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Cambridge NKJV Clarion Reference Bible, Black Calfsplit

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Black Calfsplit cover
Ribbon markers and gold gilt
Page size: 5.125″ x 7.125″ x 1.625″
8.75 font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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Cambridge Clarion Bibles bring together several attractive design features-readable print, single-column layout, and paragraph format-in a personal size Bible. The text runs right across the page, with the cross-references moved to the outer margin, to give the page a very well-laid-out appearance. The type size is just under 9 point with generous line spacing, making the Bible text extremely clear and readable. The Bible has 15 new color maps and a concordance. There are two ribbons to keep the place in different parts of the Bible. These Bibles are of the highest quality, printed on India paper, with black letter text, and Smyth-sewn for flexibility and endurance.

Dimensions 5.125 x 7.125 x 1.625 (131 mm x 180 mm x 40 mm)

11 reviews for Cambridge NKJV Clarion Reference Bible, Black Calfsplit

  1. councildave53 (verified owner)

    I just purchased a Cambridge Clarion NKJV Black calfsplit Bible.
    I could not be happier with satisfaction.

    I would like to say thank you to the ones who helped me select this bible with the limited resources this old man has. EB has done it again.
    The Bible is just the right size that can be picked up and carried around without being heavy and bundlesome.
    The print is very readable with space in between to make it comfortable to the eyes.
    I like also the single column that allows one to read just like reading any other book.
    I’m not as happy about the leather, although I realize you get what you pay for. But for the price, that is something I can live with.
    The Bible is well made and it will definitely last a lifetime.
    Besides, it’s what is on the inside, the Word of God, that matters the most.
    Thank you B. for your help. Thank you EB for making this bible available to me for such a reasonable price. I love it! Sincerely, Dave.

  2. Zoltan (verified owner)

    I consider this a perfectly implemented NKJV edition from a content perspective.
    – The preface introducing the translation philosophy is full and unedited.
    – The Special Abbreviations page which you need to fully understand the NKJV notes is actually included.
    – The full set of translator notes are included along with all the cross-references. These are conveniently placed as close to the relevant verse as possible. Joining notes and references is rare these days but it is great because you don’t have to look up the same verse in two separate places on the page.
    – The original NKJV concordance is included. 74 pages in total.
    The above is the list of the copyrighted material that Thomas Nelson owns but can’t seem to properly present in their own editions any more. They could really learn from Cambridge. Added to all this is a set of 15 maps produced by Oxford/Cambridge cartographers featuring a color-coded 8-page map index to help you with places.
    Now the physical characteristics. I went with the calf-split binding which is the most affordable paste-down version. It is printed and bound in the Netherlands. I contacted the publisher directly about the availability of the edge-lined goatskin edition but they said it was in “suspended animation” that they were hoping to re-introduce within the next couple of years dependent on erosion of stock of other styles and print schedule. That’s not what I wanted to hear but I don’t regret going with the calf-split. It is stiffer than the goatskin but this is a benefit to me because it can lay flat while held in one hand. We’ll see how durable the binding will be but it looks great.
    The paper is 28 gsm which is quite thin. The page curling others have reported is indeed noticeable but it doesn’t bother me. I just need to be careful with this paper. Ghosting is not bad. Line-matching really helps with that. Lexicon No.1 is a really good font and even the 8.75 point size is very readable. I don’t find it inferior to the Comfort Print font that 2K/Denmark produced for Thomas Nelson.
    This is the best NKJV implementation period. I think the late Arthur Farstad would be proud that their monumental 7-year translation project is presented in such a nice format.
    Big thanks to also for their responsiveness in email, quick delivery and for making premium Bibles more affordable.

  3. info9

    I should’ve listened better – the page curling is maddening and very distracting to me and did not stop after 2 days. I bought this to use as preaching and travel bible. But feel is waste of money. Too thick, just an inch taller and 1/4 wider would’ve made a perfect size (IMO) but the curling page catches any kind of breeze and there goes the page. And the creased pages from closing increase. Afraid I am going to tear a page with the constant pushing down to try and stop the curling. Had I not made a highlight I would return the Bible. Very disappiointed.

  4. Paul (verified owner)

    Update to previous review!!!!! Entire binding is coming apart now. I’m basically going to have to glue the book back together. Can’t Cambridge use better glue??????!!! This bible is still pretty new.

  5. Paul (verified owner)

    Well, this little bible is hard to put down! For what it is, it’s the best. The readability, paper, and portability along with build quality place it alone at the top. This one goes in my back pack for bike rides. It’s rugged!

    My pages curled at first, but I believe that it was due to the changing weather during transit. After 2 days it stopped.

