Cambridge NKJV Clarion Reference Bible, Brown Calfskin

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Cambridge Clarion Bibles bring together several attractive design features-readable print, single-column layout, and paragraph format-in a personal size Bible. The text runs right across the page, with the cross-references moved to the outer margin, to give the page a very well-laid-out appearance. The type size is just under 9 point with generous line spacing, making the Bible text extremely clear and readable. The Bible has 15 new color maps and a concordance. There are two ribbons to keep the place in different parts of the Bible. These Bibles are of the highest quality, printed on India paper, with black letter text, and Smyth-sewn for flexibility and endurance. There is a range of superior binding styles: calf split leather, top-grain calfskin, and edge-lined goatskin.

Dimensions 5.125 x 7.125 x 1.625 (131 mm x 180 mm x 40 mm)

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8 reviews for Cambridge NKJV Clarion Reference Bible, Brown Calfskin

  1. Scott Fleming (verified owner)

    I am quite happy with this purchase. Not 100% but how often do we get everything we want? Being very new to the world of premium bound and printed bibles this Clarion suffers somewhat from my having purchased the full sized Quentel first. The Quentel is so marvelous that pretty much all that comes after suffers by comparison.

    I particularly like the size of the Clarion. It’s right. I am more than pleased as well with the single column format. It is a joy to read. The type face is so good that even these old eyes have no problem ( with reading glasses of course ) perusing the text over extended sessions. The crispness of the text and the perfect line matching helps as well. The paragraph orientation is pleasing. Some have disliked the placement of references. I find no problem there. Perhaps two or three millimeters more for the gutter margin would be an improvement.

    The paper is whiter than the Quentel. But still not ‘bright white’ and not garish or harsh to the eyes whatsoever. One of my small disappointments with the bible is the thinness of the paper. I understand why it is thin. Personally I would not have even noticed a slight thickening of the text block that the use of a thicker paper would have required. As it is I would have to call the bible somewhat ‘delicate’ and for my gnarled and clumsy fingers great care in page turning is required so as not to mar the corners, causing wrinkling or creasing. The paper does have a marvelous feel however. Perhaps slicker than the Quentel.

    My other small niggle is the calf skin cover. Don’t get me wrong. It is a very nice piece of hide well applied to the text block. The book in the hand feels substantial and well balanced. The calfskin is soft and supple but not flimsy. The bible comes off however as a bit plain. A distant third to the stitched edge lined goatskin of the Quentel. I knew I should have gone with the more expensive binding. But alas, it is a really nice bible. I like it a lot.

    One last bit of whining, both to Cambridge and Schuyler. Stop tucking the ribbons back into the text block for shipping. Just let them dangle. We can iron out any deformities. But we will never get the small page edge deformities caused by this practice out. I know I know, obsessive. I can’t help it.

  2. Rick Jefferds (verified owner)

    Received this Bible two weeks ago. There is much to like about the setting, the print, the feel, and overall quality. I agree fully with Thomas as to the purpose of this Bible. It is not, however, a good Bible for the pulpit. the paper is too thin and the pages do curl up on the edge.

  3. Corey (verified owner)

    This bible is great great size great feel great quality. Pages feel soft and easy lettering is perfect size for this size bible. I’m giving it 4stars bcuz there’s no red ink where Jesus “talked” other than that it’s a great quality bible

  4. Thomas Lane (verified owner)

    I received this Bible last week. The leather is soft and beautiful. The text is clear and legible. It’s become my favorite Bible. Perfect for for reading, studying and carrying around. If I could only own one Bible, this is it.

  5. Bob Snyder

    The Clarion from Cambridge is an example of modern Bible design done right. Here is a quote from the Cambridge website about the Clarion in NKJV;

    “A Cambridge Clarion edition represents an unusual and attractive combination of features – a very readable text in a paragraph style, with a single-column layout – all within a personal size reference Bible format. Here, the NKJV text is presented in a single column with the cross-references in the outer margin, giving the page a very well laid out appearance. The font size is a little under 9 point with generous line spacing. It is typeset in Lexicon No.1, a modern digital font which has many of the characteristics usually associated with traditional Bible typefaces – in particular, a degree of readability more usually associated with much larger type. The Bible has 15 new colour maps and a concordance. There are two ribbons to keep the place in different parts of the Bible. This is a Bible of the very highest quality, printed on India paper with art-gilt edges, Smyth-sewn for flexibility and endurance, and bound in brown calfskin leather”

    Chances are if you are considering the purchase of the Clarion NKJV Bible in brown calfskin, you have a list of desired attributes in mind; manageable size, legibility, quality sewn binding, beautiful and durable cover, and so on. The Clarion fits the niche almost perfectly in my opinion. It brings together many desirable features without sacrificing too much in the other areas of design. The Clarion is larger than the Cameo. It is definitely thicker. The thickness of the Clarion does make it a bit more to hold than the Cameo, but the font is so much more legible. The tradeoff is well worth it. Because of the thicker format the Clarion can use a larger font. It is a modern font, printed with modern technology making it very clear and sharp. The Cameo’s font was cleaned up, but still doesn’t compare to the font of the Clarion.

