Cambridge KJV Concord Reference Bible, Black Goatskin – RED Letter

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Black Goatskin cover
2 ribbons and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 5.5″ x 8.25″ x 1.125″
8 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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Free Shipping-best price anywhere!
One our highest rated Bibles!
Definitely a 5 star Bible.

This is a truly remarkable Bible. It is one of our favorite Bibles of all. Clear, bold type, abundantly supple leather make this an excellent choice in the Authorized Version.

This Bible offers a wealth of reference material–a glossary, concordance, dictionary of names and phrases, fifteen color maps, and gazetteer. Bold-figure cross-references link passages of the text without cluttering the page.

In addition, a presentation page and family record, India paper, gilt edges, ribbon markers, and a real leather binding make this a very attractive Bible.

Features include

  • India paper
  • cross-references
  • concordance
  • 15 color maps
  • presentation page
  • two ribbon markers
  • RED-letter text (words of Christ)
  • art-gilt page edges
  • head and tail bands
  • sewn binding

Page size: 5.5″ x 8.25″ x 1.125″ (140 mm x 207 mm x 30 mm)
Page extent: 1,532 pp.

Typography: 8 pt Times Semi-bold 421

“Are you weary of purchasing Bibles only to have them fall apart on you due to sloppy construction? Turn to the Smyth-sewn, leather bound quality craftsmanship of a Cambridge Bible and be satisfied for a lifetime. Cambridge Bibles possess a combination that is sadly rare today: beautiful to behold, but rugged enough to last and last. I recommend you consider the goatskin binding with another layer of leather lining for additional strength and durability. I prefer the Concord over other Cambridge KJV editions because it has the perfect blend of legible print size, compact dimensions for carrying, useful center-column references, and text without annoying superscript notations to match the center-column references. If you use the Authorized Version (1769 update), this is the finest available. Cambridge has recently branched out and is publishing beautiful editions of other translations, but none in the Concord format.” Irenaeus

25 reviews for Cambridge KJV Concord Reference Bible, Black Goatskin – RED Letter

  1. forthesonofman

    This is a beautiful bible.
    Its my go to bible.. to me this bible is perfect in every way.
    The bold reference system is the best and a breeze to use.
    This bible is made to last,
    The quality and craftsmanship is outstanding,
    So blessed to have this bible,.
    Thank you Cambridge bibles.

  2. Derek (verified owner)

    Started off with great customer service and faster than estimated delivery! I spent 2 weeks pouring over premium bible reviews and videos and decided on this one. Glad I did! It is perfection. It’s almost glowing with awesomeness! It’s my “the one” for sure. I believe this will be a life long bible. The quality is top notch. Thank you evangelical bible for the cheapest price and fast free delivery!

  3. Dan Hill

    I purchased a Cambridge KJV Concord Reference black goatskin leather red letter Bible. First Evangelical Bible’s service and delivery are always 1st class. My disappointment is with Cambridge. This Bible’s materials, binding, and art gilding are all excellent. I even love the Bible’s size. However, the printing is disappointing. I have purchased a Schuyler Canterbury KJV though black text has red drop caps, verse numbers etc., Cambridge KJV Cameo red letter, Cambridge KJV Clarion black text, ESV Omega in thin line in stunning blue goatskin leather, and 2 Schuyler ESV Personal Quintels. Everyone of them printed and bound in the Netherlands. The printing quality is superb in those Bibles. However in this Cambridge Concord Reference bible the printing quality of the black and red text is mediocre, varying in boldness and darkness throughout the Bible. Moreover, I own a Cambridge KJV Standard Text red letter printed in Belarus, and a $60 Concord Reference clone printed by Local Church publishers who’s printing is very good. Known for doing red letter like no-one else the printing quality of this $174.99 plus tax Cambridge Concord reference looks like a Hendrickson KJV printed in China. (No offense to Hendrickson as I own one of those too but it was under $40 with thumb tabs). As for China they are stepping up their game who print the Thomas Nelson Premium Bibles. I’m disappointed this time. Cambridge was my favorite. Your money is better spent on a Schuyler. You get superior quality on everything they publish and unlike Cambridge, have Christian convictions.

  4. K. Wade Stover (verified owner)

    This Bible is the perfect size and the dark print makes it easy to read. It just has that old school look and feel that makes it awesome. Get one and you will see what I mean.

