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Lockman NASB 1995 Side-Column Wide Margin Reference Bible, Black Calfskin

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Black Calfskin cover
Ribbon markers and gold gilt
Page size: 6-1/2″ x 9-1/4″ x 1-3/8″
11 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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NASB Side-Column Reference Wide Margin, Black Calfskin – Click Here for photos.

Description: With over 95,000 cross-references you can enhance your daily reading. This Bible features a single column of Bible text making reading smooth and steady.

Full Column Cross References
Wide Margin
Verse Format
Black Letter
Single Column Text
Trim Size of Paper: 6-1/2″ x 9-1/4″ x 1-3/8″
Font Point Size: 11
Blank Margin: 1″


16 reviews for Lockman NASB 1995 Side-Column Wide Margin Reference Bible, Black Calfskin

  1. Lorne Loudin (verified owner)

    Beware of binding. When I first purchased I gave a glowing review . But later asked to remove my review. My bible kept pulling away from the leather cover. I would’ve returned it but already had notes and reinforced with tape. Had I not taped it it would’ve been covered. I’m hoping lockman is aware of this issue and will correct it. I ended up retiring this bible within a few months of owning it.

  2. John Mo (verified owner)

    Side-column reference format is the most legible and clean looking of all text blocks in my opinion. The calfskin is pleasantly supple and although some may not like it due to its relative thinness, I actually do. It also adds that the binding is robust, allaying any fear of the text block detaching from the leather cover. The only negative would be that it is printed in China as one would have expected Lockman to have their Bibles printed in any free nation. Nevertheless the NASB is highly regarded for its literal accuracy and none better than to buy it from Lockman Foundations. Of my preferred three translations, in order of ascending preference, I think the ESV looks best in brown buffalo leather from Crossway, NASB in black calfskin from Lockman and KJV in blue goatskin from Cambridge. Thus when I saw that Lockman is still availing the NASB 95 in black calfskin, I didn’t think twice in getting it.

  3. Maxey R Hansen (verified owner)

    I have owned many Bibles over the last forty years, but this one is by far the best, the size is perfect, the font size is comfortable to read, and it also lays open nicely, the workmanship is second to none, overall the Bible is superb, I would highly recommend.Thank you foundation publishing .

  4. Ron (verified owner)

    Evangelical Bible is great to deal with for purchases. I requested a 2018 printing of this bible as the paper is thicker than the 2013 edition Lockman/Foundation did. They double checked it for me and made sure I received an ’18. I’m pretty sure all their current stock is 2018.
    The bible is great and had no issues with the binding or cover. The cover is soft and nice with great flexibility. The side column reference is a great layout. No issues with this one at all.

  5. Kyle

    I love the leather. The verse by verse layout is ideal. The format is good. The paper is of only middling quality. The binding those is quite poor. Mine came with a corner that was not glued down. It has not degraded though. Today, 3 months into ownership, the leather is peeling away from from the pasteboard. Very sad. I am hoping I can return it for a different bible but we shall see.
    I concur with A L Hickman’s review: this bible should be printed and bound by Jongbloed.

  6. William Anderson

    I purchased the side-reference wide margin Bible. I love this layout with the wide margins for note-taking. I am however returning this Bible, it came with a mildly chemical-like odor, that I just can’t get pass. I can’t read it for long because of the odor. I don’t know what to say. I am sad that I could receive a Bible with this type of problem. I will return it to and purchase this Bible somewhere else. I have purchased other bibles here and I love them. This has been a let down.

  7. A L Hickman (verified owner)

    This is the best layout of the best translation. It features average printing on average paper. It is assembled with glue from inferior horses. If ever a bible cried out to be printed and bound by Jongbloed, this is it. If ever a bible could be said to be a waste of money. this is it.

  8. Rowland Parks (verified owner)

    I like this bible. It is a big, full size bible with some weight to it. The cover is soft calfskin. The cover is very supple. I think it is more nicely done than Crossway’s calfskin bible (but not their premium goatskins). The thick pages just inside the covers (not sure what these are called) are thick, stiff, and robust. The book block is smyth sewn. The bible flops right open and stays on any page. The paper is rather thicmk, white, and the black print is crisp and even. It is a very, very nicely done book block by any measure. The gilding is thick gold with no color underneath. The edges of the book block are sanded so there is no waviness in the gilding that you can see in cheaper bibles when the light hits it right. The text is single column – verse by verse. Yes, this is a single column, verse-by-verse bible. All in all, it is a great value and if you are looking for a NASB this one should be high on the list.

  9. Joshua (verified owner)


    If you’re interested in this translation and layout I suggest getting the Genuine Leather edition instead of the Calfskin.

    The Calfskin is beautiful and soft, but the way it is bound looks quite shoddy and unfitting for such nice leather. It has edge-lined binding just like other high end Bibles (Allan, Schuyler, Cambridge) but it is incredibly loose, like the leather is ready to fall off. The tabs of the edge-lined binding don’t match all the way to the top of the text block, creating such a wide gap at each end of the spine that it looks like it was bound incorrectly. I originally returned my first copy and got a replacement only to find they all look like this; the huge gaps are somehow intentional.

