The Hebrew and Greek Texts underlying the Authorised Version
Page size: 173 x 117 (6¾” x 4¾”); thickness: 37mm (1½”)
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God inspired HisWord to be written in Hebrew and Aramaic in the Old
Testament and Koiné Greek in the NewTestament.TheTrinitarian Bible
Society is pleased to publish the Bible in these Biblical languages,
providing in one volume the Scriptures in the tradition of those used
during the Reformation.The text of the OldTestament is the
Ginsburg/Bomberg HebrewText; the NewTestament is the GreekTextus
Receptus of F. H. A. Scrivener. We believe that this edition of the Holy
Bible in the Original Languages will be useful not only to scholars and
students, but to anyone wishing to have a complete edition of the texts
underlying Reformation-era Bibles

Sample .pdf of interior.

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