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Cambridge NRSV Reference with Apocrypha Bible, Black French Morocco

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The New Revised Standard Version is an ecumenical translation of the Bible, produced with the involvement of Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant and Jewish scholars. Launched in 1989, it is also one of the most accurate and authoritative translations of the Bible available.

Cambridge’s NRSV Reference Edition includes the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books. It also offers the comprehensive cross-references that serious readers require, a full glossary, and fifteen maps. The Bible pages have gilt edges and are bound in handsome French Morocco leather with two ribbon markers and a presentation page.
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Features of this edition include:

Bible paper
black-letter text
To the Reader by Bruce Metzger
15 color maps and gazeteer
presentation page
head and tail bands
sewn binding
two ribbon markers
gilt edges

Page size: 6.25″  x 8. 25″  (156 mm x 210 mm)
Page extent: 1,500 pp.
Spine width: 1.25″ (32 mm)
Typography: 9 pt Swift

5 reviews for Cambridge NRSV Reference with Apocrypha Bible, Black French Morocco

  1. William P.

    Hello ‘everyone’… …!

    I ‘am looking’ at all of ‘the reviews’ for ‘the CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS line’ of ‘NEW REVISED STANDARD VERSION [NRSV] Reference Edition Bibles’…those w/o the Books of the Apocrypha…and those with the Books of the Apocrypha included. My copy of this ‘outstanding typesetting’ of the NRSV (…which I have owned since December, 2020…) is the edition which includes the Apocrypha and is ‘edge-lined & bound in burgundy goatskin leather’. As is the edition bound in ‘black French Morraco leather’…this edition too is currently ‘out of stock’ from Hopefully…that will not indefinitely ‘be the case’ with either edition.

    This typesetting…no ‘ifs’…no ‘ands’…no ‘buts’…is truly magnificent, and possibly it may be the best ever ‘reference edition’ of the NRSV […with ‘Apocrpha’ included…] made available…no matter ‘what the materials’ the bindings consist of.

    Of all the ‘bibles’ in my collection…this one from CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS is in ‘my humble opinion’ the ‘crown jewel’…!

    (Although…for ‘comparison purposes’…in all honesty ‘the lecturn edition’ in my collection of the NRSV with illuminated illustrations ‘from the VATICAN LIBRARY’ published in 1995 by ‘OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS & TURNER PUBLISHING, INC.’ [ISBN 1-57036-158-4] is a ‘mighty awesome’ edition of the NRSV also. And I might add…it too does ‘include’ the Books of the Apocrypha.)

    So…when ‘the black French Morocco leather’ edition is once more ‘readily available’ and ‘in stock’ from…you can ‘bet your booties’ I am going to order ‘my copy ASAP…!!!

    Blessings… …!!!

  2. Rev.Terrence P McGillicuddy

    Was disappointed in the leather quality of this Bible. It’s thin and just not a great edification of quality. Personally, I’ve come to appreciate the Allen quality more than Cambridge, yet getting a Allen NRSV is very difficult to obtain lately.

  3. Alan Chapman (verified owner)

    This is very nice bible. No, it’s not a highland goatskin Allan, but it is a very nice, very well put together Bible with good paper and excellent readability. I wanted a quality Bible that simply had the Old Testament, New Testament and Apocrypha all in one and had references, but was not a huge study Bible because I wanted to be able to take it with me when I traveled. This is it. In fact, in a high quality Bible containing the Apocrypha this may be the only one available. Thank you, Cambridge, for putting it together.

  4. william ziegler (verified owner)

    I guess I was spoiled by Cambridge’s Wide margin Bible in calfskin leather. The leather in one word is cheap. It is extremely thin. Smelled good though. I just needed an NRSV Bible with the Apocryphal books and I chose this one. The text block looked good. However the paper was off white and the small print just doesn’t get it. My Cambridge wide margin is nice and white and the font is more readable. It will service my purpose but for the price I would look elsewhere if I was to order another NRSV. Evangelical Bible is my source of what I buy and the service is excellent. Like the other comment said it is hard to find a good selection of the NRSV Bible.

  5. F J Brown

    This is perhaps the best quality NRSV Bible available currently. The type is very clear and readable. Ghosting is not a major issue in this version, even though the paper is thin. I like the fact that it’s not a red letter edition, this makes for easier reading in my opinion. The Apocrypha is a nice addition that is not commonly found and was one of the reasons I chose this particular Bible as I wanted to do a study of the Apocryphical books, as well as having another version as a compareson reference.

    The biggest issue I have with this Bible, and this is not a major problem by any means, is the cover. It is French Morocco leather, it’s rather thin compared to Cambridge’s Gostskin offerings and is very stiff. Still, I think it is a good binding that should last a long time.

    Overall, I think this is about as good as it gets in an NRSV. There’s not a lot of really high quaility choices in this version, particularly ones that include the Apocrypha. It’s a Cambridge, it has Symth Sewen binding, it’s leather (though not the best quality) and it has two rather wide thick ribbon markers. I would recommend this Bible to anyone who is looking for a quality NRSV Bible.

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