Quentel NIV– A Masterpiece of Design and Craft.

The Quentel series in general is the product of the best creative talents spanning 3 nations. The general outline of the Quentel was the invention of Sky Cline, the founder of Schuyler Bibles. Cline was focused on producing a Bible that was highly legible, attractive and durable. Here are some exclusive interior photos.

The details of typesetting came from the illustrious Danish firm, 2K/Denmark. The 2K team, lead by Klaus Krogh, took delight in producing a typesetting where their creativity could be put into full force. Using the general outline supplied by Cline, 2K produced a typesetting that is both highly legible, as well as noticeably elegant. The 11 point Milo font with ample leading, kerning, and tracking resulted in an instant sensation in the Bible world (Here is a sample of Matthew). You would be hard pressed to find anyone who has found a typesetting more legible than the Quentel. The Quentel design comes standard with the all important ‘line-matching.’ (aka line on line typesetting) This feature is fairly uncommon in the Bible world in general. Basically ‘line- matching’ is a typesetting term which means that each line of text on one side of a page will have a corresponding line of the other side of the same page. This technique is important with Bible paper (which is much thinner than regular book paper) because it significantly reduces ‘see through’ or ‘ghosting’ which decreases legibility. There are many other typesetting characteristics of the Quentel NIV which have served to make this a typographical work of art, many of which will only be appreciated by the person who actually spends hours in Bible reading and study.

The text files upon completion are sent to the renowned Dutch Publisher and Printer, Royal Jongbloed, situated on the Netherlands’ northern frontier with Germany. The files are printed using paper milled in France and are then folded, collated, cut and sewn.  Artisans then prepare these ‘book blocks’ for binding, using techniques and skills which are known in only a handful of binderies world-wide. At the completion of the hand-made process, Bibles are produced that lie down flat and are encased in natural grain goatskin (or calfskin) and are designed to last a lifetime – truly a tribute to the bookbinder’s skill and craft. The price of the Bible is a function not only of the natural and high quality materials, but also due the fact that they are largely hand-made in small batches.  The final product is a Bible that is not only incredibly legible, but also exceptionally durable and elegant in appearance and form.  For the specifications of this Bible or to order – please click here.


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