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Cambridge ESV Clarion Reference Bible, Black Goatskin Leather

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Black Goatskin cover
Ribbon markers and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 5-1/8″ x 7-1/16″
8.75 font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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Click here for exclusive photos. See how this Bible compares to the Quentel Personal Size.

Page size: 5-1/8″ x 7-1/16″ (131 mm x 180 mm)

2,080 pages

Cambridge has created an entirely new setting of the English Standard Version that will be a delight to read and to handle. Cambridge Clarion Reference Editions present the text in a single column and place the cross references in the outer margin. The font size is just under 9 point with generous line spacing. They are typeset in Lexicon No.1, a modern digital font that has a degree of readability associated with much larger type. The Bibles have 15 color maps and a concordance. These are Bibles of the highest quality, printed on India paper and Smyth-sewn for flexibility and endurance. They are offered in a range of superior binding styles: calf split leather, top-grain calfskin, and edge-lined goatskin.



35 reviews for Cambridge ESV Clarion Reference Bible, Black Goatskin Leather

  1. Paul Tanca

    This is a well executed bible by Cambridge. The small size, line matching, and great readability makes this a true success. I would have liked for Cambridge to use better ribbons as well as leather line the inside cover. That would have earned this bible 5 stars in my opinion. To see my detailed video review, see the link below.

  2. Paul Morris

    This Bible is perfect. It is the same size as Pitt Minion, but twice as thick and a bigger font. The font is very readable and easy on the eyes and there is little distraction since the footnotes are on the outide of the page. This keeps you centered in the text. The leather is gorgeous, supple, and very high quality. I had an ALLAN personal reference, but the font was so small that I ended up selling it. The other Allan’s are too big for my preference and the Clarion can get toted anywhere I go. I love it!

  3. jeff rauf

    This is certainly a very nice bible to look at and I’m glad the ‘short and stout’ look is coming back. A couple of things I would warn a potential buyer about: 1) The gutter margin is too tight and difficult to read. I find myself having to pull on the book to read the center area. 2) The paper curls more than it should. Even if this is a result of the weight or the printing process, the manufacturer should have taken a different route and eliminated the problem. This book just doesn’t ‘handle’ well for everyday reading. Better think twice before buying.

  4. Cristian Prunean

    I am comparing the Clarion to my 1-year-old Allan ESV1 in black highland goatskin. I bought the Clarion to be my portable Bible, as the Allan is a bit too large.

    The Clarion is an excellent product overall. The quality of the leather is comparable to my Allan. However, the semi-yapp and a little more attention to art detail inside the cover give the Allan a slight edge here.

    Both Bibles feel very soft and liquid. The Clarion’s smaller size and ease to palm it make it easier to be a portable Bible.

    The text layout in the Clarion is awesome. The Word of God has room to breathe in the single column setting.

    The print in the Allan seems a little sharper even though the font is slightly smaller (9.5 vs 10) but the Clarion is very readable.

    Here is a con to the Clarion: paper is much thinner compared to the Allan. Hence, the pages can wrinkle easily and curl like the other reviewers said. They had to make the paper thin because this Bible has over 2000 pages compared to about 1300 in the Allan. I would have preferred thicker paper and have them leave out the concordance and maps.

    Despite the thin and smooth paper, the shadowing is not too bad (although worse than Allan). They did a great job with line matching (better than the Allan) which compensates for increased shadow.

    Despite the thin paper I still give it 5 stars because of its size/portability, it softness, and great single column design. It reads well, and feels great in your hand.

  5. Michael Kear

    I own two Clarions: the ESV in Goatskin and the NASB in Calf-split. The goatskin is one of the nicest Bibles you’ll ever hold in your hands. Soft, thick, and leather-lined. The Calf-split is made to use! The leather is sturdy but flexible. The print in both is fantastic and the size is nearly perfect. My only complaint (and it is a minor one) is that the paper is a bit too thin and curls inward at certain places. I would have preferred a heavier paper and would have gladly accepted an extra 1/4″ in thickness as a trade off. Nevertheless, these are fantastic Bibles, extremely well made. Highly recommended!

