Allan KJV 62 Longprimer Sovereign Plum Meriva Calfskin Silver Line Edition Bible

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Plum Calfskin cover with Plum Calfskin liner
3 violet ribbons and blue under silver art gilt
Page size: 9-1/4″ x 6-1/2″
10 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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This sumptuous calfskin edition of the Longprimer Sovereign is bound in a bold plum/bright purple Meriva natural grain calfskin, and leather-lined in matching plum Meriva.

NB. Please note the new code – this edition was previously sold as the 62 P / Purple but the Meriva calfskin colour has not changed.

First printed in 1952, the King James Version Longprimer Bible is a traditional double-column reference setting of the Authorized Version. Developed by Oxford University Press and now published exclusively by R. L. Allan, it has for many years been our flagship Bible, renowned the world over for its clarity of type and our beautiful bindings.

The Longprimer Sovereign edition retains the same clear, bold type as the standard Longprimer but is printed on a 40 gsm writable Bible paper with the highest levels of opacity, and increased margins (one inch on outside edges) to show the text block off to greatest effect and further enhance the reading experience.

Bound in a vibrant Plum (bright purple) Meriva calfskin, with a generous semi-yapp and blue under silver page edges, and leather-lined in matching plum Meriva with gilt line inside and three wide ribbon markers, presentation pages and family record, dictionary of proper names, subject index, concordance, 32 pages lined writing paper and 16 pages of Oxford Bible maps.

Printed on best quality, highly opaque 40gsm writable India Paper * Large, bold, black letter type * 100,000 centre column chain references with dates above * Three violet ribbon markers * Blue under silver page edges * Silver embossing * 16 pages of full colour Oxford Bible maps * Concordance, subject index and dictionary of proper names * Exclusively available in Allan’s fine leather bindings.

Page size:  9 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches (234 x 165mm)

Margins: 1 inch outer margins

Spine width: 1 3/4 inches (44mm) thick

Type size: 10/11pt bold print

8 reviews for Allan KJV 62 Longprimer Sovereign Plum Meriva Calfskin Silver Line Edition Bible

  1. Rex Hayes

    Pictures don’t do true justice for the quality of this amazing bible! It had been an absolute pleasure reading in this bible. The font is very easy on the eyes and the layout of the words are easy to follow. It’s hard to justify spending that kind of money on a bible however, when you grab this bible with your hands it’s very obvious of the unmatched quality. It’s worth every penny! I can’t stop reading Out of it, hands down the nicest KJV bible I have ever owned. Amen to the crafters of this amazing bible, truly talents from God!

  2. Mike Mandel

    After buying and loving 4 Schuyler Bibles (2 CSBs (one for highlighting), NASB95 and NKJV, I decided it was time to acquire a premium KJV. I opted for the Allan Longprimer 63 Sovereign, which is called the Supreme Monarch of King James Bibles. Just as with my Schuylers Bibles, I am absolutely blown away by the sheer presence of this black Highland goatskin beauty. I have never owned a Bible that looks and feels so much like…well…like a Bible! I’m SO glad I supplemented my awesome Schuylers with this gorgeous offering from Allan. I received the Bible today in Toronto by FedEx in only three business days! If you want to branch out from Schuyler perfection and experience another amazing publisher, check out this amazing Bible!

  3. Steven Lloyd Spencer

    This has to be one of the finest and beautiful Bibles ever printed by R.L. Allan. And the calfskin is so . . . well, let me put it like this–I’m SOLD on Allan’s Lambskin! The color of this Bible is so subtle, bold, and a real teaser. Unpacked in indoor lighting, this Bible looks like egg-plant purple. Take it outside and it exudes purple to the extreme (especially when the purple ribbons are allowed to hang out of the pages–absolutely exquisite! The paper is blue under silver. The best I have ever laid my eyes on. A very nice smooth texture. I have lots of Allan Bibles (same goes for Cambridge and Schuyler). This equals if not surpasses my collection of Premium Bibles. I can’t imagine an Bible collector being dissatisfied with this beauty.

  4. Johnpowell

    This is one of the most beautiful Bible ever made. The smoothness of the calfskin, the print size, durable paper, wide margins to write on, concordance, proper names, subject index, chain references, etc., makes it one of the best high quality Bible ever made. Purple, the color of royalty, is fitting for this Bible. The customer service reps. At Evangelical are superb, ensuring that the merchandise arrives in a timely manner.

  5. Christopher Lewis

    Once again another fantastic bible! I like this version better than the goatskin. The binding is tighter in the spine area making it easier to hold. The blue under silver gilt is flawless. I highly recommend this bible

  6. Patricia

    A very distinctive bible for the price point. First let me echo what a previous reviewer stated that calfskin can be a joy to possess in a premium bible. And this Purple Edition is! My first thoughts were that this color may appeal more to the ladies, but pleased I am wrong. This color is so unique in the premium bible market. It’s not a dark eggplant purple like the goatskin, but I would say more of a plumb/grape in color. The blue under silver art gilting is lighter blue than my ESV Readers Edition, and perfectly compliments this shade of purple.
    This leather is so sumptuous! I also have the Allen 52 in the green calfskin, comparing the two I would say that the 62 is heftier because it is larger and has wider margins. So depending on what you are looking for in a gorgeous calfskin KJV Allan, you can’t go wrong with what ever you choose!!! God Bless Evangelical Bible for their customer service too!!!

  7. Gary Gatch

    Wonderful Bible! I was a little concerned about the lighter purple of the calfskin compared to the goatskin, and while it is lighter, it is a beautiful color. It goes very well with the blue pages and silver art gilding. The suppleness of the calfskin is tremendous. I can hardly put it down. I have other longprimers and the wide margin of the Sovereign is a fresh change of pace. I highly recommend this Bible.

  8. Paul E.

    Incredibly beautiful Bible! I’m starting to like the calfskin more than the goatskin. The calfskin is MUCH softer than the goatskin.
    I love the combination of purple cover, silver pages edges, blue under silver pages, and purple ribbon markers. Very well made! I highly recommend any color of the Allan Longprimer Sovereigns, Calfskin Leather.

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