Crossway ESV Heirloom Legacy Bible Exclusive Edition (Goatskin, Royal Purple)

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The ESV Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible is a special edition of the original ESV Single Column Legacy Bible. Based on the Renaissance ideal of a perfect page, the Single Column Legacy Bible features a simple, clear layout with generous margins.

As with Crossway’s other Heirloom Bibles, the Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible is printed and bound by Jongbloed in the Netherlands and features high-quality European Bible paper, art gilding, three ribbon markers, and an extra-smooth sewn binding. This exclusive edition is available in green, purple, and blue goatskin covers. The Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible is a fine edition that combines elegant design with the best production materials available.

  •     Black letter text
  •     9 pt. font
  •     28 gsm
  •     Single-column, paragraph format
  •     Concordance
  •     Art gilding (red under gold)
  •     Three ribbon markers (Plum)
  •     Leather lined in dark purple
  •     Sewn binding
  •     Raised hubs on the spine
  •     Sample .pdf of interior

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5 reviews for Crossway ESV Heirloom Legacy Bible Exclusive Edition (Goatskin, Royal Purple)

  1. samro9178 (verified owner)

    I purchased this Bible back in November of 2018 and am now writing a review. It is a fantastic Bible! The quality is superb! The leather cover is a bit grainier and less floppy compared to a Schuyler or a Thomas Nelson/Zondervan. The pages are very smooth. What I really like about this Bible is the single column layout, the line matching, and the wide margins. It just looks so clean and very readable. The purple is a deep, darker purple color that reminds me of royalty (very fitting for a premium Bible). I highly recommend this Bible!

  2. JP (verified owner)

    I spent a lot of time looking at different bibles before buying this one and I am so pleased with the purchase. I’ve had it for a little under a month and find myself reaching for it all the time, which was the hope when I bought it. I knew I wanted a leather bible that would last forever but I wasn’t sure what people had in mind when they talked about quality and durability of a thousand page book with super thin pages. Now I know. The pages, though thin, have not creased or torn in the slightest, even when quickly running back and forth between passages. For context, the last two bibles I’ve owned which were around $20-$60 all had torn pages and torn dog ears in the first week. I just assumed that was normal. It’s clear this bible is built to last. I find the font size perfect and easily legible. The leather feels and smells so wonderful. Finally, I am so pleased I went with purple. It is such a deep, rich color and it has so many variations depending on the light. I was sure I wanted a standard, classic, black bible but when I saw the color options here I was intrigued but also wasn’t sure if I would like it for myself. My brother in law passed away last year and he had covered his beloved cheap bible with purple duct tape when it started to fall apart. His faith and eventual death is what brought me back to exploring my own faith, so it seemed only fitting that I got myself a purple bible to remember him by.

  3. Jeffrey J Jourdonais (verified owner)

    The Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible in purple goatskin I received today is perhaps the finest premium Bible I have ever owned. The binding is sumptuous, I still cannot get over how beautiful the purple goatskin is. It is reminiscent of Allan’s limited edition purple ESV from a few years ago. This goatskin is every bit as good as the Highland goatskin Allan uses, and the grain on the one I received is the most uniform of any goatskin cover I’ve ever owned. The lining, a dark red leather is very nice as well. I like the single column reader bibles such as this, they are great to just sit down and read. I am very impressed with the work that Crossway has done with this one. I would love to see another done perhaps with a wee bit bigger font and red letter edition, which would make it absolutely perfect.

  4. smith938 (verified owner)

    this is a pretty Bible – soft flexible cover, beautiful cover. I agree with the previous review about the redundancy of the logo- it looks pretty having all the gold on the spine but they put ESV, the ESV logo, then spell out English Standard Version – no doubt what you’re picking up but the front is plain – no writing at all. I almost rated a 4 because of the thin pages. I’m not sure how well they’ll hold up but I”ll have to use it more to see! what bugs me most is that I can see through. it’s a little annoying in the Psalms but hopefully I’ll adjust. The books that don’t break up into smaller lines it’s fine- no problem at all . I think it’s line matched maybe? can’t remember! but Genesis and the other books that don’t have sections like the Psalms seem fine. and honestly right now ESV isn’t my favorite translation for the Psalms – I love KJV and NKJV and MEV for those.
    overall a beautiful Bible. I almost didn’t consider Crossway because I’m not wild about their Bibles that are found in the bookstores that are so stiff. This one is a beautiful Bible! very nice size and PLENTY of room for writing notes. I bought this one mainly because of the space for notes (my other ESV doesn’t have this kind of margin space) and the beautiful color! will have to be careful of the pen I use..or may use pencil

  5. Patricia (verified owner)

    I eagerly waited for this bible on pre-order and it was so worth the wait. Such a beauty! The leather, textblock and art gilding are perfection for the price. My only negative feedback if you want to call it that, would be to Crossway about the stamping on the spine. The redundancy of the ESV logo is a bit cluttered for my taste as I prefer a cleaner aesthetic. But this in no way takes away from my love and appreciation for this bible. If you like the ESV translation, get this while you can, its gorgeous!!!

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