  5. JamesC (verified owner)

    Purchased this based on reviews that said this was perhaps the best “all purpose “ Bible available and I’m not disappointed. It’s the perfect size Bible and could serve well in any setting. Cambridge does red letter like none other! They got it right! Wish others would do theirs this way! Font is very easy to read and I have aging eyes. Very happy with this Bible. And it’s great to own one from the World’s oldest publisher!!!

  6. Izaiah Crainey

    I love this bible just got it today and cant put it down lol.

  7. Tommy Sturgis (verified owner)

    Awesome!! I love it perfect size! I was looking for the Bible that my grandmother used but couldn’t think of which Cambridge Bible she had thought it was the Cameo but after receiving the cameo definitely to small to be what she had. Karen helped me out and we finally got the concord the outer dimensions are roughly same size as the Allan Brevier Clarendon because of the full yapp on the Allan but text block is bigger so the font is larger. Cambridge used to have some full yapp bibles at one time many years ago but for some reason stopped. The concord will not disappoint even if you love a full yapp Bible. The amount of information, the font , and readability in this personal size Bible just can’t be beat!

  8. TL (verified owner)

    This is a great Bible! It does have some difficulty laying down flat in Genesis but after some time this should not be an issue. I think this in the Allen for f it does have some difficulty laying down flat in Genesis but after some time this should not be an issue. I think this is really close in compared to the Brevier Clarendon from RL Allan. I think the biggest difference it’s just a matter of personal preference both are excellent. The first reviewer made a comment about the oxford versus Cambridge. There is nothing in the Oxford saying that your Bible is faulty. I own several if that makes you doubt the word of God then it’s not a problem with the Bible it’s a problem with your faith! OK done with my rant this concord Should give you many years of enjoyment in reading God’s word

  9. James (verified owner)

    I love this Bible! I’ve had it for about six months now. It is great. Other than quality, my favorite thing is the size. It’s the perfect size for a Bible. The quality is superb. The goatskin cover is really nice. It’s not as supple as a Schuyler or Allan, but I love it all the same. I really like the paper too. It is silky smooth to the touch and very easy to read. My only issue is the references are a little small. That’s a minor gripe on my part considering how great the rest of the Bible is. I’d recommend you get one if you’re thinking about it.

  10. Rick (verified owner)

    This is a Beautifully made Holy Bible. it is something to appreciate!
    I bought it cause it kept to how the King James Version text should be, every word is God Breathed, some of the bibles now are missing words and capitalization in the KJV.
    This also is great place to get your Bible, lower cost and fast delivery and care!

  11. Zachary Honzell (verified owner)

    It may only be my example but the print is not very consistent throughout, I usually don’t notice, but it is quite noticeable; Revelation is quite dark and bold compared to other sections. The bold sections are excellent, the lighter portions are still easily readable but have more broken letters. I expect some of this since they are scans of old plates, but this example is not near as good as my Turquoise. Now the Good, Goatskin cover is flexible, corner work is very good, tools in this bible are good, and the size may be the perfect combination of portability and readability. Art gilding is better than I expected from online photos. Overall I would rate it more like 4.5, I gave my Turquoise a 5 star, so the print being not quite as good in this bible left me giving it a little hit, but I would not hesitate to purchase it again, or recommend it to anyone needing an all around bible.

  12. Chris (verified owner)

    This is my go to Bible I have Schuyler,Allan , and more but I always go back to this Cambridge Concord I love it the print is awesome just a well made Bible !!!

  13. Rich Ricci (verified owner)

    Excellent! Easy on the eyes. Awesome to hold. Soft leather. Super soft lining. And red art gilt under gold.
    My favorite reading Bible and I’m now using it for note taking.
    I posted this originally under the black text but I have the red text which I prefer.

  14. nsmzed (verified owner)

    After many years of reading through the Bible in all the other major translations, I decided to read through the KJV in 2018. I’ve never bought a nice KJV before, so I wanted to have one with a goatskin cover, small enough to carry around (or I won’t get my reading in), and with text big enough to read (I already am stretching myself to delve into the KJV, so I don’t want to fight the fonts as well). I read the review on the Concord page and it said that this Bible was often overlooked in a crowded KJV market, but a favorite of Evangelical Bible, so I went for it. I love this Bible. It’s understated in the pictures, which really don’t do it justice. The goatskin is so nice, the font is the easiest to read of any Bible I own, the red print looks great, and it quietly flips to any page and stays there. I really love this Bible. I wish Cambridge made other translations available in this format and font! If you are on the fence, I can promise you won’t be disappointed. The Concord Reference is solid.

