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Cambridge KJV Cameo Reference Bible, Brown Calfskin Leather

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Brown Calfskin cover
2 ribbons and red under gold art gilt
Page Size: 7″ x 4.875″ x 1.125″
8 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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Description’s Cambridge Cameo Page.

Cambridge KJV Cameo Ref. Edition Brown Vachetta Calfskin Leather – pics here.

This reissue of a classic Cambridge edition has offered an opportunity for the print image to be enhanced-and is thus sharper than in recent years.

  • India Paper
  • Red Letter
  • Concordance
  • Cross-Reference
  • Pronunciation Marks
  • 15 Color Maps
  • 2 Ribbon Markers
  • Art Gilt Edges
  • Photo of sample page

Page Size: 7″ x 4.875″ x 1.125″ (177 mm x 123 mm x 27 mm)
Typography: 8 pt Petit Medieval Clarendon

16 reviews for Cambridge KJV Cameo Reference Bible, Brown Calfskin Leather

  1. Avery Soileau (verified owner)

    I am glad to have purchased this bible , the print is amazingly readable for such a small bible. I would truly like to have this bible in a wide margin, Cambridge used to make it, would like for them to bring it back, that would be great if they would.

  2. John Mo (verified owner)

    Warm greetings dear friends. The KJV Bible Cameo Reference in brown calfskin leather is the best craftmanship of the Word of God at this price point. Portable sized. Bold black and red letters which are consistent and comfortably readable. Leather cover is soft and premium to the touch. Royal Jongbloed binding and paper quality is top-notch. Reddish gold art gild is stunning. Overall an aesthetically pleasing Bible of excellent quality which best encapsulates the radiant glory and majesty of the Living Word of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. dougfrancis (verified owner)

    The Cambridge Cameo in Brown calfskin is my 6th Bible from Cambridge. I am a full-time preacher/ teacher, and therefore use my bible all day long. I’ve had this Bible for about two weeks now, and I cannot think of any negative aspects to it. The size is perfect for a bible that can be taken everywhere, and the print is so bold and clear that it is very readable. If there was one thing that I think could be improved upon, it would be a slightly wider line spacing, but that is a matter of personal preference on my part.
    The calfskin is extremely soft, almost delicate feeling, and offers a wonderful compromise between the nearly-liquid, edge lined goatskin, and more stiff calf-split. I have no doubt that this cover will last for a very long time.
    Something I have been very pleasantly surprised with is the thickness of the paper. I have a Concord reference edition which is a stellar Bible with little ghosting, but the Cameo has even less. This makes it even more readable and gives the bible a sturdier feel. Some hand-sized Bibles have paper so thin that it’s scary to turn the page because it seems like it will tear. Not so here. This is one sturdy, well-made Bible that is readable and the perfect size for every use.

    Lastly, this Bible showed to be back-ordered when I placed my order, but I wanted to support Evangelical Bible, so I decided I could wait. However, I received the Bible within a week! I was very pleased with Evangelical Bible. Keep up the Christian customer service, guys, you’re doing great!

  4. Ken (verified owner)

    I can’t think of a more ideal Bible layout than the Cambridge Cameo. The bold Clarendon style text is superior to most modern bible typefaces, at least to my eyes. It’s very readable even in a hand-sized bible like the Cameo. And as far as these particular Cameos go, they’re better than even previous offerings by Cambridge. This Calfskin especially. Their Calfskins back in the 90s didn’t feel much better than stiff Calf-Split or French Morocco, if you ask me. This is probably a more unpopular opinion, but I think the Calfskin is even better than the current Goatskin too, despite being cheaper. The Goatskin is definitely nice, but it’s too floppy for my tastes. These are soft enough to the touch and lay flat, but aren’t so floppy as to bend backwards in the hand. Something I don’t want in a hand-sized bible. I’d love to see Cambridge come out with a Book of Common Prayer in Calfskin like this too.

    These new ones have the same Cambridge maps that are in all of their other bibles. Not the Moody Maps that were common in Cambridges of the past. I don’t have a preference, but these are nicer looking at least.

