters, 2K/Denmark located in Aarhus Denmark. Recently Schuyler Bible Publishers CEO, Sky Cline met with 2K to discuss upcoming products.


Magnus (center) and Camilla (right). Both have been instrumental in the Quentel Design.


Sky and Thomas discuss upcoming projects.


Klaus Krogh – Distinguished Bible Typesetter/Partner at 2K/Denmark

One of the reasons Schuyler has partnered with 2K is that 2K is not only innovative and intelligent in designing – but always has legibility at the forefront of its designs. This is often jettisoned for other considerations. Schuyler has always believed in making sure, that above all else, the Bible can be read!
Typesetting is a labor intensive process. After the actual design is made – a LONG process of proofreading begins. Bibles have about 800,000 words which must all be correct in spelling – indentation – spacing etc. It is really a painstaking process made for detailed people. 2K has that sort of culture which is highly precise and willing to go the extra mile for these precision projects.  Klaus Krogh, 2K’s founder has a youthful joy and love for Bible design.  It’s his passion.  This same passion is shared by Klaus, his wife Liv, and indeed by their entire staff.  This is the perfect partnership between typesetter and publisher.

A portion of the Canterbury KJV being typeset at 2K

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