Crossway ESV Heirloom Bible, Omega Edition, Black Goatskin

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The ESV Heirloom Bible, Omega Edition combines elegance with readability. Manufactured with the finest materials, this Bible is printed and bound with unparalleled craftsmanship by Royal Jongbloed in the Netherlands. Its features include a premium leather cover with a generous overhang to protect the pages, high-quality European Bible paper, art gilding, and 4 ribbon markers. This edition uses a large font size for an easy reading experience and includes footnotes and cross-references located at the bottom of each page. Guaranteed to last a lifetime, the ESV Heirloom Bible, Omega Edition is a treasure for anyone who values God’s Word.

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  • 6.125” x 9.125”
  • Bible text: 10.5-point Lexicon type
  • Cross-references: 5.8-point Trade Gothic LT Std type
  • Black-letter text
  • Concordance and table of weights and measures
  • 8 pages of color maps
  • More than 80,000 cross-references
  • High-quality Bible paper
  • Art gilding
  • 4 ribbon markers
  • Extra-smooth Smyth-sewn binding
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Packaging: Two-piece box

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Weight 4 lbs

48 reviews for Crossway ESV Heirloom Bible, Omega Edition, Black Goatskin

  1. Chris Lueken (verified owner)

    After posting the previous review, I discovered that the outside page that is glued to the black vinyl was torn right where the glue was at. I figured overtime, this would cause me a problem so I returned it. I will also add that there was glue come out from the spine onto the bookmarks which was a little annoying but not a deal killer.

    Upon shipping the Bible back, EVBible quickly refunded shipping up to $5.50 per their policy and shipped me another Bible.
    1) The goatskin on this one is not to the same uniform quality as the previous Bible or Schuyler, but is not a deal breaker. Hard to explain, but it just looks like the goat that they got the hide from has been messing around in thorny bushes with little cuts here and there and more character to the hide as well. There is more character to this hide, so perhaps many would find this better. This doesn’t result in a lesser star.
    2) Their was also glue residue in several places on front cover. I was able to remove this and it looks fine now.
    3) My disappointment is that the printing press managed to press permanent wrinkles in all the pages from Mark 10 through around Acts 10. It is annoying in about 20 pages of Mark but starts to just be a little issue in the remainder. It isn’t enough to justify shipping the Bible back for a replacement. I don’t have this is any of my other premium Bibles, so will just chalk this up to random chance.
    4) Another thing that is annoying is how they did the corners in the goatskin cover. It seems the common practice is to cut the corners so that they can press it down flat which normally looks nicer than the folding method. Most of the time, there is a slight overlap so you don’t even see the cuts. With this Bible (and I might add another Schuyler Bible that I own), the cuts are clearly visible and a slight eyesore. There is even a slight gap in several of the cuts. This is not what the previous Omega looked like, nor my Crossway goatskin ESV Study Bible, nor 2 other Schuyler Bibles. This is not a deal killer either as the Bible will perform its job very well and I look forward to using it. I was just hoping for something better at the price. I am sure this is better than what you would get from the Chinese version of the Omega.

    Thank you EVBible for working with me!

  2. Chris Lueken (verified owner)

    There are so many positive reviews that mine doesn’t really add much, but felt the need to express some thoughts to others who may be doing similar research.

    I immediately opened this Bible to find imperfections and the only thing I could find is excess glue where the ribbons connect to spine. It is a little annoying, but not worth dropping a star. Everything else is fantastic and as “advertised”. I didn’t need this Bible as I have the ESV Quentel in regular and personal size. I only got this because Crossway moved production to China and I got nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get this kind of Bible again. I really wanted a true “thinline” that is not made in China.

