Cambridge ESV Diadem Reference Bible with Apocrypha Red Calfskin leather, Red-letter Text

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Red Calfskin cover
Ribbon markers and gold gilt
8.1 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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This beautiful Diadem Reference Edition in red calfskin leather enlarges the classic and elegant text design of the Pitt Minion Edition, widely admired for its fine combination of readable text and efficient use of space. The digital typeface retains the elegance of traditional Bible lettering, while offering the clarity of reading provided by modern fonts. The text is arranged in paragraph format and supported by centre-column cross-references, a comprehensive concordance, and 15 colour maps. This ESV Bible includes the Apocryphal books which appear together in the centre of the Bible. The Apocrypha comprise books written in the inter-testamental period. Although not accepted into the Hebrew Canon, they survive in the Greek Scriptures. This edition includes the same eighteen books as found in the Revised Standard Version, including Tobit, 1-4 Maccabees, Wisdom of Solomon, Sirach, Judith, Baruch, and Psalm 151, along with the additions to Esther and Daniel. As in the whole of the ESV Bible, the translation of these books strives for accuracy, providing an essentially literal word-for-word approach to the original texts.

  • ESV Bible with Apocrypha
  • Fine red calfskin leather binding
  • Enlargement of the widely admired Pitt Minion setting
  • Paragraph format
  • Red-letter text
  • Full concordance, cross-references, and 15 colour maps
  • 8.1 pt Lexicon

5 reviews for Cambridge ESV Diadem Reference Bible with Apocrypha Red Calfskin leather, Red-letter Text

  1. Russ (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to purchase this for a long time on account of the significant price tag and a lingering fear that it would be too big to carry, leaving me with just another reference Bible on my shelf. I am however pleased to say that my fears were entirely unfounded. For me at least, though I am a larger man, this is a perfect “personal size” Bible. Small enough to carry with me, large enough to read from comfortably. Furthermore, the price is justified. This is one of the nicest Bibles I own. The cover is a beautiful cardinal red and floppy with a wonderful texture, the gilding is flawless, and the ribbons are silky. The text block is clear and well printed on every page, no fading or significant print non-uniformity. My only complaint is the placement of page numbers makes navigation a slightly more involved process, as they’re pretty much in the gutter. If you can afford the price, don’t mind the ESV, and need a daily Bible with Apocrypha, you can’t beat this. With any luck this will be the Bible I use every day for the rest of my life, and owning it is a blessing.

  2. Joseph Samborski (verified owner)

    This is a spectacular Bible, easily one of, if not the best available today.

    The red calfskin is both striking in appearance and luxurious to the touch. The paper has a beautiful cream tint and is a fantastic 33 GSM. The text block is the Pitt Minion enlarged to 8.2 which is exceptionally readable, perhaps even the ideal. The overall size is just right, not a small travel and not as big as Quentel. The entire Bible exudes quality and all of the design decisions add up to a very well thought out and executed masterpiece. Cambridge often names their lines as jewels (topaz, turquoise) and I find it more than fitting that they named this Diadem (crown of jewels) because it’s a crowning achievement.

  3. Bradley Morehouse (verified owner)

    Greetings! I received my ESV Diadem with Apocrypha this morning, and after spending some time with, I know it will be one of my favorites. It is a high quality piece from front to back. Cover is buttery smooth, text font and layout is easy on my tired oldeyes, and the paper is opaque enough that bleed through is not an issue.

    I am very happy with this bible , and the service of Evangelical Bible.

  4. William Paul Johnson, Jr. (verified owner)


    Correction to my review dated 16 April 2022: The words of Christ in the ‘Cameo Reference Edition’ from Cambridge University Press for THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES are in ‘red letter type’. I apologize for ‘the mistake’ on my part.

    Blessings ,
    Bill Johnson…!

  5. William P. (verified owner)

    Greetings…salutations…and all good things…!

    Please take note: I have ‘previously’ reviewed this ‘typesetting’ of the Text of the ENGLISH STANDARD VERSION [ESV] for ‘the hardback’ Diadem Reference Edition of the HOLY BIBLE…with the Books called Apocrypha included [ISBN 978-1-316-51339-2] published by CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS and which is still being offered by www. So if ‘this next review’ of this typesetting of ‘the ESV text’ for the ‘Red letter’/red calfskin leather binding’ of the Diadem Reference Edition of the HOLY BIBLE…with the Books called Apocrypha included [ISBN 978-1-00-908791-9] is redundant ‘in places’…please ‘excuse’ and accept ‘my apologies’…!

    Of course, the ‘big difference’ between this ‘red calfskin leather edition’ and the ‘hardback binding edition’ is that the Text in the ‘hardback binding edition’ is printed all in ‘black letter type’. Whereas in this ‘red leather binding edition’, the ‘words of Our Lord’ are printed in ‘red letter type’. But…with one ‘big’ noticeable difference’ from other red letter editions of the Holy Scriptures published by CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS:

    For example…the KING JAMES VERSION [KJV] ‘Cameo Reference Edition Bible with the Books called Apocrypha’ included [ISBN 978-1-107-60807-8] has the ‘words of Christ’ in ‘red letter type’ in only ‘the Gospels of MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE and JOHN’. But…in this ‘red calfskin leather’ ESV edition, the ‘words of Christ’ are in ‘red letter type’ also in ‘the Acts of the Apostles’…in ‘in the First and Second letters of PAUL the Apostle to the Corinthians’ and in ‘the Book of Revelation’…!

    Having ‘said’…this ‘new’ calfskin leather Diadem edition of the ESV is breathtakingly ‘fabulous’…:

    With three ‘scarlet red’ ribbon markers and ‘bible paper’ that feels ‘like satin’ to the touch, the ‘edition’ also ‘boasts’ red under gold ‘art-gilting’ on the pages. And of course. the binding/cover is ‘edge lined’. The ‘deep sienna/blood-red’ calfskin binding is as ‘supple & flexible’ as any I have ever held. (With quality of this kind…it’s no surprise that CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS maintains it’s reputation as the ‘premiere publisher’ of ‘high-end’ editions of the Holy Scriptures!)

    Again…everything I spoke glowingly of in my earlier review[s] of this ‘typesetting’ of the ESV still applies here…no ifs…no ands…no buts…! Admittedly…this ‘red calfskin leather’ edition ‘is pricey’… but well worth it in my opinion. Kahpeesh…….!!!!!!!

    What are you ‘waiting’ for…? Hurry up…! Order your copy before it ‘sells out’…which it is certain to do.

    Blessings ,

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