  6. Brian Lau

    I’ve spent some time looking around and doing my research on the many different options available now for those pursuing a quality bible that will last and be a beautiful life long companion, and ran across the Cambridge Clarion. The reviews I read can not come close to the quality and ease of reading this bible offers. When I first read about it I thought it “could potentially” meet all of my criterion I searched for, but after having it my hands I’ve discovered it does more than”potentially” meet my criterion and surpasses them by far. It’s a great looking bible and easy to read. I would recommend this bible to anyone looking for a good quality bible.

  7. James Cahours

    I received my Clarion Reference today, and this is the bible I have been looking for. Previously my favorite reader has been my personal reference esv bound in lambskin by Crossway, a beautiful bible, but for my aging eyes the type is a bit small. This bible is the combination I have been searching for! The binding is beautiful, but more importantly, the text is very readable, and I can see the cross-references. If you want to sit and read your Bible, this is the one.

  8. Matt Butts

    I have owned several Bibles, including the Allan Reader’s Reference ESV. None of them even come close to the Cambridge Clarion. This is the Bible that I have been waiting for and I can’t imagine another one ever being as good. This is the most readable Bible I’ve ever owned and I cannot say enough good things about it. I even like the goatskin on it better than Allan’s. I can say with complete confidence that I will never buy another Bible unless something happens to this one. The Clarion is the perfect size, has the perfect font and layout, and the perfect binding. I don’t mind the thin paper because it allows for a single column paragraph setting without making the Bible too thick. I am 100% satisfied. This Bible has no equal. In my opinion, it is the best one available anywhere. My advice: Buy one now! You won’t be disappointed!

  9. Heath Cates

    I love it. I just bought another one for my wife.

    My first Cambridge was the ESV Wide-Margin and I love it as well. I had been using a Crossway ESV PSR as my daily reader for several years but it isn’t holding up well (truetone & glued binding) and though I liked the format I had convinced myself I would need to move on from it. The text was a bit small and the ghosting a bit more distracting. The Cambridge Wide-Margin was spoiling me a bit.

    Then I found this one. I looked at all the reviews and photos and decided I would try it. I am so glad I did. The font seems quite a bit larger and it is much easier to read than the Crossway PSR which is also the same text block the compact Allan uses I believe. The line matching may be my favorite part. It is so much less distracting for the ghosting you can see to be lined up with the line you are reading.

    I thought I wouldn’t love the references on the outside because it seemed more distracting in the pictures than the PSR’s references located near the spine. I was wrong. With them on the outside I can go from page to page without even noticing them. I actually tend to not notice them at all until I am looking for them.

    Also, I never realized how much the tiny border on the PSR was catching my eye. I almost can’t go back because that single feature being removed in this format is so refreshing. It seems to free the page up.

    Overall this is easily a 5 star bible!

    So, for any criticism I would give it, as nothing is perfect, I would love to have some blank pages in the back for jotting some things down so I could have them in one place. Also, who doesn’t want more ribbons. One or two more would have been a treat.

  10. Frank Sanchez

    This bible is superb! The leather is supple and thinner than Allan’s Highland Goatskin, but feels wonderful. The font is easy to read against the bright and smooth pages. The single column layout encourages you to read another page, and another! It feels great in the hand for prolonged reading and lays flat virtually anywhere in the book. There are two things that just need to be known, that might be disappointing in some minds. For the first 300 pages, the balance seems a little off, due to the cover page leather reinforcement. After that point, the balance is superb. Also, the pages tend to curl a little bit here and there. I had an especially difficult time in Isaiah and Jeremiah for some reason, but when you turn the page, it settles itself. To me, there are really minor points and will not keep from buying (Lord willing!) the NKJV and KJV versions! Great job Cambridge!

  11. Mike Johnson

    I thoroughly review the Cambridge Clarion with the Schuyler ESV and a few RL Allans in my video at

  12. Susann Irwin

    Awesome Bible. Easy to read, feels great in your hand and just the right size for church or Bible study. You can’t go wrong with this Bible.

