Allan KJV 7C Brevier Clarendon, Black Goatskin Bible

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Black Goatskin cover
3 navy blue ribbons with red under gold page edges
Page size: 7″ x 4 3/4″
9 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

(Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting)


Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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Bound in black natural grain goatskin leather with full yapp, leather-lined in dark blue with gilt line inside case, double-sprayed red under gold page edges and 3 navy blue ribbons.

The Brevier Clarendon is a vintage Oxford University Press typesetting, printed on 22gsm India paper, and includes our Allan Presentation Page along with the full 325pp Oxford Cyclopedic Concordance, 16pp Oxford Bible maps and 32pp feint rule Allan notepaper.

Also available in Navy Blue and Purple

Page size: 7 x 4 3/4 inches (180 x 120mm)

Spine width: 1 5/16 in (36mm)

Type size: 9 pt

17 reviews for Allan KJV 7C Brevier Clarendon, Black Goatskin Bible

  1. julian.dean4 (verified owner)

    Received my Bible and was initially disappointed, (not with, shipping was timely and staff is quick to respond) when thumbing through the pages and found a couple pages that were folded over during the cutting process (I assume) and was cut incorrectly. I emailed with a picture of the pages and the customer service responded promptly and offered $25 off due the error or an exchange and I opted for the exchange. Return shipping label was sent via email the same day and my replacement Bible came within a week of sending the old one out. I am very pleased with this Bible, love the full yapp, size & weight, and quality of the goat skin cover. There are only a few areas I would really like to see improvement in that keep it from being 5 stars. The first area would be with the cover, it’s great, but it would be excellent if it had perimeter stitching. Second the lettering is generally very good but some of the letters throughout the Bible do have the occasional fade and could be more defined, but this could also be a necessity due to how thin the pages are to potentially avoiding bleeding through not sure. The third improvement that could be made would be letters of Christ in red. Overall very happy and would definitely buy again but it’s still not a quite Schuyler Bible quality (gold standard in my opinion) and that’s why I give it 4 stars.

  2. Robert (verified owner)

    Ghosting is good. Font size is good. Font is bold but inconsistently so. Some pages are overall lighter than others, and some words fade off within the word. This low level of print quality was unexpected at this price point.

  3. Robert (verified owner)

    I expected much better print quality at this price point. The full yapp is nice, but it is wasted protecting this dimestore photocopy text block. This is my first Allan bible. It will likely be my last. I have a Schuyler PSQ ESV and its quality is off-the-chart beyond this thing in every category other than yapp. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and sometimes you don’t.

  4. Chad (verified owner)

    Good stuff. The full yap is very nice and the font is very good. I liked the way they formatted the references and texts. This Bible is a steal.

  5. JamesC (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing Bible! So soft and well done. Craftsmanship is better than words can tell. Bought this as my travel Bible but can’t put it down. I feel like I have something really special and when I read from it in the KJV it elevates my worship experience to a new level. I have aging eyes but can read the text just fine.

  6. Tim (verified owner)

    First, I want to say that is a fantastic company, with super staff and a super product! I have purchased some incredible Bibles from them, and each and every experience is just super! It is one thing to get a great product, but to couple that with their impeccable service, takes the whole experience to another level- thank you! I really have enjoyed this Bible. The size of the Bible is perfect, and even though this is a compact Bible (personal size) the font is clear, dark and 9 point…and it is a great reading experience! I would love to see all of our favorite versions in this setting and size! This is probably my favorite KJV, due to the size, all the features and it does not have the punctuation marks like some of the other KJV’s have. I prefer a cleaner text, and this Bible is perfect. It is just a well made, durable Bible that reads well, feels good in the hand and can go anywheres that you go! Great Bible!!!

  7. Marvin Lee Smith is the (verified owner)

    Received my Bible 3 days after ordering it. It is better than advertised. My new favorite Bible. Thank you for your prompt shipping.

