Crossway ESV Heirloom Legacy Bible (Goatskin, Brown)

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The ESV Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible is a special edition of the original ESV Single Column Legacy Bible. Based on the Renaissance ideal of a perfect page, the Single Column Legacy Bible features a simple, clear layout with generous margins.

As with Crossway’s other Heirloom Bibles, the Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible is printed and bound by Jongbloed in the Netherlands and features high-quality European paper, art gilding, four ribbon markers, and an extra-smooth sewn binding. It is available in black and brown goatskin covers. The Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible is a fine edition that combines elegant design with the best production materials available.

  •     Black letter text
  •     Single-column, paragraph format
  •     Concordance
  •     Art gilding
  •     Four ribbon markers (Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, and Beige)
  •     Sewn binding
  •     Sample .pdf of interior 

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9 reviews for Crossway ESV Heirloom Legacy Bible (Goatskin, Brown)

  1. Jeffrey Mellema

    No Bible comes so close to checking all my “boxes” as this one. Single-column, readable layout and typesetting, beautifully crafted, leather-lined, all the bells and whistles (except for the sub-par ribbons : ) …And the deep brown is darker than any brown Bible I’ve seen. Some may lament the choice of 28GSM paper, but hold your horses and check out my review before you write this one off. It is simply fantastic.

    See my full review with photos here:

    Here’s the conclusion from my review:
    “When I began writing this review, I was on the fence regarding single column options. After the analysis, comparisons, and photo-shoot, I think I have fallen from the fence on the side of the Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible. Sure, some Bibles do certain things better. But taking readability, materials, binding quality, and aesthetics all into consideration together, this one takes the cake. Are you getting the picture? In case you’re not, allow me to remind you that I’m quite picky and I have handled nearly every premium ESV on the market, and never have I held a nicer Bible than this. And at the price point, you can’t go wrong! Tolle lege! (“take up and read”).”

  2. Adam Andris (verified owner)

    First off, let me say that a review is long overdue if for no other reason than I have probably purchased 15 or 20 Bibles from and their service is first rate. Always a fast turnaround on shipping, items well packed and always willing to assist with questions or returns (if needed).

    Now to the product. Hats off to Crossway for listening to customer feedback and getting into the high quality bindings (i.e. leather linings, art gilt edges, multiple ribbons etc…). I have wanted a Legacy edition for quite some time and held off as I figured at some point, once the Omega was released, that Crossway would give the Legacy a makeover as well. I am certainly glad I waited. A beautiful Bible. Great craftsmanship. The goatskin leather is supple and flexible. The full leather lining in lieu of synthetic is a definite plus. The art gilt edges are done well and I love the 4 ribbons as my reading plan necessitates them.

    The most important part, the text itself, is well done indeed. Love the single column setting. Print is very dark and clear, line matching is executed well and most of all, I am thrilled with how quotations from the Old Testament in the New are indented and set apart so they are easy to identify as well as dialogue amongst different speakers in the narrative portions. This is certainly a “reading” Bible so for those who seek study helps like extensive cross references etc…this edition may disappoint but in this Bible reader’s opinion, it is a trade off that is well worth it.

    If you love the ESV, buy this. You will not be disappointed.

  3. David Taylor Jr

    The Heirloom Legacy Brown Goatskin edition of the ESV is magnificent. From the layout of the Legacy edition, to the feel of the goatskin leather, everything about this Bible screams QUALITY!

    I would have given the Bible 5 stars. However, it does not lay flat as the hinges are extremely stiff.

  4. Peter (verified owner)

    This is quite possibly the most beautiful Bible I have ever seen!

    Every Bible in some sense is a trade off, but Crossway has found a balance in the Heirloom Legacy Bible that I have not seen matched anywhere else. Most importantly, the design of the Bible draws your attention to the actual words in Scripture. It has actually changed (for the better) the way I read the Bible because the headings are pushed off to the sides and there aren’t cross-reference markings all over the text. I am free from distractions and clutter to simply focus on the Word of God, which is something I personally need because I get easily distracted and sidetracked.

    The leather and craftsmanship of this Bible are excellent! And the size of the Bible seems just right. You can feel it in your hand, not like some wimpy little thin-line Bible, but it is not at all large or bulky or difficult to carry. For me it seems to be just right.

    This Bible has all of the quality of a Cambridge, Schuyler, or Allan Bible (except maybe for the slightly more narrow ribbon markers) at a very reasonable price. If you are looking for a non-reference Bible, you simply cannot do better than this one!

  5. Danny Thursby (verified owner)

    I have been eyeing this bible since it was first released and finally gained the will to purchase one a few months ago. I have multiple Bibles that I use for different task but the ESV Legacy Heirloom is my preimum bible of choice because of two key factors.