  13. Walter Taylor

    Wonderful edition of the ESV, and it has quickly become my favorite. The print is ample large, the size of the Bible is wieldy, even wonderful for traveling. I am someone who finds bleed-through a real bother with many Bibles, but Cambridge has done a very good job on this (or should I say Jongbloed, the printers in the Netherlands?!). If you do not want to pay the price for the goatskin, the calfsplit leather is very well made as well.

  14. Judyth Hakala

    I would like to add my praises to the others here. I’ve been looking for a single-column ESV that was usable for me and this is it. (The Crossway Legacy proved to be too large and heavy and the PSR’s font is just too small for extended reading, at least for my eyes!) This Bible feels great in the hand and is easy to manage, largely due to the very flexible binding. The goatskin is not at all like the goatskin on my Cambridge NLT Pitt Minion, which is quite stiff. Also, the ribbons were nicer than on the Pitt, though not quite Allan quality. The paper IS very thin and has a tendency to curl which is the only downside for me, but, my no means a show stopper. I have quite a number of premium quality Bibles and this seems to be the best balance between size and readability. I am very pleased!

  15. Caleb Kelly

    I have to give it to Cambridge, this is a superb all-rounder”. Excellent print. Excellent binding. Not flashy but people will take notice that this is a practical and aesthetically complete edition. Nearly a category to itself.”””

  16. David Doyle

    This is a fantastic Bible. First off, it is very readable. My 58 year old eyes find the font sharp and large enough. The single column feels good too.
    Secondly, The binding is great with leather soft enough to rival any Bible. I really like the size and feel in my hands.
    I’m sure this has become my go to Bible.

  17. Todd Gwennap

    This is the perfect edition of the Bible, in my opinion. The leather binding is beautiful and sturdy, and yet the Bible lays flat in Genesis and Revelation as soon as it comes out of the box. The text setting itself is extremely legible, and the single-column format is easy on the eyes. Unlike some other single-column settings, it reads as easily as a trade paperback. There is no sense of having too many words per line. Add to that the black letter text, and I am one extremely happy camper.

  18. Mike Smith

    I am very pleased with this Bible: the print is wonderful, the size is very close to my first Bible RSV in 1963, the ghosting is minimal even in the Psalms. The leather edition is very fine and soft.

  19. Kelley Buffaloe

    I received my ESV Clarion in black goatskin today. I am extremely pleased and surprised. The goatskin is very supple with a nice grain to it. This is a nice, thick but portable Bible. It “feels” right in your hand. I love the size and thickness all around. As many know, I am very “sensitive” to ghosting, but I have no problem at all with it in this one. Cambridge did a fantastic job putting this Bible together, with their line-matching and generous sized font (which these eyes can appreciate). The single column format is great and there is no problem with words “falling” into the gutter. I heard the paper was very thin, but it seems to be only slightly thinner than the Cameo. Pages turn very easily. Overall a great reading Bible, demanding to be read (and taken with you too). I had many hesitations about getting this Bible, but I am very happy with this purchase. If you can get it, go with the Black Goatskin, it is a work of art. I love it and plan to spend a great deal of time reading it. Thanks EvangelicalBible! Another satisfied customer.

  20. Phillip Howle

    I just just received a very nice ESV Clarion in Goatskin. Initial observations, I was expecting a Pitt Minion like Bible in regards to the leather. The Goatskin is nothing like that at all. It is very limp and floppy, much like the Cambridge Wide Margin, very little rigidity at all. It is suqatier that I imagined, very short and fat, but this is not a problem in reading.
    The font size is surprisingly large. When I used to try and read my Personal Sized Reader from Crossway, I felt my eyes moving back and forth across the page. I did not like this, but with the Clarion the width of the text is just right so I am not having to scan the page back and forth with my eyes.
    The paper is thin, but the dark font with the line matching makes ghosting a non-problem in my opinion while reading. This Bible offers a great deal in a very small package. Honestly, if the Clarion setting could be printed on the size and quality paper of the Legacy, that would be amazing. I find this edition a little more readable than the Legacy, due to the more narrow width of the text, but both are great Bibles and I think complement each other nicely. The Legacy paper first class. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with this Bible at all.

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