  8. be.happy.laughy (verified owner)

    I love God and His word and this Bible is thoughtfully designed for this purpose to Glorify God and His Word. It is one of my favorites and very handy. I use it during Bible study to look up references in order to help keep my place, thoughts and meditations as I read other study materials also. In addition, I take this Bible with me easily wherever I may go! which incidently, reminds me of Matthew 11:29-30 “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. Verse 30. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” I am still awed when every time I pick this Bible up and open this Bible- even have done so just to hold when not studying- Wow, the leather is so touchably smooth, pliable, soft and textured. It is nice. This Bible is portable in size yet easy to read with its bold print. The yap is awesome providing protection to the pages and privacy to its contents (such as the blank pages included in the back) yet is so pliable-flexible. I love the thin paper yet it is definitely quality thin paper and just love flipping these pages and or fanning through them as a whole to quickly find scriptures. This Bible is convenient to carry, and light in weight-a pleasure to hold in my hand to have readily available for scripture readings, memorizations, a rod and a staff of corrections/reproofs for renewal of my thinking-my mind, devotions, study, and utilizing the extensive study helps with the included pictures and diagrams in the back of this Bible. Also, “the pages for notes” is even more blessings on top of all that!!!! I am priviledged to have this Bible.

  9. fetkoc

    A beautiful portable-sized Bible. Intermediate size, larger than the Cambridge Pitt Minion, and similar to the Schuyler personal sized. The paper is not quite as nice as the Schuyler, but the text is still very readable. The Allan leather and binding is superior, in my opinion. It smells and feels wonderful, and opens right up. This is my favorite Bible.

  10. Eric Weeks (verified owner)

    Great little bible! Goat skin is very soft and the binding is very pliant. I’d recommend Allan bibles and to anyone. Thanks guys for a great product!

  11. Brian McClurg (verified owner)

    The perfect companion Bible for my favorite KJV Bible the 5 WM. It is built with great attention to detail and is the same materials used on the 5 WM except for the ribbons. Although the ribbons are not thick or wide they are very light weight which is perfect to prevent damage on the thinner 22 GSM paper. All around a GREAT Bible.

  12. Brett Tremblay (verified owner)

    I have already used this Bible and given them all away, but I may keep this one. It is an excellent tool. R.L. Allan needs to work on their ribbon placement. They always seem to be jammed into the spine, behind the head bands. They are always crooked and I always end up cutting them out. If that is their only defect, I can accept it. I do like to give the best, so I hope this one is right.

  13. abej1129 (verified owner)

    Just received mine in the mail today. It has to be one of the nicest bibles I have seen. The paper is thin but surprisingly readable. The perfect companion to my wide margin clarendon. Thanks evangelical bible for the fast delivery!

  14. ejavenger (verified owner)

    A little smaller than I thought but the goatskin leather is stunning. My first premium leather bible and I am in awe every time I open it to study the scripture. Will last me a long time and although a little smaller it is perfect for traveling and going to church. is amazing and I can recommend them to everyone I meet.

  15. cassiew16 (verified owner)

    Perfect Bible for church or to use when traveling. It is certainly the most beautifully made Bible I have ever owned. I look forward to purchasing the R L Allan Longprimer 63 when available. Thanks to and Kathleen for their superior and fast service. Ordered 23 August arrived August 28.
    Jane Ward

  16. Pastor Mark Barrett (verified owner)

    This is a great little bible. I use it for soul winning and as my travel bible. Well worth the price, great print, very functional little bible.

  17. Michael (verified owner)

    Another R L Allan home run.
    I was mildly hesitant in purchasing this Bible as I have had great results from previous Allan bound highland goatskin versions and wasn’t sure how happy I’d be with a Jongbloed version. After the binding success of the Canterbury, I figured I’d take my chances as I was looking for a hand held travel and field Bible.
    The new Allan 7c has fit my needs perfectly. The goatskin is soft and pliable and the leather liner is superior to my last Allan 20BR. The binding is immaculate and the corner work is perfect. The print is dark and consistent throughout the Bible. The pages are thin, but have sufficient opacity for reading without ghosting, although I might hesitate in using some ballpoints or pencils in marking. The art gilt is much more consistent than my previous Allan’s with no “soak through” to the interior of the page edges. The infamous Jongbloed hinge is apparent in this smaller sized Bible and will need some use before completely laying open at Gen. 1. The size is in that slight envelope that is useful for witnessing, reading in the vehicle, or standing in a pew through a particularly long biblical reading.
    This is a great little Bible that any KJV traditionalist or enthusiast will not hesitate to own or receive as a gift. And as always the folks at EVbible met every expectation at ordering and shipping.
    Michael Freeman

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