  5. Todd Youtz

    I recently got my copy of the Cameo in brown calfskin. I was surprised by the softness of the leather; your fingers seem to melt into it. The whole Bible is soft and flexible, without being floppy. One look at it tells you this is a quality Bible. The print is easy to read and uncluttered (for a KJV with old style typefacing). The paper is soft and smooth. The leather cover is extremely smooth; at least mine is much smoother than the pictures here show. The size is perfect for a carry-around Bible. I also own a Personal size Concord, and this Bible is just a bit bigger than the personal Concord (and much higher quality). This could even be the only Bible you have, if you don’t need large print. It is much handier to read than my full size Schuyler Canterbury, itself an excellent large Bible.
    The only complaint I have is that it’s so nice, it’ll take me time before I’ll want to take it outside. Reading this Bible is a very enjoyable experience, with the smell of the leather and the buttery softness of the cover. Because of the handy size, this will probably become my favorite Bible, as excellent as my Canterbury Bible is.
    One more thing- the beautiful shade of brown, which is a bit hard to find, sure looks good for a change.

  6. Wes Baker (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this Bible. Cambridge has improved the print from previous versions with it being more bold.
    The paper and leather are very nice and are of a high quality. It is small, but I do not have any trouble reading the text.
    I would purchase it again.

  7. Kelvyn

    My mistake. ‘Letterpress’ method of printing with original version. This one is hi-res digital…superb bible.

  8. zeppelinkel

    Yeah. I have one of the first printings of this version. The text block is from the 1920 Cameo 16mo. refs; the original version was offset printed; this new Cameo is a hi-res scanned image to plate edition. I have the original leather bound Cambridge Wide Margin using this text block (offset printing) — 4 decades young and still functioning brilliantly.
    This handy sized version — Cameo is outstanding on all counts. Get one, it is the finest KJV of its kind on the market today. Highly recommended.

  9. Mark Swinford (verified owner)

    The best hand size Authorized (King James) Version Bible in print.

    First of all, the text is bold and sharp. In addition, with the easy to read font style, it all adds up to being easy on the eyes, thereby making the study of God’s divinely preserved Word more engaging. Cambridge has definitely improved the sharpness and boldness of this text over their previous Cameo editions of the not so distant past.

    The brown calfskin cover is beautiful and very soft. This Cameo Bible opens up flat right out of the box, which makes for easier readability. All of the colors used in this edition complement each other. It has a very rich appearance to it that befits the grandeur and majesty of the Word of God.

    The KJV text, font, Bible size and high quality calfskin leather makes this Bible the perfect Bible to use for study, Church and for evangelizing. On a side note, it also comes in a nice protective clam-shell box to keep it protected against any possible damage that could otherwise occur to it.

    “For the Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any twoedged sword…Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him…The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.”

    The Authorized (King James) Version is the divinely preserved Word of God in the English language, that the man of God may be perfect/complete, throughly furnished unto all good works. There are no missing words, verses or doctrines.

    As a Bible believing Christian, I highly recommend this Cambridge KJV Cameo Ref. Edition Brown Vachetta Calfskin Leather Bible.

  10. Bob Snyder

    I made an error on my review. The liner is black and not the same color as the exterior cover.

