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Allan ESV New Classic Readers, Navy Blue Highland Goatskin Bible

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Navy Blue Goatskin Cover and Navy Blue Calfskin liner
3 red ribbons with red under gold art gilt
Page size: 9 1/8 x 6 1/4 inches
10 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
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Bound in the UK using the finest quality natural grain navy blue highland goatskin and leather-lined in navy blue with a generous semi-yapp and art gilt page edges, the Allan ESV New Classic Readers edition offers a beautiful presentation of the ESV translation that will gives years of enjoyment for personal reading and study.

The Allan New Classic Readers Edition is a 10% enlargement of Crossway’s Classic Reference typesetting, continuing the legacy of what has been the core reference setting of this highly-respected translation since its original launch in 2001.

Printed exclusively for R.L. Allan at Royal Jongbloed in the Netherlands, this latest printing is in the ESV 2016 text and printed on highest quality PrimaBible 36gsm paper, which offers the optimum balance of opacity and paper thickness.


  • ESV 2016 black letter text
  • Printed by Jongbloed in the Netherlands on superb 36gsm coated Bible paper for improved opacity
  • Hand-bound in England exclusively for R L Allan in navy blue Highland goatskin, with leather linings in a generous semi-yapp style
  • Red under gold page edges with three red ribbon markers
  • Double column, centre reference format with Allan Presentation Page and Family Record, concordance and 32 pages full-colour maps and illustrations
  • Includes 32 pages of lined writing paper

Page size: 9 1/8 x 6 1/4 inches  (235 x 160mm)

Type size: 10 pt

Book bulk:  1 1/2 inches (38mm)

10 reviews for Allan ESV New Classic Readers, Navy Blue Highland Goatskin Bible

  1. Frank L (verified owner)

    I have one of these and at the rate they disappear from the market, I am realizing I am yet again most blessed. Even the ones that remain in the catalog sell out with no firm replacement date. When Evangelical Bible “we have XXYZ Allans back in stock. We expect them to sell out shortly, and we don’t know when or if we’ll see them again.” Believe them.
    I am guessing that the limiting factor in replacing sold out editions, besides capable artisans, is the availability of the leathers that are up to Allan standards. The clue I’m taking this from is that the marine blue special edition was only 86 copies. Only the leather scarcity could have kept Allan from producing ten thousand. They would have sold every last one. And that’s about the only gripe I can summon up with my copy of the NCRINB, is that it’s not the special marine blue. I need to knock off the idolatry part of owning these beautiful Bibles, and get on to what’s inside the covers, where the true beauty lies.

  2. Hannah (verified owner)

    Never in my life have I seen such a stunning bible.

    My Navy New Classic Readers Edition arrived in a beautiful blue box, packaged with bubble wrap and packing peanuts, a day earlier than expected via regular shipping. I have extreme appreciation for the meticulous way this bible was packaged to ensure safe travel, as it is, without question, an heirloom quality book and one that I am excited to use every day.

    What first struck me was the beautiful midnight blue of the goatskin, rich and deep – what I would immediately call luxuriant. What hit me second was the yap, which I undoubtedly am in love with. The quality of the goatskin means that the yap curves softly over the edge of the pages, not too far, but just the right amount:

    I ordered my bible with the blue gilding, and I am so, so in love with it. To me, it looks like stardust, and is easy on the eyes, leaving the ruby red ribbons to add that pop of vibrancy.

    Holding true to its purpose as a Readers edition, the font is incredibly pleasurable to read, especially in comparison to other bibles that I’ve owned. Their small print was always tedious to look at, and of course, being a Readers Edition, this bible is, by contrast in design, meant to be read voraciously. Minimal, if not unnoticeable ghosting – the opacity of the paper adds to the readability of what I consider to be a work of art.

    I grew up with stiff covered bibles for all my life, but the transition to a malleable cover has been nothing but a pleasure. The leather is buttery and flexible, as typical of Allans, from what I’ve read (this bible being my first by them), but the binding is robust and durable. A perfect combination for a bible that will be read on a regular basis.

    Could not be more satisfied in regards to aesthetic, readability and pure quality. This RL Allan is truly beautiful.

  3. joshws.sum (verified owner)

    everything about this Bible is 10/10
    paper, print, binding, art guilding, cover, bible ribbons, the font is such a bliss to read.
    highly recommend. All the praise to Jesus for such fantastic Bible publishers!!!

