Cambridge NRSV Reference Bible, Brown Edge-Lined Cowhide Leather Bible

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Brown Cowhide cover with leather lining
Ribbon markers and copper art gilt
Size: 237 x 183 x 45 mm
Cross references
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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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The Cambridge NRSV Reference Edition has established itself as an excellent Bible for study, with cross-references, maps and an extensive glossary. Using the original American text of the NRSV, the Bible text is attractively laid out, with generously sized type and line spacing. There are section headings and translators’ footnotes throughout. Previously only available in French Morocco leather, this Bible is bound in top-quality cowhide leather with art gilt-edges. It is edge-lined, resulting in exceptional suppleness and flexibility.
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  • The Bible is edge-lined and bound in top-grain cowhide.
  • It is fully sewn for flexibility.
  • Includes a range of study aids including 15 maps.
  • Dimensions: 237 x 183 x 45 mm

8 reviews for Cambridge NRSV Reference Bible, Brown Edge-Lined Cowhide Leather Bible

  1. Mark Holloway

    I really like this bible. The brown cowhide and the red ribbons, edge lined, line matched, glossary in the back is interesting especially if you look up miracles and parables. The glossary tells you the miracle or parable and where its located. Very helpful. And of course no one does maps like Cambridge. It was bound by L.E.G.O. which made me hesitant because years ago when they bound the ESV legacy bible they bound the block flat(straight), now every one I see looks like they’re pregnant, bowing outwards. But these have a gentle inward curve, very attractive. Well done.

  2. timwildsmith (verified owner)

    High-quality editions of the NRSV have been tough to find lately, so that makes this one stand out. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this cowhide leather, and it’s absolutely gorgeous as well extremely soft and flexible. The aesthetic touches are subtle and understated, but still lovely. This Bible is a great size and good for study (cross-references, maps, glossary). Overall, I’m very pleased with it!

  3. Judyth Hakala (verified owner)

    I have been searching for some time for a high quality NRSV and have come up empty handed until now. Cambridge has outdone itself with this cowhide edition! The cover is so soft and supple it’s hard to believe it’s not goatskin. It has a beautiful grain and even the liner has fantastic grain. The ribbons are so much nicer than other Cambridge bibles I own. Of course, the binding doesn’t mean much without a nice text block to go with it. This bible excels even here. Although the font isn’t real large, my aging eyes can still handle it due to the crisp type, line matching and slightly off-white non-glare paper. The Bible has a generous selection of maps (15) along with index whereas many bibles are skimpy in that department. It includes a very useful map index as well. Although it doesn’t have a concordance, I’m finding that I really like the glossary instead as it has definitions as well as a few related references for each word or name. The center column cross references are really nice as they simply indicate in bold type which verse they refer to and don’t clutter up the text with little symbols. There are small superscript letters in the text to indicate textual notes found at the bottom of the page. Although it’s not verse-by-verse, the first verse number in each paragraph is larger type making it easier to find your place. I am beyond happy with this wonderful Bible and highly recommend it for anyone who likes the NRSV.

  4. Brian Pate

    I have spent a month in this bible so far and can say that it has outperformed my expectations. The cover is very soft and luxurious and is a work of art. The paper feels wonderful and has very little bleed. The font is easy on the eyes and the spacing is perfect. The only other high-end bible that I own is an Omega Thinline and even though the font size is smaller on the Cambridge, it reads much clearer as the Omega feels too squished together both horizontally and in line spacing. The cover on this Cambridge is way softer than the goatskin Omega. The art gilt is probably the only downside to the bible as it is faint, but that is not a deterrent from buying one. I couldn’t imagine how anyone would be disappointed they bought this wonderful bible!

    I’ll also strongly consider anything printed and bound by LEGO after experiencing their work in this one.

    And lastly, Evangelical Bible did a great job in delivering on time both of the above bibles I purchased from them.

  5. josephamonahan (verified owner)

    ***Just a note to follow up on review: the exact page dimensions are approx. 8.2 inches long x 6 inches wide and thickness 1.3 inches.

  6. josephamonahan (verified owner)

    Beautiful Bible in every way. The print in this particular reference edition is easier to read than in an almost any other Bible (even much bigger ones). In this respect it beats the Allan edition. The leather is high quality and flexible (more “limp” than the Allan edition). It is also the perfect size for reading and carrying. Schuyler went too big and too small on the Quentels, with no “midsize” edition. This is an easily portable “mid-size” Bible. Overall, probably the best NRSV Bible on the market and a model Bible to use for other translations.

  7. Mark Aarstad (verified owner)

    At last! I’ve been combing the internet, looking for a high quality NRSV, and since R.L. Allan NRSVs in highland goatskin are nowhere to be found, it’s been an exasperating experience to say the least. As a long-time fan of Mark Bertrand’s Bible Design & Binding blog, my bar is pretty high…

    The text block is easiest to review — print is clear, line matching seems good, paper quality is superb. “Printed and bound in Italy by L.E.G.O.” The cover is just as the other reviewer claims: supple. The raised ribs/bands on the spine were a pleasant surprise. The stitching around the edge is flawless and provides a bit of a nice overhang that almost functions like a “semi-yapp.” The art gilt page edges (red under gold) play off nicely against the rose gold embossing on the cover and the deep rust marker ribbons. All in all, the Bible hints at a very well thought-out aesthetic.

    If I could’ve given the Bible 4.5 stars I would have because the end pages/hinges prevent the Bible from laying flat. I realize this is due to the ultra limp calfskin cover, but I did have the same calfskin cover on a Crossway ESV that still managed to lay flat. However, I rounded up to 5 stars because the staff at Evangelical Bible did expedite my shipping after some minor confusion on my initial order – well done!

    If you’re looking for a high end NRSV, go ahead and order this – you’ll be extremely pleased. Now if we could just get someone like Cambridge or R.L. Allan to do a single column reference NRSV with left-justified verses, not paragraph, in goatskin… (a man can dream!)

  8. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I just received this bible today. It is beautifully made. The cowhide is very supple. I wanted a nice NRSV bible just for the joy of reading it. I find this translation uncomplicated in the way it presents God’s word and therefore find myself relaxed when reading instead of rereading sentences for their meaning. For my bible study I generally use the KJV or NASB. This review is basically for those who were wondering as I was if this bible was well made with what I hoped to be a beautiful brown cowhide leather; be assured it is. For other details of this bible, just read the description on this page.

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