    The text layout is beautiful! Crossway calls it the “renaissance ideal of a perfect page” and I happen to agree. The page promotes ease of reading which makes it a wonderful Bible to use for regular use at home and at church. I have found it promotes reading the text during the sermon as well as being a great Bible for use in public scripture reading.

    The Heirloom Legacy will be just that, a Bible that last a lifetime. I wanted a quality Bible that would be comfortable to use, lay flat, and be around for a long time. Crossway did well on delivering. Barring I don’t loose it, this should be something I can pass down to my kids.

    All things considered, this is a fantastic premium quality Bible with a beautiful readable layout at a good price. Especially when you can catch it on sale. This was my second purchase with and it will not be my last. They provide superb products with even better service. This site is my go to for premium Bible purchases.

  6. Brian Hough (verified owner)

    This Bible is so great, but is hardly useable due to how thin the paper is, getting around it is so frustrating that I went back to my calfskin ESV reference bible. The paper in the cheaper standard version is much better. So close to being a really great Bible, but just too thin of paper.

  7. Andrew Hall

    This Bible oozes quality! For years I wanted to buy a Legacy after my friend bought one, but then I found out the top-grain leather edition was out of print. I finally purchased an Heirloom Legacy. No detail has been overlooked. I get the feeling this Bible was made to last for decades–a true heirloom.

    The goatskin cover has a fantastic, thick feel and grain. It is flexible, and the semi-yapp overhang protects the pages. All my other Bibles feel “naked” now without this yapp. I am a little concerned that the gold stamping on the spine won’t be durable, as after just a few days of handling the circular ESV logo is starting to wear off. The way this leather is folded over the liner and perimeter stitched tells me it is made to last. This Bible features edge lining rather than a paste-down liner. While this makes it a bit stiffer at the ends of the Bible, it should improve durability and ease up with use.

    The bookmarks are gorgeous. I never knew bookmarks could add so much class and elegance. I like that it has four ribbons because many Bible-in-one-year programs have four daily readings. This layout is perfect for extended reading, so I like this. I can almost read this Bible too quickly!

    The text layout is a slight improvement over the older Legacy, in that the text is moved slightly out of the gutter. This increases the interior margin a little so that the text doesn’t curl downward into the gutter. All the text is located on the “flat” portion of the page, improving readability. It does, however, slightly reduce the outer margin for notetaking space by about 1/8 of an inch.

    The binding is very flexible, and this Bible lays very flat. I never knew that pages could feel smooth and effortless to turn until I used this Bible. (Or, rather, I never knew other papers were rough and hard to turn until I compared it to this.)

    The paper is my real qualm. I wanted the Legacy for reading and for notetaking. The wide margins and single-column layout make it a Bible that can be used for both extended reading and in-depth study. While I like the ivory color paper with the copper/salmon art gilding–it’s beautiful, and accents the brown leather beautifully–there is just enough more show-through even with the line matching, that it’s a bit distracting. Under certain lighting conditions–either very bright or very dim, especially if the light hits the page at an angle–the ghosting is almost imperceptible. But maybe with the ivory paper versus the whiter, thicker paper of the older Legacy, the text just doesn’t “pop” crisply off the page. I am really disheartened by this and so I’m only giving it 4 stars. I fear that this thinner, silkier paper may not hold up to notetaking (I use mechanical pencils) or will show through too much, so I’m actually returning this Bible and purchased a top-grain leather edition instead. One benefit to the thinner paper is that it makes this Bible a little thinner overall, almost to a size that can easily be carried around.

    I bought a top grain leather Legacy at a LifeWay store (Baltimore has 8 in stock). While the whiter, thicker paper is definitely easier to read and probably better for notetaking, the overall quality difference is really noticeable. The top grain is still a good Bible, but it’s no Heirloom. For a high-quality reader’s edition that will last forever, the Heirloom Legacy really cannot be topped. Just plain gorgeous to read and to hold. If it had the thicker, whiter paper it would be unstoppable.

  8. Mike Barber (verified owner)

    I think this is the most beautiful bible layout I’ve ever seen. It is really, really elegant. I like compact bibles, and this one isn’t. But it’s not huge either. If you generally read with your bible in your lap or on your desk this would be tough to beat. I like a smaller bible for carrying.

  9. robokray (verified owner)

    This is an incredibly nice bible everything exudes a premium feel. The one thing I subtracted a star for is that while it is not “stiff” pre se, when compared to my Lambskin from […]it’s “stiffer”. In other words you need to have a significant number of pages open to get the from cover to stay down. I’m assuming it has to do with the liner. Otherwise, floppy in a good way. The addition of a real leather line would have put this right up there with the best of the best. Not sure why they cut corners. On sale, this is a pretty good deal. At full price, I’d look at the big 3.

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