    Another wonderful attribute is that you can get the Clarion in different translations. Currently it is available in the New American Standard Bible (NASB), the English Standard Version (ESV), the King James Version (KJV), and the New King James Version (NKJV), which I am reviewing.

    So besides the size, font, and available modern translations, the Clarion also breaks in very well. I have been using an NASB Clarion in goatskin for my daily reading and it has become my standard for comparison. The NKJV in calfskin adds some rigidity to the cover. Instead of being edge lined and perimeter stitched with a very flexible material it uses a more common process of vinyl inner liners glued down to the outer cover. The added structure can be a pro to some and a con to others. In my opinion, if this Bible were thinner the stiffer cover would be a pro, but it is just a bit too thick. I can’t roll the cover all the way around like I can with the goatskin covered Clarion. It makes it a little less comfortable for me. The cameo gets the size right for this type of cover, but at the sacrifice of font size, line spacing, and line matching. These all have a tremendous effect on the ease of reading. If you are going to buy the Clarion, I’d suggest the goatskin. Of course this is just my opinion. Everyone has different sized hands and preferences. I suggest looking one over in the Christian book store, or getting your friend to let you borrow theirs for a few minutes. It is not a small investment for most people. Because of the quality of craftsmanship and materials used it will be with you for a long time. So it is important that you do your research before buying a lifetime companion like the Cambridge Clarion.

    This Bible is covered with a genuine calfskin cover in brown. It is very supple and soft. On the front of this Bible is hot stamped, “Holy Bible” in gold. The spine of the cover has, “Holy Bible” at the top, “New King James Version” immediately under that. At the bottom of the spine is, “Cambridge” in gold as well. There are modest hubs worked into the spine as well.

    The inner vinyl liners are black and glued neatly to the calfskin. The calfskin has been folded over and finished uniformly. The corners are all perfectly finished. There are two ribbon markers that are color matched to the cover. The ribbon markers are about a quarter inch wide.

    The page edges are art gilded. This gives them a distinctive look that you won’t find on less expensive Bibles. The paper is high quality opaque paper. It is slightly off white and contrasts with the black font nicely. The text is printed in a single column, paragraph format with line matching. Line matching is when the lines of text are printed in such a way so as to make the text on one side of the page directly opposite of the text on the other side of the page. This aids in legibility. The font is large enough to be easily read yet small enough to keep the size of the Clarion down. It is clearly, and uniformly printed. It has a useful concordance and the maps are printed on a heavier paper with a matte finish. The sewn binding is of the quality I’ve come to expect from Cambridge. The Clarion opens well and lays flat when opened.

    To sum up, the Clarion is an excellent Bible that fills a big niche in the Bible market. Many Christians are on the lookout for a Bible that travels well, is easy on the eyes while reading, and is well made. The Clarion fits the bill and is available in some great translations.

  6. Alan D Sharpe

    I ordered this model as a companion to my Clarion KJV. This model is primarily useful for reading, as the paper is too thin to turn pages in an effcient manner if speaking. The paragraph style is fine for simply reading.

    There is not noticeable ghosting on the pages, as the lines are “matched”. The paper is so thin that it curls immediately. The inking is consistent and the binding neat. (The paper of my Clarion KJV version does not curl). It could be that the paper is thinner than my KJV because it was printed some 2 years earlier and the paper is even thinner in the latest printings?

    Printing and binding in the Netherlands. Cambridge QC is excellent.

    Just as an aside, EB offers a NKJV under “Nelson” which is actually a Holman. It has 10pt bold print, the paper does not curl and the layout is the typical verse arrangement – not paragraph. It is a genuine bargain and the quality congtrol is very good, although inking on pages may vary from unit to unit.

  7. Brian R. (verified owner)

    This is an amazing bible. I love the color and the soft feel of the brown calfskin. The paper is thin and feels strong. It has a nice color of white. The paragraph format with line matching and the size of the font make this bible the most readable that I currently own. The width of each line is perfect. It’s very easy to read and not lose your place. I also love the references in the outer margin. That are very helpful to me because I really use them. Also because it’s the NKJV it notes differences in the manuscripts used for the KJV and later translations. I find those helpful. You will not regret purchasing this bible. If the NKJV is a version you read from I would not hesitate to recommend the Cambridge Clarion. I own it in the Nasb and now the NKJV. I would also like to mention that the size is perfect. It’s very easy to carry and read in bed. Oh and has outstanding service and they really care about helping their customers. John 3:30

  8. Randy Brown

    This is an amazing edition of the NKJV. It is an improvement over the previous Clarion editions with better maps and better paper. This one does not have curling edges. I highly recommend the NKJV Clarion and evangelicalBible.

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