Allan KJV 52 Longprimer Bible, Navy Blue Meriva Calfskin Bible

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This beautiful edition of the 52 Longprimer is bound in a soft French Navy Meriva natural grain calfskin (a slightly brighter shade than our usual Navy Blue) with a generous semi-yapp cover, and is leather-lined in navy split calfskin, with gilt line round the inside of the case, and features double-sprayed red under gold art gilt page edges and three crimson red ribbon markers with white head and tail bands.

Revised edition includes our distinctive 8pp Presentation Page and Family Record as well as 32pp of navy feint rule Allan notepaper in addition to the dictionary of proper names, subject index, concordance and 16 pages of Oxford Bible maps.

First printed in 1952, the King James Version Longprimer Bible is a sumptuous, traditional reference setting of the Authorized Version. Developed by Oxford University Press and now published exclusively by R. L. Allan, it has for many years been our flagship Bible, renowned the world over for its clarity of type and our beautiful bindings.

Our latest Longprimer printings hark back to a vintage copy of the classic Longprimer, printed in the period 1952-1958 under Charles Batey, then Printer to the University of Oxford, returning to a page image that is much closer to the original intentions of the typesetters. This new-old page image retains the large, clear type of the Longprimer we all know and love, but has a crisper letter form and less of the broken type and ‘spread’ that mark out much-used letterpress typesettings subsequently transferred to film and, only more recently, to digital scans.

Printed on best quality highly opaque 36gsm India Paper * Large, crisp black letter type * 100,000 centre column chain references with dates above * Three red ribbon markers * Red under gold page edges * 16 pages of full colour Oxford Bible maps * Concordance, subject index and dictionary of proper names * Exclusively available in Allan’s fine leather bindings.

Page size:  8 3/4 x 6 inches (221 x 150mm)

Spine width: 1 1/2 inch thick (40mm)

Type size: 10/11pt bold print

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6 reviews for Allan KJV 52 Longprimer Bible, Navy Blue Meriva Calfskin Bible

  1. David Kitson (verified owner)

    This Bible is an investment worth every penny. The quality of the Meriva Calfskin is silky soft. The paper, a shade away from being overly bright, and the clarity of the print are a perfect contrast, and easy on the eye. Zero eye fatigue, even after hours of enjoyable study. The maps in the back section are clear and well detailed. This Bible is simply exquisite and a pleasure to hold. Sadly, I just can’t bring myself to write in the generous notes section provided in the back. I purchased a separate note book for that.

  2. Jesse Delgado (verified owner)

    Just bought the Allan 52 in blue and I love it. It’s my first Allan bible. I’ve always wanted one but it is well worth the money. I’ve owned a full yapp bible and wasn’t a fan. The semi yapp is perfect for me. Also the Meriva calfskin is extremely pliable and supple. If that’s your interest. Def no grain to it but for me I like that. The text block is crisp and clean. I knew the bible was perfect for me when I opened it to Isaiah 40 and began reading tears were shed. I pray they are the beginning of many more for souls.

  3. Mark DiAngelo

    I bought this bible about six months ago. And let me just say, this is one of the best bound bibles I have ever had the pleasure of owning. I’m no stranger to quality, so I hope you find this short review helpful. I own a Cambridge Wide-Margin in goatskin, an Allan Brevier Clarendon Wide-Margin in navy blue goatskin leather, a lambskin bible, a LCBP wide-margin red letter bible in ironed calfskin, and I’ve owned the previous Highland Goatskin wide-margin bible from Allan.
    As far as the cover goes, the Meriva Calfskin is the nicest I’ve ever held in my hands. It is so soft and supple right out of the box and lays perfectly flat when opened. I cant really explain this well, but holding it in your hands gives you the feeling that its somewhat indestructible if you care for it properly. I think the navy blue is the most attractive color Allan has ever come out with. I also think I like the Meriva Calfskin more than the highland goatskin. If you have any reservations about purchasing one of these, I hope ive put them to rest. Its is super easy to read and the font is crisp and bold.

    You wont regret this purchase!

    and besides, I got this bible delivered to me the day after I ordered it. talk about service! thank you evangelical bible!

    sincerely, Mark DiAngelo

  4. Dennis Futral (verified owner)

    First I would like to say with warmth of spirit, thank you Karen for your kindness and attention to my concerns. You epitomize what customer service and satisfaction truly is all about. As a token of my appreciation you are 5+ star.

