Crossway ESV Heirloom Legacy Bible Exclusive Edition (Goatskin, Forest Green)

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Final Copy – Box is punctured and damaged on top. 

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Final Copy – Box is punctured and damaged on top. 

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Mark Bertrand Review

The ESV Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible is a special edition of the original ESV Single Column Legacy Bible. Based on the Renaissance ideal of a perfect page, the Single Column Legacy Bible features a simple, clear layout with generous margins.

As with Crossway’s other Heirloom Bibles, the Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible is printed and bound by Jongbloed in the Netherlands and features high-quality European Bible paper, art gilding, three ribbon markers, and an extra-smooth sewn binding. This exclusive edition is available in green, purple, and blue goatskin covers. The Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible is a fine edition that combines elegant design with the best production materials available.

  •     Black letter text
  •     9 pt. font
  •     28 gsm
  •     Single-column, paragraph format
  •     Concordance
  •     Art gilding (red under gold)
  •     Three gold ribbon markers
  •     Leather lined in dark brown
  •     Sewn binding
  •     Raised hubs on the spine
  •     Sample .pdf of interior

7 reviews for Crossway ESV Heirloom Legacy Bible Exclusive Edition (Goatskin, Forest Green)

  1. Jose Fernandez (verified owner)

    Let me start off by saying I love this Bible – however, I am quite disappointed with the craftsmanship. I was excited to purchase an ESV Legacy by Royal Joengblood (I own the China edition thinline) as well as a Schuyler. The textblock along the gold edge is misaligned on one side so it overlaps beyond the gold foil and the edge lined paper/card stock was not glued together properly.These are probably one-off variances – I understand each Bible is hand made and has different characteristics but these details should be addressed in a Bible of this quality.

  2. Stephen (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this Bible – everything about it. I had an older Heirloom Legacy edition and it was my favorite bible to read from. I am a big fan of the single-column text and minimalist presentation. The goatskin on this bible is superb and the green is a fantastic color. Crossway has done a great job on this bible and I’m glad evangelicalbible offered the exclusive color. Also, I would like to commend evangelicalbible for their quick service. I placed my order on a Friday and it arrived on my door Monday afternoon. Not only that, but the box was packed to sufficiently protect the bible in shipping. Evangelicalbible offers great products at great prices rendered by great service. I will now only purchase bibles from them.

  3. Johney (verified owner)

    This is a truly top notch Bible. Great materials, craftsmanship and gorgeous layout. For someone looking for a lifetime reading Bible in the ESV I don’t think you could any better for the money. And i also can’t think of anyone better to buy a Bbile from than Evangelical Bible.

  4. antcaputi978 (verified owner)

    Awesome bible, the Goatskin on this one is nice and supple, the single column layout with the wide margins makes this easy to read and write in. If you are looking for a quality single column Goatskin Bible look no further.

  5. nsmzed (verified owner)

    When Mark Bertrand says a Bible is fantastic, you just go with it!

  6. Steve Robenalt (verified owner)

    A friend of mine blessed me with this fine Heirloom Legacy Bible. He purchased one for each of us. I’m not a big fan of black covers and have always enjoyed brown instead. But I’m very happy I went with the green goatskin on this one. It doesn’t jump out at you looking for attention. The green is a perfect shade with a rich warm tone that is very classy. The goatskin leather is soft, but you can tell it will endure many years of use. My son just suggested I could pass it on to him some day. I wasn’t sure about how the brown leather lining would come off when looking on line, but I’m glad that is what was selected because it works very well together and fits my outdoorsman, Boy Scout leader love for greens in the woods. The ribbons in three shades of gold also complement this color well.

    Next, the paper is just amazingly smooth, easy to turn, and best of all – I don’t get the glare off the pages while reading at my desk. This has been a big problem at my age with other bible papers commonly used now. I turn on my desk light and then find myself adjusting my bible around the desk for the best position where I don’t get the shinny glare making the text harder to read. This paper with the crisp clear print produces a very nice mat finish making it easy on the eyes to read in any setting, especially at my desk with light on while studying. While this text setting doesn’t use cross references for an uncluttered reading experience, I’m very happy that it does keep a concordance and maps. Even though I have software for referencing and researching passages I still find myself wanting to flip to the back to look for a passage. Or like this morning, look at the maps in the back for a quick scan of location Jesus was in.

    As far as the binding goes, it is excellent. It lays open flat in Genesis 1 due to the changes with the hinge. It is also very flexible, doesn’t feel too heavy in one hand, and is thinner than my original Legacy.

  7. ann mcmahon (verified owner)

    What a lovely Bible. The goatskin is soft and very supple, 3 nice ribbons of different shades of gold, very nice calfskin liner and the Bible opens very well, almost completely flat. The green w/ brown liner is a very nice classy color combo which gives this great reader a facelift from the ordinary brown or black. The text is clean, easy to read, and very clear. No references at all making it a superb reader. A very nice clear concordance that is not too full, making it easy to navigate through. I also find that this Bible is easy to hold in hand due to it’s thin profile and while floppy, not overbearing with it’s wing span when open. A must for any fan of the ESV.

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