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Update: November, 2021.
As we have been stating for many weeks now – there is a global supply chain slow down which is causing supply shortages in every industry. What does this mean concretely for  Many of our most popular Bibles: Cambridge Topaz’s, Schuyler Quentels, Cambridge Concords etc. will likely run out of stock in November and will not be restocked until Spring of 2022.  So….if you see a Bible that you would like to purchase for Christmas – do not wait.

RSV: Schuyler has been published an RSV Quentel Bible.  The RSV is the “father” of the NRSV and ESV.  So far the reviews for this Bible are fantastic. Here is Tim Wildsmith’s review.

: CSB Quentel is now in stock.  CSB Holman Goatskin – a great verse by verse CSB Bible. Holman’s best CSB yet.

: The regular size NASB and NASB Wide Margin are in stock. The Personal Size is out of stock until late summer 2022. 
Nelson published an NASB MacArthur Study Bible. Zondervan published an NASB single column in Goatskin; it is fantastic. Cambridge also has a full array of NASBs.

NASB 2020: 
We have several Lockman editions here. Schuyler is publishing their single column versified version (Stridon).  The NASB Stridon is now at the printers in the Netherlands.  It’s difficult to predict when bound copies will reach the US in our current logistics crisis. Our best guess would be March of 2022.

: Schuyler’s NIV Quentel is on the schedule for summer 2022. The Schuyler Personal Size Quentel NIV will open for Preorders this month!

: ESV Schuyler Treveris (very low inventory – more stock due in 2022.) ESV Schuyler Quentel Wide Margin is now in stock. The Cambridge ESV Topaz – an all new Cambridge Setting is now in stock. Schuyler Quentel (Regular Size is available.  Schuyler Personal Size Quentels are also in stock (a few colors remain)! Crossway has 2 new preaching Bibles: Verse by Verse and Single Column. The Dutch version of the Legacy and Omega will be in stock by late December. Preorders are now live! We have hardback versions of the Cambridge ESV Diadem in stock.  Premium editions arrive next year. With ApocryphaWithout Apocrypha.

: Cambridge’s NKJV Topaz series now in stock. Schuyler NKJV is back in stock, and the Personal Size Quentel NKJV is also in stock.

: Schuyler KJV Treveris Series.  Here is a sampler of the text. The Treveris KJV is currently open for Preorder and due at the end of December.
Schuyler’s flagship KJV Canterbury has returned in a red letter version as well as a sleeker format.   The Canterbury Wide Margin should be back in stock in January or February. Cambridge will be coming out with their Family Chronicle Bible (a bit of a misnomer) – it’s a more related to a pulpit Bible with large beautiful Baskerville font and high resolution Dore paintings.  Preorders are now live.  Here are some pics and a promotional video (Cambridge’s best video so far!)
A few surprises here: Cambridge will publish the full yapp Concord in Marbled Mahogany Calfskin and Blue Goatskin.  ( exclusives).  Cambridge is also publishing a full yapp Turquoise in Black Calfskin!

: Schuyler will be publishing an NLT Quentel in 2022 or 2023.

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For a multitude of reasons, premium Bible demand has exceeded supply in the last year or so. In the case of Schuyler, virtually every edition is being sold out at a rate that surpasses Schuyler’s ability to republish. For many books or products this is an easy fix: Simply increase supply. In the case of Schuyler (and I would include Cambridge & Allan) increasing production is complicated and certainly cannot be accomplished by a simple “flip of the switch.”
Most book production is a highly mechanized event. I have witnessed book production in some of the world’s largest factories and have marveled at the genius of thousands of moving parts, conveyor belts, folding, cutting, turning, stamping, gilding –all producing books without so much as a human finger involved in the result, save the one that touches the “start” switch. It’s truly a tribute to mechanical engineering and economies of scale.
Edge-lined binding (Schuyler, Cambridge & Allan – as well as a few others) is another process altogether. Though the form of an edge-lined Bible resembles that of its mechanized cousin – their creation is completely distinct, as are their qualities. Cambridge has estimated that approximately 30 people have laid hands on an edge-lined Bible before it reaches the owner. To give but one example (Schuyler has been posting video and pictures at times) – every Schuyler bible (when it is in book block form) is taken to a room and put in a vise (if you’re British – vice). Men and women put on masks (before COVID) and take out their spray guns attached to ink canisters and spray the edges. The pages are dried and then sprayed once again for the deep colors that we appreciate – and which cannot be replicated via android automation. We all know what happens when you put too much ink on that Bible….it bleeds!
Ok. Why am I writing about bleeding Bibles? (or hand cut edges, corners, sewing, embossing, rounding, etc.)? More craftsmen and women need to be trained to keep up with the evolution of the premium Bible market. We can’t simply order more leather and paper. (And trust me – ordering our leather and paper is another story altogether.) We must train Homo sapiens to create handmade Bibles. We intend to do our best to rise with this growing tide of high end Bible demand. We ask our Bible community to be patient when you see Bibles frequently “out of stock” or “coming soon.” We are increasing production, but we must do it with more people, not simply more ingredients and automation.
This is one of the reasons increasing production is not merely a “flip of the switch.”

Schuyler’s most popular format is its flagship Quentel® Series. It is consistently a best seller at  Published in the ESV, NASB, NKJV, RSV & NIV, the Quentel® is available in regular and Personal Size editions The KJV edition is called the Canterbury and is also available in a Personal Size edition.  Here is a chart of all Schuyler Bibles.