Natural grain goatskin.

Natural grain goatskin.

Schuyler Bibles are truly a unique product. Schuyler Bibles may appear at first glance to be more expensive than expected from a Bible, but once one understands the skill, labor and creativity that goes into each Bible one may wonder how they can produce such a product at all.

Before the printing and binding process even begins 100’s of hours (literally) go into the design of the Bible and its typesetting. Revision upon revision, conference calls, surveys, skpe conferences, all go into the development of the new product.  After about 8-12 months of development a finalized text file is sent to the printer.

Schuyler Bible Publishers have all of their Bibles printed and bound by a Dutch printing house in northern Holland near the border with Germany. The Christian publishing company, DSC00455Jongbloed, is one of a handful of Christian publishers located in Europe. Schuyler has developed this special relationship with Jongbloed because it is one of the few printing houses that have all of the skills and expertise needed to produce the level of quality that has come to be expected from Schuyler Bibles. Many books can be produced in a fully automated fashion.  Not so with the binding required in Schuyler products. Many hours of work and craftsmanship are required for each book.

One the most important decisions that we make in collaboration with the printer is the all important paper choice. Like all decisions in printing we have to weigh many factors.  We all want opaque paper that is durable, but at the same time, we don’t

Jacco & Remko. Part of the backbone of the Jongbloed operation.

Jacco & Remko-part of the Jongbloed team.

want a 6 inch thick Bible. Schuyler has always been a vocal advocate for opaque and durable paper.  There are at least a dozen or so types of paper to choose from….Many factors are weighed before the choice is made. Paper mills worldwide are selected for Schuyler Bibles.  Finland, France and Japan have been some of the most common sources.

Suppliers are contacted for the natural grain Goatskin cases. Typically these come from Nigeria or India.  (European goat hide is too thick, due to colder temperatures, to be used in Bible binding).  The leather is cut by hand and sewn to exact measurements. There is literally no margin for error here. The stitching that is found around the perimeter of each Schuyler Bible is an incredibly labor intensive process.

Schuyler Bible CEO, Sky Cline

Schuyler Bible CEO, Sky Cline

The printing press used for this precision printing is incredible- thousands of parts moving in perfect synchronization to produce an incredible printed product!  IMG_0059After printing, the printed sheets are collated into groups called signatures.The signatures are gathered and sewn together. Sewn binding is one of the key components of quality printing. It produces a longevity that can not be reproduced when the signatures are glued. The signatures come together to form a Bible book block. These book blocks have to be cut in a particular way to form the concave curve found in a quality Bible.  The books blocks are then passed through molten gold foil and later sprayed in a special room with the red dye that produces the art gilt edging….Covers are embossed with gold foil, and in the case of Schuyler Bibles a ‘blind’ embossed cross is heat embossed onto the cover. The Bibles are are then packaged and shipped from Rotterdam to New York – and then by train to Norfolk. From Norfolk to Virginia they are transported by truck..A true international event that brings together minds, talents and ingenuity from around the globe. So the final product represents the collaboration of 3 major companies and multiple subsidiaries spanning North America, Europe & Asia.

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