Update: November 21, 2018

Canterbury Red Goatskin

At this point (November 21) what you see as ‘in stock’ on our website is generally speaking what will be available in December.  We do expect the new Schuyler Quentel NASB thinlines to be in stock as well as the new Canterbury colors – but we can not guarantee a timely arrival due to customs issues that are beyond our control.

Premium Bible publishers generally publish in small batches, so stock levels can vanish rapidly.  We will try to give you an idea of what to expect by the end of the year – and to some degree, what we recommend.  You may also want to use our search tool to find the Bible that best suits your needs.

As we have said before, the premium Bible market is dominated by several players: Schuyler, Cambridge, Allan, and Crossway.  As you will see below, Zondervan and Nelson have also put their feet in this market.

Schuyler’s most popular format is its flagship Quentel Series. It is consistently a best seller at evangelicalbible.com.  Published in the ESV, NASB, NKJV, & NIV, the Quentel is available in regular and Personal Size editions (NKJV should arrive soon – NIV Personal Size is expected in January) The KJV edition is called the Canterbury and is also available in a Personal Size edition. The Schuyler Caxton edition is an incredible NLT Bible with an amazing array of color choices.

Cambridge recently republished their popular Turquoise (not to be confused with a color) KJV Bible which has received excellent reviews. It stands in the same class as the Allan Longprimer and Schuyler Canterbury.  Cambridge’s Concord Reference KJV is a firm favorite along with their Clarion Series – available in the ESV, NASB, KJV, NKJV, & NIV.

The British company, R.L. Allan, continues to publish its distinctive “Highland Goatskin” Bibles from relatively small binderies in the UK. Unfortunately, production supply has not kept up with demand, and therefore many Allan Bibles are out of stock before they reach the shores of the New World.  We currently have the Allan Calfskin Longprimer and Longprimer Sovereign in stock as well as other editions.

Crossway continues to be a major player in the premium Bible market. Crossway’s new Goatskin Heirloom Study Bible is an amazing product at a very affordable price considering its size and wealth of material. The Crossway Legacy (Brown and Black), Omega and Cowhide Reader Sets are all in stock and are fantastic Bibles.  (The Blue Legacy is already sold out and the Purple and Green editions are limited in stock.)

Zondervan/Nelson have created their own ‘Comfort Print’ premium Bibles. These are available in the NIV and NKJV in a single column

and double column format as well as a classic KJV double column versified format.

Given the speed at which premium Bibles go in and out of stock historically, we recommend that you do your Christmas shopping early!