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About the ESV Pastor’s Bible – PDF of the Interior

A pastor depends on the wisdom of Scripture for all aspects of ministry. What truths can be relied upon in seasons of celebration and in those of sorrow? What does the Bible have to say to us about marriage, sickness, and death? The ESV Pastor’s Bible was designed to help pastors draw wisdom from God’s Word for specific situations requiring pastoral care, such as baptisms, weddings, hospital visits, or funerals. In the front matter, back matter, and throughout the text, the Pastor’s Bible contains articles written by pastors offering practical help for crafting a sermon, planning a special service, leading congregational prayer, conducting premarital counseling, visiting the sick, and resolving conflict within the church. Compiled under the guidance of seasoned pastors R. Kent Hughes and Douglas Sean O’Donnell, this substantial but portable edition is a great all-in-one resource for the on-the-ground pastor.


• Double-column, paragraph format
• 2 daily Bible reading plans
• 40+ contributions from experienced pastors
• Smyth-sewn binding


Page Count: 1,360
Trim Size: 6.0 in x 9.0 in
Weight: 34.51 ounces
Published: February 28, 2017
Type Size: 9.0
Page Layout: Double Column
Additional Features: Sewn Binding
Lifetime Guarantee
Gilded edges
Words of Christ Black

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2 reviews for Crossway ESV Pastor’s Bible, Genuine Leather Black

  1. Matty

    I just received Crossway’s ESV Pastor’s Bible in Genuine Leather in the mail from Crossway to review it.

    Crossway designed an elegant and simple two-piece box that the bible came in. It’s simple, minimalist in design and rather nice. It has “ESV Pastor’s Bible” printed on the front and a survey of information about the contents of the bible printed on the back. It would be suitable for carrying the bible around in if you wanted to protect it or keep it from getting beat up everywhere you went.

    This is a black genuine leather cover. What this means is that it is pigskin that has been treated with a black exterior. For what I understand, pigskin, after being tanned is more of a grey color. So Crossway covered it in a nice matte black finish that still exposes parts of the original grain. They used to make genuine leather covers that had a fully pressed grain and had a shiny black finish on it. These felt a little stiffer out of the box and didn’t always break in very quickly. This new style of genuine leather, however, makes it feel more supple (as supple as pigskin can get) and also gives it a nice texture. I like it more than the trutone imitation leather personally.
    The spine has “ESV Pastor’s Bible,” “English Standard Version” and Crossway’s name and logo printed down it. It looks very elegant and I really like the minimalist approach. Crossway, in the past as had “Holy Bible,” “ESV,” the ESV Logo, “English Standard Version,” and Crossway’s name and Logo on the spine. It’s a lot all on the spine to be printed. But for the Pastor’s bible, it’s pretty nice to have it look so clean and simple.
    The cover is held to the text block with a synthetic paste down liner to match the cover. I have always preferred these to the paper liners that a lot of publishers will bind the covers of their bibles with. I’m a bender when it comes to bibles and I love to roll them up as I hold them. It gives me something to do with my hands while I talk. These synthetic liners always seem to hold up really well to any kind of heavy use compared to the paper liners that rip fairly quickly.

    Text Block:
    One thing that I have loved about Crossway’s bibles is that they have two signatures (paper folded and sown together to create little booklets) of thicker paper in beginning and end of the bible that connect the liner to the text block. These signatures just take a lot of weight and stress off the thin bible paper. I can’t tell you how many other bibles I have had (even nicer editions) where the paper connecting the inner liner and the first page of bible paper rips and leaves the cover hanging on by a thin layer of fabric or threads. Some of the best advice that can be given in taking care of a bible is to not fold the bible in half while you read it. It ends up destroying the text block. Crossway’s Pastor’s bible features this normative design, which, along with the genuine leather and the synthetic liner, should allow this bible to last for a long time.
    The text block is smyth-sown, meaning all the pages are made into little booklets (called signatures) and sown together to make a very durable book where the pages won’t fall out. This is pretty normative of Crossway’s bibles. The sown text block has some black and yellow headbands to decorate and two black ribbon markers. I like to add some extra just because they can be helpful if you follow a reading plan that has more than one reading a day while also giving you some markers to use for other things like teaching.
    In terms of the paper, it feels really similar to Crossway’s ESV thinline bibles. Their paper is around 30 gms (a measurement of the density of the paper which often translates to thickness and show through). It feels nice and smooth to me and feels very usable. It doesn’t feel like it will rip like tissue paper, but its definitely not as thick as some of the journaling bible paper or wide margin bible paper. It doesn’t feel like there is any coating on it, so it’s a matte white with a hint of cream to it, which makes the paper nice for reading so you don’t get any glare from light.
    Lastly, the text block is gold-gilded, meaning it has the gold foil on the page edges. It’s nice and pretty standard.