    P.S. Buy it from here. These guys have the best customer service!

  15. Jeff (verified owner)

    This is THE PERFECT BIBLE. Pictures don’t do it justice. This Bible looks big in pictures. It is not. It’s the perfect size, the perfect font and size, the perfect binding, and contains everything you need to study God’s Word, all in one simple yet elegant package. It feels wonderful in the hand and is exactly what I was looking for. It even contains the Translators To The Reader, which is rare these days.

    After all the research I have done about which translation to get, which publisher and model, etc., I chose the correct one. You cannot go wrong by purchasing this Bible. You’ll love it.

  16. Matthew Shaughnessy (verified owner)

    i have this Bible and the KJV wide margin in Goatskin leather they are both extremely beautiful bibles I wish the Wide margin came with Red letters of Christ other than that the Concord Reference I use most with that said I give this bible a rating

  17. Bob Snyder

    The Perfect Size Bible to Sit and Read, The Cambridge KJV Concord Reference Bible in Black Edge-Lined Goatskin Leather, Red Letter Edition.
    Before I get into the vital features of this Bible I want to expound on its subjective qualities that have endeared it to me. At first glance most people won’t notice the exceptional quality of this Bible until they pick it up and give it a closer look. Some folks won’t even notice even after picking it up. That is not to say the Cambridge Concord Reference Bible is average or plain. It is because the Concord is how a Bible is supposed to be. It is the quintessential archetype of reference Bibles. It smells like a Bible, it looks like a Bible, and it feels like a Bible. When I pick it up to read from, I don’t have to struggle with it. It does exactly what it should do. It stays out of the way and allows me to focus on reading God’s word. Everything about it is conducive to that end.
    For me, it is the perfect size and weight to hold in one hand. I can comfortably read it while sitting in my favorite chair. It isn’t heavy or unwieldy enough to require being laid on a table or desk. It isn’t so small as to necessitate being held close. It is not a thick Bible, yet contains many references and some helps. It is not printed on such light paper that the pages curl up and blow around while you are trying to read. The pages are not a bright white. They are off white. Bright white pages tend to make my eyes strain during long durations of reading the word. The India paper is strong and opaque. There is approximately 7/16ths of an inch in the margins for note taking. The text is a nine point font that is printed appears pretty bold. The Concord is a double column verse format with pronunciations. It has the references in the center column. Even with the references, 128 page Bible Dictionary, Concordance, Glossary, and 15 color maps, the Concord maintains a thin profile without sacrificing paper quality. The pages are art gilded. An art gilded page edge compared to a gilded page edge looks a bit more attractive. It gives the page edges a red tint behind the gold color. Before they put the gold colored aluminum foil on the page edges they first coat them with a red ink. Then they apply the gold color gilding. When the Bible is closed the edges show gold, when the Bible is open you can see the red show through the gold. The binding, outside cover, and inside liner, make it supple and comfortable to hold. It is rigid enough to not flop around like some unlined Bibles do, while it maintains flexibility with its leather liner that is stitched to the outside cover edges with black thread. The Binding is a smyth-sewn binding done by Jongbloed in the Netherlands. They are famous for their quality work and history of Binding Bibles. Currently, most luxury Bibles are bound by Jongbloed. A sewn binding is a must in my opinion. If you hope to hand a Bible down to your children and for them to use it a sewn binding is the only option. With a sewn binding all of the pages are stacked in separate pamphlets called journals. These are then stacked and sewn to journal tapes or strings in the spine of the Bible as well as being sewn to each other. This is why you don’t have the front and back pages falling out of a sewn binding like you would with a glued binding where the pages are cut, then stacked, then rubber cemented together. Those pages are not connected to each other in any way. If you bend the spine in a glued Bible, eventually pages will start falling out. Not so with a sewn binding. If you take care of it and treat it with respect it will last and last. The other benefit of this binding is the functionality of it. The Concord lays flat right out of the box. The cover doesn’t flop up and get in the way. The covers can be rolled backwards and out of the way even. I wouldn’t do this as a practice, but that is how flexible this Bible is. This particular Bible is a red letter edition. That simply means that the words of Jesus are printed in red text, including places where He is quoted by the apostles. Some people find this to be a very helpful feature. The Concord has two black ribbon markers. They are good quality without being too thick. I have had some Bibles with thicker markers that actually imprint on the pages they are between. I have had other Bibles with markers that were so thin that they crinkled up and are almost useless. It is very unattractive to open the Bible up to crinkled pages or markers. The Concord has neither problem. The Bible ships in a clamshell type retail box. I would keep the Box for storage. This Bible is to supple to stand on its edge. It should be laid flat on a flat surface when not in use. There was a slight problem with the shipping. You can read about that here. Cambridge has assured me they are looking into this and it shouldn’t happen again. This Bible is as pretty close to being perfect for me as I have seen in a while. If Cambridge would produce this in an NASB I would be a bit closer to being fully satisfied. One of the other minor issues I have with this Bible is the font face itself. It needs to be updated. I noticed spots where some letters are not fully printed. I don’t know what causes this for certain and it isn’t a prevalent problem throughout the Bible. It is only really noticeable if you are scrutinizing it closely for review purposes. I do know that my NASB Cambridge Clarion does not have this problem. That being said, the Clarion is a bit too thick and a little too narrow. The dimensions are just off enough to make the Concord fit my hand better. The Clarion is excellent, don’t get me wrong. This is purely a personal size preference and completely subjective.
    Over all, I found the Concord to be a superlative Bible. It stands out from the mass produced Chinese and Korean Bibles as an example of what they should be aiming for.
    KJV Concord Reference Bible, Black Edge-Lined Goatskin Leather, Red Letter Text KJ566:XRE
    Black Goatskin Leather RCD266
    isbn: 9780521512978

