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Crossway ESV Reader’s Bible, Six-Volume Set with Chapter and Verse Numbers, Goatskin over Board

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ESV Reader’s Bible, Six-Volume Set With Chapter and Verse Numbers
Goatskin over Board with Walnut Slipcase

The ESV Reader’s Bible, Six-Volume Set: With Chapter and Verse Numbers is produced with materials and formatting that provide a unique reading experience fitting for God’s holy Word. Printed on high-quality book paper with a smyth-sewn binding and packaged in an elegant slipcase, this edition features single-column text typeset like a novel, with verse and chapter numbers laid out in a subtle and unobtrusive way.
Perfect for use with Bible reading plans, personal Bible reading, or family devotions, this edition invites the reader to slow down and delight in the beauty of God’s Word.

Ribbon markers in each volume
High-quality book paper
Divided into six volumes: Pentateuch, Historical Books, Poetry, Prophets, Gospels & Acts, and Epistles & Revelation
Smyth-sewn binding
Single-column format
Packaging: Slipcase

Format: Goatskin
Trim Size: 5.25 in x 7.75 in
Type Size:12
Additional Features:
Large Print
Words of Christ Black

6 reviews for Crossway ESV Reader’s Bible, Six-Volume Set with Chapter and Verse Numbers, Goatskin over Board

  1. Mike

    I am writing this review to reinforce the positive reviews already offered. The one negative review is ill-conceived, because it presupposes that this version is meant to be an everyday, all-purpose Bible. To the contrary, it is meant for a very specific purpose and use, and a very important one. I am a 35-year pastor and PhD student. I know my Hebrew and Greek, and pride myself on my exegetical skills. In my judgment, what most Christians lack in their ability to interpret Scripture is a grasp of its whole sweep. The primary rule of Scripture interpretation is that Scripture is its own best interpreter. One simply cannot bring the whole of Scripture to bear on an individual passage if one is not substantially familiar with all of the Bible. Furthermore, as the discipline of biblical theology has become more prevalent, more Christians are aware of the importance of understanding Scripture in light of the history of redemption and the relation of any individual passage to that history. All that having been said, it is difficult to imagine a better tool than this ESV version to enable and promote the reading and digestion of large swaths of Scripture. Even progressive plans to read through the Bible in 1-3 years usually involve about three chapters at a time. This version encourages and makes natural and simple taking in much more than that at one sitting, without becoming tired or distracted by footnotes, headings, and the like. One can read a Pauline epistle as it was originally meant to be read: in one sitting as a whole letter. One can see a bird’s eye view of the thrust of a whole book and discern its purpose for oneself, then understand each part in light of this purpose. As another reviewer mentioned, it is not meant to replace a portable Bible or a study Bible; those have their important places as well. But for becoming quickly and delightfully acquainted with the whole of Scripture, or of a particular book or section of Scripture, it is invaluable. Such a work does not need art gilding. But in every other respect the quality of this product is in line with any premium Bible. I look forward to handing this wonderful tool down to my children and grandchildren; it will certainly last that long and longer. Bravo, Crossway! Well done.

  2. drcarlosrios

    I received this Bible a few weeks ago, and I am so happy I purchased it. The quality is great, the paper is thick and easy to read, with a pleasant color, and its size is perfect.

  3. JC

    I’ve had this set several years and it’s a wonderfully unique and beautiful 6-volume ESV Bible! I don’t understand the negative review, and I’m picky. I don’t have the best eyesight and the type is very easy for me to read. It has very generous line spacing (“leading”) and the print seems darker than the print in my Quentels. I wish a photo of the pages were shown. It was printed in Italy. These volumes read just like a high quality “regular” book; book paper (not “Bible paper”), very nice spacing and layout, leather covered hardbacks with one red ribbon in each volume. (Art gilting would look strange on this thick 80 gsm book paper so it’s good it doesn’t have any.) The walnut slipcase is beautiful. This set is designed for ease of reading in hand, and it is truly easier to read lengthy passages with its “regular” book format with no interruptions in the text. (A less expensive version is available that is fabric over hardback but is the same inside.) I’ve never seen anything comparable to these and I highly recommend it. When using it I’m always surprised at how much I’ve read. The text just flows. Please note: The set pictured looks identical to the one I have. I think there was only one version of text block for these sets, and the one I have does not have chapter and verse numbers on each page. (Is that a mistake in the description, or were there different text blocks after all?) There is an index of chapter numbers and page numbers in the back.

  4. dietz04 (verified owner)

    This is an amazing format for reading and consuming large portions of scripture in long sittings. The pages are thick (80 gsm or so) and the print is large making reading easy. The size is smaller than a typical Bible and they feel wonderful in the hand. They are extremely well crafted. Fantastic product!

  5. Youssef Ramses Atteya (verified owner)

    Strangely presented as 12 pt font. It is much smaller than the Quintile 11 point Milo font !!! And much fainter.
    Even the book size itself is small for a six set Bible; the size is 5.25” x7.75” compared to the Schuyler 6.1”x9.13” Paper edges are plain white. No Art-Gilt edging neither color nor Gold! No references and verse Numbers are very small for comfort; you have to really look for them if you wanted to know the verse you need to find. I found it very strange this is advertised first as a premium Bible and second as being different from the other item by being including chapter and verse Numbers. These disadvantages add up to make this item very expensive. Price does not match quality.
    The one points review are for the goat skin and walnut case but they are not why I or anyone would buy this Bible for.

  6. Brandon M (verified owner)

    Not a regular (single volume) Bible replacement, but a great supplement for deep Bible reading. This format forces you to actually read the text before rushing to dissect it in interpretation—a discipline most of us don’t have because we’re so used to Study Bibles (which are helpful in their own way but do end up distracting us from immersing in the Text itself). A great investment if you understand it’s limited but much-needed use.

    Text is surprisingly small for a 12 pt font, in my opinion. Definitely not tiny, but not as large of a font as I hoped it would be.

    Verse numbers are very small and don’t interfere at all with concentrated reading (a concern I had before purchasing).

    This set with the goatskin covers and walnut case is beautiful but pricey—having the potential to be passed down as an heirloom to future generations.

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