    What a great looking, feeling bible this is. The cover is exquisite. The meriva calfskin with the split calfskin interior of the cover is soft and supple. The design (shape) is elegant front, back, spine, and yapp. The spine is perfect. Some may say it is stiff but the beauty in that is that when you open the bible and have the spine in the palm of your hand it does not cave in like a “V”. It maintains it’s shape. Nice and solid. This indicates a quality bind whereas cheaper or lesser binds concave or do the “V” thing which will not have the life soan of this bind. The french blue is beautiful with the double sprayed red under gold. The ribbons are a beautiful crimson red and were installed at the head band very nicely. The color coordination is extremely appealing to the eye. This is a bible you can’t take your eyes or hands off of. The interior is equally superior as the exterior. The paper thickness is perfect because it keeps the bible from being so thick like a brick. Just the perfect size in thickness. The opaqueness is perfect as well. Any bleed through is negligent, not worth mentioning. The print is bold and so so readable. The color of the paper is like an eggshell white and easy on the eyes against the bold print and perfect font point. At 59 years old I use reading glasses to the power of 1.75 and have no issues being able to read this bible. The size of this bible combined with its readability is just perfect. All the helps from the reference system, proper names, subject index, concordance, and maps with map index are equal quality to the rest of the bible. I have bought many bibles over the years and some very nice as in full cover goatskin and other premium leathers that while I paid as much for and more not one of them looks as good or feels as good as this one. I enjoy some of the others but this one, I’ll say it again “but this one.” If you are considering a great bible from content to construction this is one to own. Beautiful and solid yet soft and supple. Firm and soft all in the same touch. The size is perfect. Good for home either in the lap or at a table. Perfect to carry anywhere. Lastly, I would like to thank allan bibles and evangelical bibles for a tremendous quality product that is truly worth the money and the customer service that I received from Karen. All three of you are 5 star. You have earned my buisness and I will be buying again from you. Thank you and may the Will of the Lord be what we seek first. Amen!

  5. Romesh Prakashpalan (verified owner)

    I believe I’ve bought four other Bibles from EvangelicalBibles before. An ESV bound by Allan in goatskin, A Cambridge Clarion Goatskin (AV), a Schuyler Single Column Goatskin (NKJV), a Clarion Calfskin (NKJV), and now this Longprimer Calfskin.

    This is easily the best of the bunch. The opaqueness of the pages and the crisp but dark font make for the absolute best reading experience. Also, after having had several Single Column Bibles I now realize that I prefer something like the two column layout of the Longprimer.

    That said, the quality of this calfskin is superb. I prefer it to goatskin because I really do not like the raised grain of the goatskin covers. And this calfskin is buttery and thick and everything you want in a Bible cover. It really is fantastic. The yapp is phenomenal and makes it that much better to hold.

    I like this subdued blue as well. Coming from a Covenanter (Reformed Presbyterian) church it seems rather fitting too!

    The weight is a bit hefty, but in a “solid” sort of way. That’s the difference between my Schuyler and this one — the solidity and craftsmanship of it seem far superior. As if the Schuyler is a bit of a knock off product in comparison.

    Given the price of this Bible, it is very reasonable for what you are getting. A Bible that should last you a lifetime. At this point in my life I think I have settled on the Authorized Version as my Bible of preference (I’m not KJO). The majesty of the translation and the history and faithfulness of it are very meaningful to me.

    It also is finalized. There won’t be another edition of the AV coming out, which means that I can live with this Bible for the rest of my life, Lord willing — and someday pass it on to my children who can pass it on to theirs — until the day our Lord returns.

    “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” (Revelation 22:20)

  6. Joel Fields (verified owner)

    As usual Evangelical Bible’s service is great! My Bible got here earlier than expected. Overall this Bible is awesome. The size is perfect. I have the 63 as well and it is my main Bible however it’s not as portable (I have five young kids to take to Church). The leather is on par with the goatskin, it is very supple and very soft. The text has very little ghosting. The ribbons are much longer than the sovereign. The only thing I don’t like as much is the spine is stiffer, it does lay nice and flat but not as flat as my sovereign. I still give it five stars because the pros far out weigh the one con.

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