  4. Mark Varian (verified owner)

    I just received my new Allan ESV New Classic Readers Navy Blue Highland Goatskin Bible. This is my very 1st Allen Bible!! I’ve never been a fan of large yap covered Bibles…. BUT, I really wanted A good….No, Great ESV version Bible in my collection. I took the plunge and went outside my style Bible cover that I like, which is More the Quentel. Stiffer cover and smaller yap. I just want to say, I am glad I did. I will start with the cover. It’s very soft and floppy. There are pro’s and con’s to that. If you preach and teach in your Church it’s hard to hold open and read with just one hand. I’m sure you’d find a way though. Not a huge deal. The pro to this is it lays flat right from Genesis 1:1 to the end of Revelation!! The art gilding is superb. Gold over Blue. Nice touch. The print is something I really want to discuss. It say’s it’s a 10 pt. font. I’ve had different Bibles with large or so called large print. Some are what they say they are and some not!! This is a wonderful font and so, so readable!! It’s definitely a 10 pt. font. It’s dark print font, generously line spaced and the ivory paper makes like a back light to help make the print come off the page with ease. All these qualities are so so Important to someone with failing eye sight. The maps are few in the back and the concordance is decent. The lined paper in the back is so cool!! Never seen that before. It doesn’t have one or two lined note pages to takes notes on….Not 5-10 pages…..not 15-20 pages…..not even 25 pages. It has 31 pages in the back to take note on. Lined and great quality paper to boot. Now don’t get scared off by that!! It doesn’t make the Bible too big or to heavy. As a matter of fact it took me a little time to discover it. Not sure I would use it though. I hate taking notes in or on my Bibles. But for those who do like too do it…WOW!!! You will be in note heaven. Great Bible!! Worth the money!! Just be aware it is a bit of a floppy Bible. If you like stiffer covers look to the Quentel , or Crossways. Last but not least the Yap. I am not a fan of long yapped Bibles. This was the deal breaker for me with Allen Bibles for a long time. But finally I broke due to all the other qualities lining up. I have to say, This is a semi or 3/4 Allen yap and It’s warming up to me pretty quickly. If your an Allen Bible fan already this is a no brainer!! If your on the fence like I was then I’d say it’s always about personal preference. The most I can do for you is tell you how well built this Bible is in the review. God bless and I hope you get what your looking for. I did!!

  5. Dan

    I absolutely love my navy blue NCR! The blue under gold art gilding is stunning and I think it really makes the bright red ribbons “pop” with all of the blue they’re paired with. I appreciate the ivory color of the paper and opacity. There is minimal ghosting. The font is great to read too.

    There are a few cosmetic things I’m a bit bummed about which is that the signature at the very front of the Bible is not sewn in correctly with the rest of them and the blue of the gilding has a dark line on of the of the corners. I would have returned it to get a new copy, but this was a gift and was imprinted.

    Even with those minor cosmetic issues, I truly love using this Bible and will cherish it since it was a gift from my grandfather. It certainly is a blessing to have, to hold, and to read!

  6. Luis (verified owner)

    I received my navy blue NCR on Thursday April, 14th 2016 after I placed an order with Karen over the phone. First, the bible. It is absolutely beautiful! The leather? The best I’ve ever felt on any bible. Ever! The paper? So silky, smooth and delicate but at the same time very durable. The font is excellent, while not quite as good as my Quentel. However, it is still incredible. While I would’ve preferred a silver over blue art gilt, I fell absolutely in love with the gold over blue, DO NOT LET THAT DETER YOU FROM PURCHASING THIS BIBLE! I cannot put this bible down! I am now hooked and will continue to purchase more premium bibles from Evangelicalbible. Now, for the service. I absolutely love the service. Karen was such a joy and was very patient with all of my annoying questions. I will never purchase a premium bible outside of!! I will absolutely be loyal to them and love that I feel like I actually matter. The customer service is by far and away the best I’ve ever experienced. Thank you very much Karen and God bless this company. Hebrews 13:2 & Romans 12:10 perfectly personified! Thank you!

  7. Derek Yee

    My first Allan Bible was the ESV Study Bible and I was hooked. So when this ESV NCR came out I purchased the Navy Blue edition. A quality text block by Jongbloed with minimal ghosting. The leather binding on Allan Bibles is like no other. The supple, buttery soft natural grain Highland goatskin is a delight to hold. This is a great Bible for personal reading and study. I enjoyed this Bible so much that I put in an order for the special Red edition.

  8. william ziegler

    The Bible I want to address is one with another color for the cover. It was the same Bible just a 1st edition purple cover Bible. At first glance I was ready to return it. However after a few days the cover color was the only thing I did not like. The dark purple color was almost black with a “hint” of purple. The text was great with silver on the edge. When opened it had a blue underneath the edges of the pages. I prefer this to any Bible which has red under the gold. That to me looks tacky. The three ribbons are nice wide ribbons of purple. Sure wish the Bible color was the purple of the ribbons. Still it deserves a 5 star rating. And– it is growing on me.

  9. ann mcmahon (verified owner)

    Beautiful blue is dark with a mid tone that comes through. I really like the fact that it is a thin line, yet the print is good size. The 3 red ribbons complement the blue well. Soft goatskin and wonderful yapp. A must for any ESV fan!

  10. Jeffrey Mellema (verified owner)

    (This review pertains to the Limited Edition Marine Blue Allan ESV NC1.) This Bible is fantastic. The blue is unique, rich, and appealing…more vibrant than navy, from what I hear. Though the leather is not “highland goatskin”, it feels the same and might even be better (sourced from a different bindery). You should be aware, though, that the grain is more regular than the highland (more of a pebble grain leather). The semi-yapp is better than any other Allan ESV I’ve handled, and really “does it for me”! The red ribbons provide a striking contrast with the blue cover and gold gilt line. The text block is very readable, with its 10 point font, though I wish it featured line matching. Also, as Allans are completely hand-bound, and as they lay flatter than many other Bibles, the gutter sometimes has a slight crinkle. Mine has this, as do others I’ve consulted, but you can’t even really see it (basically its only noticeable when I run my finger down the gutter firmly and hear a slight crinkle sound). It doesn’t affect the pages, which are very uniform and smooth. The lack of line matching and the slight gutter crinkle are the only “cons” to this Bible. In all honesty, its my favorite so far (including all manner of Cambridge and Allan Bibles). The Schuyler is just as quality, I think, for those who don’t care about some things such as yapp, full leather lining, and bolder art gilding. I prefer the Allan for these reasons. I have posted a more detailed comparative review of both here:

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