    The typography is great. It’s a nice black bold font. There isn’t any of Christ’s words in red, which is all preference, but personally, I’ve always found the red printing in bibles to be either off or inconsistent in color, which makes it hard to read. The leading (spaces between the lines) is also generous which adds to the readability of the 9 point font. There is no concordance or maps in the back.
    For some people, whether or not a bible has line matching (where the line on the front of a page matches with the back of the page) is a make or break. This bible does not have line matching. From what I have come to understand, is that bibles that employ line matching actually have a higher page count because of the added space in poetry stanzas or when poetic spacing is put into prose. I generally haven’t used bibles with line matching mostly because I have loved Crossway’s ESV thinline’s layout for reading and reference and Zondervan’s NIV thinline reference, both of which don’t use line matching. The font is dark enough, large enough, spaced enough and the paper is thick enough where it didn’t bother me after reading from several areas.
    Now, what makes this bible the “Pastor’s Bible” as compared to another bible is the simple features and articles it contains. It has 40 mini-articles spread throughout the bible and 40+ resources in the front before Genesis, between the testaments, and after Revelation. The placement of the mini- articles and the featured resources are all placed out of the way and aren’t distracting. That is my favorite part of this bible beside the obvious (you know, being God’s word in all). Most bibles with extras place them in the text in places that make reading hard or distracting. That is why I have never been able to read from a study bible. They typically put pictures and stuff where the text should be, the notes are always in the way, etc. This bible feels like it was designed for extended reading, teaching, and reference.

    Resource articles:

    In the front (encouragement and call to ministry)
    • Introduction to the Pastor’s bible
    • Disciplines of a Godly Pastor
    • The Bible’s use in preaching and public worship
    • Four part reading plan
    • Sequential reading plan
    • Preface to the ESV
    In the middle (liturgies)
    • Invocations
    • Prayers of confession
    • Announcements of Assurance
    • Historical Christian Creeds (Apostle’s, Nicene, and various scriptural creeds in the bible)
    • Liturgy for baby dedication
    • Liturgy for infant baptism
    • Liturgy for believer’s baptism
    • Communion (one liturgy that views communion more as ordinance, and another that views it sacramental in the reformed view)
    • Wedding Service (2 sample wedding liturgies, complete text of two wedding homilies)
    • Funeral Service (liturgy and 2 complete funeral homilies, one for believer another for child)
    • Graveside service
    • Benedictions (includes two from Old Testament and many from the New Testiment)
    At the end (encouragement and wisdom)
    • Evangelist (gives a step by step presentation of the gospel)
    • Worship Leader (including Sunday worship service, singing and music, and public prayers)
    • Shepherd (Church discipline, Premarital counseling, Weddings, Funerals, Pastoral Counseling, and Hospital Visitation)

    Mini-in text-articles (connected to the texts they are placed by in the text. Only about a quarter to half page in length.)
    • Dip your pen into your hearts
    • A call to the ministry
    • The great danger of great privilege
    • Strange fire
    • Family worship
    • Becoming a friend of sinners
    • The minister’s fainting fits
    • Neglecting the Word
    • Pray for your pastor
    • Teach, teach, teach
    • Scripture-saturated
    • Expounding the Pure Word
    • Exercise of Pastoral Care
    • Wedding Sermon Excerpt
    • Setting the Example
    • Pathos in Preaching
    • True, Prevailing Prayer
    • The missionary experience
    • Strong in the Lord
    • Curse on the Clergy
    • The Necessity of Holiness
    • A meditation before Approaching the Lord’s Supper
    • Evangelistic Sermons
    • The Pastor’s knowledge
    • The primacy of Preaching
    • The need of the preacher
    • Why gather to worship?
    • Closing words
    • Personal exertion
    • Redeem the time
    • Funeral sermon excerpt
    • Make it clear
    • Key words in pastoral care
    • Cultivate personal discipling relationships
    • The minister’s self-watch
    • Training the next generation
    • Grace be with you all
    • Praying with Paul (and Calvin!)
    • Aaron
    • Praying for the Sick
    • The prayer’s Priorities
    • Face to face and pen to paper
    • The gospel value of godly friends
    • Give your people God!

    Closing Remarks:
    Now, I think it does need to be said. This bible really is a great resource and tool for the working pastor. I would even say that elders should be encouraged to get this bible because of the helpful resources in them and the similar call that elders have to pastors. Also, Crossway and their helps material seem to be directed towards the reformed community. many of the resources in this bible are directed that way and the liturgies give both reformed Baptist and Presbyterian/reformed Anglican liturgies that can be used. I think that a wise pastor who is not reformed can still use this (if you have a mid to high church setting, you can definitely use this!). I am really grateful that Crossway so graciously provided this bible for this review and I’m excited to use it and see how it holds up and how useful the helps really are over time. I would recommend this bible to any pastor who is looking for a helpful and useful resource.

  2. Alvin Lam (verified owner)

    Got this Bible almost a year ago along with ESV Heirloom wide margin. Not pleased with it. Don’t find it reader-friendly. Certainly don’t feel comfortable taking up to pulpit to preach from it cos I find it hard to quickly find the verse when I need to. The highlighter pen tends to smudge the ink of the print – same pen doesn’t cause any problem to ALL my other bibles including the ESV Heirloom WM. Consequently, almost never use it. The reference materials might come in handy but apart from that, not user-friendly.

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