    Now for my “personal opinion” comparing this to the Schuyler.
    1. I prefer other than the typical black or brown colors just because they stand out, but this is just personal preference. Schuyler has some amazing color choices. My Slate with dark red liner is coming next week and I can’t wait to hold it in my hands.
    2. The ribbons are much thinner and stacked which is odd but I think that is to avoid clutter at the spine and I am okay with it. They are thin, but still good ribbons. With the Schuyler, you get amazing thick and very long ribbons which is more of an artistic choice I think.
    3. The paper and binding is the same as the Schuyler..all fantastic. I will add though that many people will tell you that the ghosting of 28gsm paper is not much different than 36gsm and I will have to disagree. I have a 36gsm Schuyler and there is much less ghosting than this Omega. Not only can I see the print from the other side of the same page, but I can also see the print from the previous page. It isn’t HUGE as everything is line-matched, but it is noticeable.
    4. I enjoy looking at the red chapter & page numbers and sub headings of the Schuyler over the “everything printed in black” of the Omega.
    5. I love the layout of the Omega for functionality much more than the Schuyler. The 10-pt font is GREAT. The spacing is GREAT. I am not one for cross-refs so love how the Omega put them in the corner in really small font as a “use it if you want” approach. This allows the Omega to be a remarkable 1/4″ thinner (measuring the outside spine) than the new 28gsm Quentel. The footnotes (which I do value) are in larger font and readable.

    In summary, The regular-size Quentel is still the “master piece” of a gem and a beauty of a read. However, this Omega did what I thought was impossible and created a work-horse that still incorporates everything you expect in a “real” premium Bible. I now have to decide which Bible between the personal size Quentel and this Omega, I am going to take to Sunday service with me. I feel like I have a different Bible for every possible scenario now…lol

  3. Dean O’Dwyer (verified owner)

    Amazing. Just beautiful .
    Iv had both the China printed omega and this netherlands printed omega. This one is superior to the China one by far. You can tell the second your hand touches the leather to take it out of the box, and it’s even thinner. 5 stars , thinking about getting a second one before they sell out as a backup. Def can see this being my “One” for life.

  4. Levi Thomas (verified owner)

    Solid Bible. I would not consider it a “premium Bible”. Attention to detail was not there.

  5. Steve Dickey

    This is the 3rd or 4th purchase I’ve made from the fine folks at Evangelical Bible. I’ve purchased a Schuyler to teach from, and now this Omega. As a confessing perfectionist which is code for being a 24K sinner, I have high standards for everything. UGH. The folks at EB are so patient with perfectionists! The Bibles you buy from these guys are wonderful! I thought I loved my Schuyler but this Omega tops that. It’s a Thinline so it fits easily into a pack or briefcase for travelling. The print is very readable for these 62-year-old eyes. I love the fact that the inside shell is lined with leather. Bound in the Netherlands like a Schuyler or Allan. I loved this Bible so muchthat I ordered another Omega, this time in brown, for my wife as a gift on our 40th wedding anniversary and she loves it. Men, buy this Bible and while you’re at it get one for your wife, even if it isn’t your anniversary. Thanks, Evangelical Bible.

  6. krhodey (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with my purchase!
    The quality of goatskin is great and required no break in for me, I can fold the Bible in half with one hand closed and comfortably hold open fold with one hand which is a huge plus to me.
    I think the double column makes 10pt font makes for a smooth read. I do appreciate the ref column in the middle that you can find in the Allan, I find that the ref. at the bottom is quite small. However moving to a smaller text to make room for the center ref. is a greater loss to me. I’m okay with the half inch margin because I don’t plan on writing in my bible, just simple mapping of the text. Four beautiful ribbons make bible reading plans easier and preparing yourself for cross referencing when studying or evangelizing.
    I love the size and weight however more overlap would serve to protect the gilding.
    I think the Allan is a bit more expensive but would be worth it if these things are deal breakers for you. The Omega 80th is up there on the list for top of the line ESV bibles and I would recommend this bible to anyone.
    This bible warms my heart when I go to nourish my soul in Gods word. Thank you Evangelical Bible you are recommended by me as the best resource for quality bibles and more.

  7. Bill (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing, this is my second bible. It’s an amazing upgrade from the $11 NASB edition I was using. Everything is top notch, easily readable, quality leather and the size is perfect to carry on the go.

  8. conradehlers (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning, and amazing quality

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