Cambridge KJV Clarion Reference Bible, Black Calf Split

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Black Calfsplit cover
Ribbon markers and gold gilt
Page size: 7.0625″ x 5.125″ x 1.5″
8.75 font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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This is an entirely new setting of the Bible, published to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the King James Version but intended to become a staple of the Cambridge list for many years to come as a new and distinctive format, across a range of versions. This particular edition is the first new Cambridge KJV reference Bible for over half a century and has been carefully designed for the modern era to meet an increasing demand for a more accessible format and comfortable reading size.

It is typeset in Lexicon No.1, a digital font designed for easy reading and with many similar characteristics to traditional hot-metal Bible typefaces, thus marrying the best of the old and the new. The print is black-letter throughout and the text is presented in paragraph (rather than traditional chapter and verse) style and in a single-column format. The notes and cross-references have been relocated to the outer margin, leaving the text relatively free and unencumbered.

These Bibles include maps and–instead of a conventional concordance and dictionary–a Reader’s Companion which offers the key elements of those features in one place.

Page size: 7.0625″ x 5.125″ x 1.5″ (180 mm x 131 mm x 40 mm)
Type size: 8.75 pt Lexicon No. 1
Black Calfsplit
Black letter

7 reviews for Cambridge KJV Clarion Reference Bible, Black Calf Split

  1. Russ Gibson (verified owner)

    Awesome reader! I’ve only had this Bible a few days, yet I’ve been studying in Genesis, read through much of Romans, several Psalms, and now reading through Acts. You will just want to sit and read!! “Tolle lege, tolle lege,” that is, “Take up and read!” as the voice said unto St. Augustine (see the KJV translators’ preface to the readers, which incidentally is included with this edition, unlike many other KJV’s). It is easy to “take up and read” with the Clarion. The black calf split feels so nice, I was worried it was somehow ‘inferior’ to the goatskin, but I am not disappointed. It has a nice feel in the hand, and the size is perfect – not huge, and not small. The font and setting is modern-looking, too. I love the black ribbons and how they match. Would have loved art gilt edges but can’t have everything!! The reader’s companion is handy, as are the maps – esp. Paul’s travels (which even show where he wrote his letters) and ministry of Jesus. There are enough references in here to keep you busy and to tie in passages from other parts of the Scripture. Also thanks to the people answering the phones at EvangelicalBible, they were helpful and I got my order in a few days with just $3 FedEx shipping. Highly recommended.

  2. Christopher Lewis (verified owner)

    Ive had this Clarion for about 3 weeks now. I really like this as a reading bible. The references arent in the way, and the print is very readable. There is some ghosting depending on the light, but not too much. I highly recommend this bible if you are looking for one to just sit back in a recliner and read. I wish I had enough to buy the goatskin cover, but the calf split is still very nice. This bible feels right in my hands. I have other bibles for study and desk use, but this one is my go to for plain reading purposes. I will also add that shipping was fast and professional.God bless.

  3. Michael Freeman (verified owner)

    I purchased this Bible mostly cause I was curious to see how reading a paragraph KJV would “feel” and I have a buddy that can’t seem to locate a Bible he will actually read. I must say I am very impressed with this format. Very, very easy to read without the usual clutter, and I think will give my friend some relief from the usual information overload. It is a Cambridge so it’s put together very well, the split calf leather feels very tough and as I have several Cambridge French Morroco already, I know it will break in very well. I look forward to Cambridge picking this format into larger print and versions, and would simply love it if Allan’s would pick up a similiar format to bind.

  4. Laurence Leriger

    I bought this for my wife for christmas and she loves it. The size, the format, the side margin references, the print, readers companion, the 15 excellent maps, everything! The leather is very nice and the cover is not too flimsy. It is very well made. In my opinion, it is physically a bit small. Also the print could be a little larger, and the paper is thin. I have a large print text only family Bible from TBS so nothing else seems to measure up. The important thing is that my wife is thrilled with it.

  5. Richard Hetke

    The Cambridge Clarion is a remarkably readable, portable (Cameo size) and cleanly laid out Bible. Apparently the folks at Cambridge put a lot of work into figuring out just how many words per line and lines per page create the optimal reading experience. In order to economize on space, yes, there is some ghosting, but they’ve done a great job mirroring lines on the back pages to hide the fact and keep down the thickness of this Bible. The Clarion includes excellent resources in the back-a dictionary/concordance/dictionary of difficult KJV words–which I’d take over the sparse concordances that add unnecessary width to many Bibles.
    The calf split has a matte finish over the somewhat shiny plastic like finish on the modern Cambridge French Morocco. It’s a classy, subdued, stiff cover with a lovely pronounced grain. The only negative about this Bible is the material lining the inside cover. Although it is reinforced at the seam, I speculate that it will split down the seam and separate the block from the cover after about a year or two of regular use. However, my experience with Cambridge is that they are very good about replacing them. I had a similar problem with a Cameo I purchased in the 90’s. No problem at all on the exchange. I’m wondering if Cambridge could line their more affordable leather Bibles with the polyurethane they use on their goatskin Bibles? Five stars nonetheless for a publishers engineering feat–a readable, portable, single column Bible with exceptional paper and durable cover with valuable extras.

  6. Kurt Kolander (verified owner)

    Nice Bible, but somewhat of a let down from what I’d expected. This is only the second Bible I ever took out of the box that immediately required repair with glue work. The cover was separating (at/from) the spine and it needed repair or be returned. I chose to repair. The last time I had to do this was with a Nelson NKJV Single Column Genuine Leather. Anyway, if this reoccurs with my ESV Clarion Goatskin (when it finally arrives) I will return it, and be very disappointed. I’m beginning to think that RL Allan may be the last publisher standing when it comes to high quality Bible binding.

  7. Larry Gatlin

    Let me start by explaining the ranking… Cambridge makes a beautiful Bible. The Clarion Calf Split is no exception. The look and layout are great and easy to read even for my poor eyes. But, after buying an Allan Long Primer and Blackface, I guess I’m just spoiled. If Cambridge would use a leather inside and out cover like Allan, my ranking would be different. I simply prefer a softer feel and durability. I did notice a bit of bleed through from the text on the other side of the page, but not real bad. It is a great looking texture on the outside, looking exactly like the picture. Thanks EV for your help selecting this one. Got it today and loving it.

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