  11. Bob Snyder

    I received this Bible from Cambridge gratis for review purposes. It arrived sufficiently packaged in a cardboard box with one other Bible. They did not deform or break through their packaging and the Bibles were in perfect shape when they were delivered.
    Upon opening the box I was presented with the clamshell retail box, which should be retained for storage purposes. The Bible inside the box was instantly striking in appearance. I am accustomed to many different qualities of cover material. When I picked the Cameo up out of the box I was struck by the soft texture of this type of calfskin leather. The grain was smoother with smaller pebbling compared to goatskin leather. I was expecting a darker brown with a texture like other top grain cowhide Bibles. I was pleasantly surprised. This calfskin was smoother and soft. The front of the Cameo is hot stamped with, “Holy Bible” in gold. There is a channel pressed into the leather around the perimeter of the cover. On the spine of the Cameo is, “Holy Bible” at the top, “King James Version” in the middle, and the Cambridge Logo at the bottom. They are all hot stamped in gold. The page edges are beautifully art gilded with red under gold. In the front of the Cameo you have publication information page followed by a nice presentation page. After that is the text of the KJV. Lastly, there is a very useful concordance in the back along with 15 color maps that are indexed.
    The construction of the Cameo is top-notch. In addition to having a wonderful cover that will last a lifetime, it has a sewn binding that will last as long as the cover. Because of these two fine qualities the Cameo is a pleasure to hold and read. The Bible opens well and lays flat easily without being overly flexible. This edition does everything right. The only way this could be any better is if it were in NASB.
    The inside cover is lined with vinyl that is color matched and glued down. The corners are finished nicely. There are two ribbon markers that match the color of the cover as well. Some less expensive Chinese or Korean Bibles try to entice you with a very supple calfskin cover lined with calfskin or another very flexible material. Then, they drop the ball with either the paper or the fit and finish. That is not so with the Cameo from Cambridge. The paper is nice and opaque. The font is a cleaned up 8 point, Petit Medieval Clarendon type. It is bold and easy to read. The text is arranged in a double column verse format with center column references.
    I know there is a big trend now for the single column paragraph formats. Personally, I find it more difficult to focus on during reading in my home. I have a busy house and am always getting interrupted. As a consequence I routinely lose my place and have to look for where I left off so that I can resume reading. The paragraph format has all of the tiny verse numbers dispersed through the text and finding them or remembering where you left off can be a bit more tedious. I find it easier to pick up where I left off if I can find the verse quickly. This is my personal preference.
    The Cameo is a delightful size Bible to hold and read anywhere. I can sit in my recliner and read it, I can read it in bed, I can read it on my work break, and I can read it while I drive… I was just checking to see if you were still awake. Never read and drive! Seriously, seldom will you find a combination of form and function like the Cameo.

    ISBN: 0521146100
    isbn: 9780521146104
    KJV Cameo Reference Red Letter Edition KJ455:XR Brown Calfskin Leather

  12. Kurt Kolander (verified owner)

    Probably as close to a perfect Bible overall that you could possibly want. Superb binding and wonderful soft calfskin. The print is nice and bold and very readable for this size font. This would rank as one of Cambridge’s better productions. This is a “go everywhere” Bible, and the KJV is still the best language and translation of them all. Buy it now, it will last forever.

  13. Steven Donald (verified owner)

    This is my 1st Cambridge Bible. I give this a five star for everything.
    Even though the small size it reads just like a large print primarilly because of the sharp
    print. This is the perfect size for carrying to Church or were ever you carry your bible.
    The cover is as soft as butter. I know this Bible will last a lifetime. Also great service from Evangelical Bible!!!

    S Donald

  14. Matthew Ervin (verified owner)

    I have the goatskin edition in addition to this. Please understand that the goatskin is an absolute top of the line Bible that I have no compunction in lauding. Indeed, I adore Cambridge Goatskin Bibles. But with that being said, I find this Bible to be superior to the goat…any goat. It is the softest cover I’ve ever felt. It’s highly flexible. Also it’s a rather thick leather cover. As delicate as it feels it would take a lot to make it wear even a bit. I imagine this Bible ages well and would look more handsom with continued use. The hubs are well defined (rare these days). If it was leather lined like the goat I don’t know if you could even keep it in your hands in would be so fluid.

    Another thing that is very difficult to tell from the pictures is that there is a subtle marbling effect here. So many search ebay for those old gold boxed cameos with the marbled colors. Well there is an element of that here but on a superior binding.

    The text itself is clearer and more precise than in past cameo editions. The words in red are darker making them easier to read and more dignified.

    Don’t think about it, buy it.

  15. Jason Bollman (verified owner)

    I’ve had this bible for awhile now and can honestly say it has become one of my favorites. The leather is soft to the touch and thick, the whole bible has a nice structured” feel to it. The pages are not cluttered and the print is very clear and easy on the eyes. Taken as a whole you’ll find that the cameo is a perfect companion bible for Church work travel or just reading on the couch. It fits nicely in your hands and feels great. A+”””

  16. Joseph Albert Jr

    Well, I just have to say that I just got my hands on this Cameo everyone has been raving about and I’m very pleased. The text block is amazingly clear and legible given it’s font size. And the brown vachetta calfskin is very soft and flexible. I can only imagine what the goatskin it like. I’m very happy with this purchase.

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