    And, this bible feels good in the hand!!!!!! It opens wide and reads big! I just wish that there was a red art gilt on the calf split. I might not have had to also order the goatskin.

  6. Peter (verified owner)

    Just received my Clarion in calf-split leather binding. I already owned a Pitt Minion goat skin for travel use, but found that my eyes were straining to read it over long periods. I ordered the Clarion because I liked the idea of single column and was definitely in need of a larger font. The Clarion font is wonderful! it is very easy to read – exactly what I needed. The Calf Split, although not as nice as the Goatskin, is very good. The Bible came well packaged and sealed. The calf split was a little dry looking, so I put some leather polish on it and buffed it. Wow! now it looks just as nice as my goat skin Pitt Minion.

  7. Marcus Knight (verified owner)

    What a great bible this is. I’ve come to enjoy hand size bibles after reading from the TBS Windsor text KJV and I was looking for something similar in the Nkjv. The Bible is put together so well. The pages are thin but not too thin. I love the single column layout and the 8.75 font is perfect size even though I’m always straining my eyes to read by nature I am not a fan of large text.
    My criteria for spending $100 plus on a Bible were the following: 1) It had to be a carrying hand size 2) Nkjv and 3) The minimal amount of extra stuff as possible. I could have even went without cross references but they are on the side of the text which is perfect. I’ve really come to love smaller, clean text bibles with minimal extras that tend to clutter up the pages and the single column layout is perfect.
    I spent weeks examine all top line Nkjv options and I feel this was the perfect fit for my liking. This Biblr as far as I can tell will last a life time. I’m a Bible lover so I’ve been searching for the right one and this is the closest I’ve come.

  8. Erik Kulvinskas

    OK, I love this bible, The font is quite nice and I love the feel in the hand. The Calf-split leather is nice to the touch. Firmer than calf-skin but I expect it to break in well. I love the Clarion layout. The only thing I don’t like about the bible is the ‘page curl’. If I leave the Bible open, within about 5 minutes the first few pages on the right side of the Bible curl up. I’ve read this is because of the thinner paper they use. I love it anyway and look forward to reading this Bible version every morning. I look forward to teaching with it too.

  9. Jeffrey Mellema

    This is one of the nicest, most readable NKJV Bibles on the market, and more “budget friendly” than the other options (though I’d recommend the goat or calf if you can afford it). I won’t dance around things: this is one of the finest text blocks known to man. Ever since I first beheld the Clarion, I have hailed it as one of the best all-around Bibles available. There is no other single column reference Bible that can match it. To find out why, visit my detailed photo-review here:

  10. Gregory Cooke (verified owner)

    After quite a bit of contemplation and watching reviews of various NKJV Bibles, I decided to give the much-praised Cambridge Clarion a try. I was in the market for a NKJV Bible that would serve as a daily reading and devotional Bible, but wanted to make sure I didn’t get a clunker or something of inferior quality. Seeing the price difference between goatskin and the calf-split leather, I decided to save a few bucks and go with the calf-split. As soon as I opened this Bible (which arrived VERY quickly from!), I was extremely impressed. The calf-split leather isn’t floppy like the goatskin would be, but it is very attractive with a beautiful grain. The size and readability of the text was another quality that jumped out at me as I checked it out for the very first time. The printing is sharp, and the line matching really helps with the ghosting. The Bible fits very nicely into your hand, and could definitely serve as a “church Bible” if you so desired. (Plenty of room for underlining and small notes in the margins amidst the cross-references.) I know many people (myself included) balk at some of the prices of goatskin and calfskin Bibles. Granted, goatskin and calfskin are beautiful, but quite honestly, I am glad I “settled” on the calf-split leather. It is pleasant to the touch, thick, and it looks like it will protect the innards of the Bible for many, many years. It has already gotten more supple with daily use. All in all, I’d highly recommend the Calf-Split Cambridge Clarion, NKJV! For $100 and free shipping, you can’t go wrong!

  11. Brian R.

    This is an amazing bible. I love the color and the soft feel of the brown calfskin. The paper is thin and feels strong. It has a nice color of white. The paragraph format with line matching and the size of the font make this bible the most readable that I currently own. The width of each line is perfect. It’s very easy to read and not lose your place. I also love the references in the outer margin. That are very helpful to me because I really use them. Also because it’s the NKJV it notes differences in the manuscripts used for the KJV and later translations. I find those helpful. You will not regret purchasing this bible. If the NKJV is a version you read from I would not hesitate to recommend the Cambridge Clarion. I own it in the Nasb and now the NKJV. I would also like to mention that the size is perfect. It’s very easy to carry and read in bed. Oh and has outstanding service and they really care about helping their customers. John 3:30

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