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Produced in a larger format and designed to suit both private study and public reading, the new Cambridge Topaz edition is a two-colour reference Bible of the highest quality. The Topaz features a brand new design and, as a new Cambridge family, will be made available in multiple translations over time.

The sleek and contemporary design of the Topaz is carefully printed on the finest India-style paper and complemented with traditional binding techniques. Chapter and Verse numbers are printed in red to aid navigation.

Features include:

Dark Blue Goatskin with leather edge lined binding – exclusive pictures here.
Textblock: approximately 6″ x 9″ x 1-1/4″
PDF Sample of Matthew
Smyth Sewn
Double column
Verse by Verse
Line matched
Modern, digital typeface
10 pt. font
Cross References in the outer margins
Translation notes at the bottom of the page
Red Letter for the words of Christ
28 GSM Indopaque paper
Art Gilt for both Goatskin and Calfskin editions
2 high quality ribbons
Presentation and Family Records Pages

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17 reviews for Cambridge ESV Topaz Reference Bible, Dark Blue Goatskin

  1. Jason Harms (verified owner)

    The ESV Topaz from Cambridge is a modern day play on classic Bible typesettings. I appreciate Cambridge’s respect for the past while trying to innovate toward the future. A verse-by-verse Bible, as all classic KJV’s are, enables you to quickly find your place while ironically getting lost in a particular verse. The emboldened subject headings make it easy to distinguish key themes that the paragraph settings make up for in other Bibles. This is a Bible that is of the highest build quality. I hope you decide to make the purchase yourself!

  2. Ryan B (verified owner)

    Just got mine I ordered so this is all first impressions.

    It was a difficult decision between this or the ESV Schuyler Quentel, also in blue. Ultimately after looking at the PDF samples I decided I liked the interior layout of this slightly better than the Quentel.

    First the experience with has been great. They were quick to ship it, it arrived 2 business days (5 calendar days due to a long weekend) earlier than the original estimate provided by USPS once they received it. The packing showed great care, the box Cambridge put it in was placed in a bubble wrap envelope providing excellent cushioning during shipping. Then they also added some packing peanuts on top of that to reduce movement during shipping.

    Once I unpacked the bible fully I could immediately tell I loved the feel of the goatskin leather. It had such a premium feel I almost don’t want to put it down. Quality wise its perfect I don’t detect any minor imperfections out of the box which is great.

    The font inside is very readable, and in my opinion they have room to use a slightly smaller font and shrink the form factor a bit perhaps? Its not that it’s too big but I certainly wouldn’t want it any bigger and in fact would almost prefer it if they shaved a half inch or so from the height and width of it. The thickness is good and its got a slight heft to it but its not unwieldy. It is still portable enough to carry to church or bible study in my opinion without having to make the compromises you find in compact or personal size bibles.

    It has a decent sized concordance built in and some really nice maps with a color coded Map Index.

    Coming to the actual scriptures I really like the red chapter and verse numbers, they make for a nice accent. The only think that I think could have maybe made it better if if the accents were color matching to the leather cover, so in the case blue accents I think would have made an even nicer touch. It is a verse-by-verse layout which I am somewhat torn on. I see the benefit of this as well as a paragraph layout so I wan;t too picky about getting one or the other.

    I do like that the words of Jesus are in red. I have personally gone back and forth on this. I remember liking it in my first bibles but later came to no really understand it, I mean its not like those words are any more inspired by the Holy Spirit. But I have recently come back around to appreciating that touch for the benefit it provides is understanding the flow of conversations easily at a glance without having to price together who said what by the He said, They said breaks.

    All in all while I have had what I would consider mid-range Bible’s in the past this is my first Premium Bible and by far the most I have spent on one Bible, but it really does have the premium feel and I get the sense that this Bible will outlast me and be something I can hand down.

    While there are some extremely minor things that I could say I think could be better, they came down to publishing and design choices rather than defects. And I am in no way disappointed with this purchase or think that it wasn’t worth the price.

  3. Barbara Thompson (verified owner)

    I purchased this Bible because I wanted a more modern translation after using the KJV for many years. Boy, was I disappointed. This version is supposed to be a literal word for word translation, but it is not. I found that many parts of verses and even whole verses were left out that are firmly in the KJV.

    Having said that, the construction of the Bible and the format is very nice. I like the subheadings and the typeface. The blue goatskin leather is very nice, as is the art gilting. I just can’t get over the missing verses, so this Bible is being returned.

  4. Charley Vassar (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful Bible. The blue goatskin is soft with a great texture and a very nice shade of blue. I was a little hesitant about the blue under gold gilding, but it is absolutely gorgeous. The layout of the text and references is excellent. As a pastor who preaches most Sundays, the Verse by Verse format makes locating references so much quicker and smoother. The font is small enough to keep this bible from being overly thick, yet large enough to be easy on the eyes. The red letter text is a rich red and reads nicely. The only small complaint is, as others have mentioned, that there are no paragraph markers. However, I don’t think that deserves a reduction in rating. It is an absolutely lovely Bible, great craftsmanship, and perfect for daily reading and/or preaching.

  5. Douglas sowter (verified owner)

    I will be purchasing a 2nd copy of this bible I need to replace my first copy

  6. Douglas sowter (verified owner)

    I will purchasing my 2nd copy of this bible I love the first one and need a new one..

  7. Gary Paulsen (verified owner)

    Recently purchased the Topaz in blue goat skin. The leather is sumptuous and a real pleasure to hold as it falls open in your hand. The font is large and is easy to read. I am especially please with the verses number references in red making very easy to find a reference. Like most fine Bibles the paper fine. I would have like something a little heavier but that is my only problem with the Topaz and it would certainly have not been a deal breaker. I am most pleased with my Topaz. I heartily recommend it if you are in the market for an ESV. You’ll find nothing better.

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