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Cambridge KJV Standard Text (Emerald) Bible, Black French Morocco – Black Letter

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Black French Morocco Leather cover
Ribbon marker and gold gilt
Page size: 5 1/4″ x 7 1/2″
8 pt. font with words of Christ in black
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The King James Version has been the most widely known and quoted version of the Bible for over three centuries. And the KJV Standard Text (Emerald) Edition is the Bible of choice for those occasions when you just want a well-made, good quality KJV text edition, with minimal extras.

This edition offers the text of the KJV in an exceptionally clear and readable type. Although the text is a generous size, the Bible is still a comfortable size and weight to carry. There is a glossary of fourteen pages to explain some of the lesser known words of seventeenth-century English, and a Bible-reading guide.

Features of this edition include:

  • Bible paper
  • black-letter text-easier for reading
  • Bible word list
  • reading plan
  • head and tail bands
  • sewn binding
  • ribbon marker
  • gilt edges

Page size: 5 1/4 x 7 1/2 inches (192 x 132 mm)
Page extent: 1,280 pp.
Spine width: 1 1/8 inches (22 mm)
Typography: 8 pt Antique Old Style No. 3

This is an excellent choice to take with you to your local church because of its size.  It is also a great Bible for those who want to read through the Bible without all of the ‘added’ references, notes, etc…

6 reviews for Cambridge KJV Standard Text (Emerald) Bible, Black French Morocco – Black Letter

  1. Sam Epley (verified owner)

    This is a very well made Bible, especially for the price! I received this exact Bible as a graduation present, and was extremely disappointed when it went missing at college. I’m thankful they sell it here; I got one to replace the one that went missing, and I love it! It’s great for reading and preaching and the perfect size to take anywhere!

  2. Robert (verified owner)

    I own a lot of high-end bibles from Schuyler and Allan, but this Emerald has become my favorite bible. It is the perfect size, with a beautiful font and no distracting references. I actually have grown fond of the cheaper morocco leather. As another reviewer said, it develops a character of its own that is very nice. Flexible but firm. The paper is more than acceptable, but I would pay much, much more to have this text block done up with premium opaque paper in edge-lined goatskin, even if that meant another half inch in thickness. But even with the paper that comes from Cambridge, this is bible is an excellent candidate for a nice custom rebind, and I may end up buying a few more just for that. But it is not far from perfect as is. 🙂

  3. Meagan Gamblin

    I have hadn’t this bible since 2003 when it was sent to me from a friend overseas. I was looking up it up because I didn’t know much about it. I have always loved this bible but unfortunately the leather cover became detached from the actual book set inside of it. This happened many many years ago, not long after i had t really. I should have it glued back together because to me, it’s a very nice feeling and good sized bible and I enjoy that there are no frills with it, just scripture. I love that. It’s an excellent bible and looking back I wonder if being in Texas in the heat of summer if I didn’t leave it out in the car sometime and it ruined the glue that held it together. It’s fixable.

  4. James J. Grimes

    I have had this Bible for two years and was using it in my hospital ministry until… I noticed errors in the text. I no longer have confidence in it. In light of this, the quality is good and I like the layout. BTW, I had emailed Cambridge about the errors, but they did not care enough to respond.

  5. Richard Hetke

    Ministering in a rural congregation I remember some farmers talking about their “Belarus” tractors as primitively put together tanks that kept on ticking. The KJV Cambridge Standard also has those “tank-like” qualities and is printed in…you guessed it… Belarus! Don’t let that fool you however–this is an overlooked gem in the Cambridge KJV catalogue. It’s affordable, durable, readable and yes, not as elegant as the printed in UK or Netherlands varieties, but it does the job well. The print is very bold, dark, although the paper feels a bit cheaper is a little less opaque and the pages are slightly stuck by the gold foil and have to be separated. The cover is typical of the modern Cambridge French Morocco–very stiff with a shiny sheen. Nonetheless, it is thin, it is portable it is very readable and feels sturdy. Honestly I’d take it over a French Morocco Concord simply because of price and portability. I like the bare-bones standard text with no distractions and the very helpful reading plan (the Mccheyne plan divided into two years) and extremely helpful “bible word list” explaining archaic King James vocab–words like “astonied” or “besom.” If you’re looking for a travel bible you don’t have to worry about that still retains much of the “Cambridge elegance” with a very readable font, this is your Bible.

  6. Jason Bollman

    4 stars on this one, keeping in mind that I am comparing it to other bibles in its class (obviously NOT a Longprimer etc). This is a nice working” bible I have used it in the pulpit several times and the print is fine for that. The pages are nicely laid out and the print is sharp and clear with minimal ghosting. An excellent choice for leaving at work or travel when a more expensive bible may be more trouble than its worth (camping road trips etc). With use the french morocco cover has developed a character of its own and I’ve grown quite fond of my “”cheap”” Cambridge this is an excellent choice for hard daily service.”” and use it often. The lack of a fifth star is due to a lack of maps. Although there is a great Bible Word List and Cambridge’s reading plan included in the back. Again – in it’s class”

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