  18. Philip Robins (verified owner)

    This Cambridge Concord is like finding a long lost friend. The type is clear and dark and of that customary Cambridge font that is so easy to read. The goatskin binding is buttery soft, flexible and of obvious high quality, much more so than the Schuyler Classic Reference goatskin (more stiff) that I also purchased (and reviewed.) My favorite current Bible has been an old split calfskin Cambridge Reference (red letter) that was starting to fall apart. This replacement seems like it will last me the rest of my life. It is just a tad bit smaller than my old Cambridge, but the layout is very familiar and of much higher quality and craftsmanship. Note taking will be cramped, but it was also cramped in my old Cambridge. I found the box from my old Cambridge and the receipt says I paid $94 for it back in 1998. This goatskin edition is worth more than twice that amount in my opinion. Just simply beautiful, readable (even for my poor eyesight) and red letter to boot! What more could I ask for? Look for my review on the wide margin Cambridge. It too is very high quality.

  19. Brian Cranford (verified owner)

    Just got my Bible today in the mail! WOW, This Bible is very Soft and it feels like its been used 10 years already! If you love Bibles like I do you will enjoy this Bible straight out of the Box. This Bible has no bad topics at all. It is Soft the Font is very clear and bold and the page paper quality is nice as well. you can’t see through the pages much at all. The 2 Ribbon markers are wide and long not skinny and short. The size is the best also! It is like a Mid Size Bible not a huge Bible that you have to leave home but you can feel good about carrying it anywhere! Its just a Great Bible and you will Love it! Red Letter Edition as well if you like that.

  20. Paul Esposito (verified owner)

    Hard to believe there are no reviews of the Cambridge Concord Reference Edition, Red Letter text.
    This is an awesome Bible! I feel that it’s much better than the Oxford Longprimer, which I also own. The reason I say that, is mainly 2 things:
    1. There are no annoying, misleading notes in the center column, telling me, “the best manuscripts say,” while demeaning my very own Bible! Imagine that!
    2. The center column references are much better in the Cambridge bibles. There are no distractions in the text, and the bold references are much more organized, cleaner, and easier to read.
    Also, as a matter of preference, I like the red letter text. Many do not, however. But I know that everyone who uses the KJV will appreciate it that the publishers don’t tell you that your Bible is faulty, like the Oxford publishers do (page 1080, 1084, 1206, 1209, and others). There’s nothing like a Cambridge Bible! Purchase this reference Bible, and you won’t be disappointed!

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