    Also, regarding the cover being loose, there’s a much wider gap in the spine (between the cover and the text block) than I’m used to seeing in well bound Bibles. In the pictures it looks like the cover nicely follows the pages when the Bible is closed; this isn’t the case at all. Even closed there is a rather large gap at the spine.

    Does a loose fitting cover affect durability? I don’t know. But it looks cheap.

    The Genuine Leather edition, however, is exactly how it looks in the pictures. It (like the Imitation Leather edition) uses a paste-off binding instead of the edge-binding and executes it wonderfully. The leather feels great — far better than I’d expect for a Bible under $40. And it has a nice, snug fit and it lays open from beginning to end.

  10. J. Campbell (verified owner)

    When I first saw this calfskin Bible, I thought it was beautiful, and it is. The single column verse format with side column references and large print has excellent readability, although the overall size of the volume is definitely larger than my ideal. The calfskin cover, while extremely supple and smooth, is also extremely thin–actually, “flimsy” comes to mind. On this large text block, I’m not sure how durable it will prove. I haven’t used it much as I can’t decide whether to give it to someone with larger hands or not. This Bible has nice features, and its biggest positive is probably its very, very readable format. I’d say its biggest negative is the extremely thin cover. In hindsight, one of the other less expensive Lockman editions of this Bible that are offered in synthetic or genuine leather covers would probably be a better value.

    I must note that this exact text block is (or was) also available in an Allan Bible, but at Allan prices, you’d think the text block would be printed in the Netherlands, not in China.

  11. J. Campbell (verified owner)

    This is a handsome Bible with a very supple cover and larger type size. It is a large personal Bible, but the single column verse format has excellent readability. It would be 5 stars for readability, but the calfskin cover is very thin and actually feels flimsy, and perhaps not sturdily attached to the text block. I’m not sure how durable the binding will prove to be with such a thin cover on a volume this size. This edition has some good features, and the Chinese printing and paper seem about average to me. (Surprisingly, this same Chinese text block is used by Allan, at Allan prices.) Its very thin cover is the biggest negative. The genuine leather edition would probably be a better value, offering the same readability. The calfskin edition at about $100 seems a bit pricey for what you get. This is a good edition that needs a more substantial cover.

  12. Bob Snyder

    Review of the Lockman Foundation NASB Side-Column Reference Wide Margin
    “Wow, this is something special!” was my first reaction when unboxing the NASB Side-Column Reference Wide Margin. It was delivered in a cardboard box packed with paper. Inside, I found the Bible in its retail packaging. The retail box it is packaged in should be saved to store this very supple Bible. I opened up the box to find a black fabric envelope containing the Bible. It had kind of a velour feel to it, but without the elasticity. It is probably a polyester frocked woven material. (I e-mailed Lockman Foundation to find out) I was surprised when I opened it and took the Bible out of it. The leather was so soft to the touch. I thought, “For a Chinese bound Bible this is a really great cover.” Then I thought, “For a Chinese bound Bible? For any Bible this is an outstanding cover.” I have a, “Cambridge Clarion NASB Bible” bound in black goatskin leather. It sells for about $199.00 on
    NASB Clarion Reference, Goatskin, black on
    Well the cover on this Bible is just as soft and supple. The Lockman Foundation sells for about $100.00 less than the Cambridge.
    NASB Side-Column Reference Wide Margin on
    The texture of the cover begs for the Bible to picked up and read. The inside cover is calfskin as well. It smelled the way a leather Bible should smell. Some value Bibles smell like paint, adhesives, or just have a chemical smell to them. There is gilding on the spine and page edges. (I don’t know if it is real gold leaf or not. I e-mailed Lockman Foundation to find out.) There are two ribbon markers to help you keep your place in both the Old and New Testaments. I found myself taking care and treating this Bible with respect due to the quality cover and its flexibility. The smyth-sewn binding seemed different than the European smyth-sewn bindings in how the cover is connected to the Bible,(again I e-mailed Lockman Foundation to find out) but it was loose enough so that the Bible lay flat, and the pages were not puckered or wrinkled in the gutter. They were all trimmed with no dog-eared pages. I can’t say that of the more costly Bibles I have. So even though this Bible is made in China, I wouldn’t hesitate in suggesting it to someone looking for a premium Bible without paying $250.00 for an R.L. Allan or a Schuyler. The paper and the page gilding might not be up to the level of a $250.00 Bible, but then again they are superior to the Bibles in its price range and market niche. The transparency of the pages is a little too transparent so there is some ghosting. It isn’t any more than Bibles in it’s same category, but it isn’t as good as say an ESV with line matching. The page trim size is six and a half inches wide by nine and a quarter inches long. It is about one and a half inches thick. The pages are laid out in a single column, verse by verse format. I realize that many people find this hinders the continuity while reading, but I count it as a positive. It helps me to find a verse in a hurry. I don’t have to read through a paragraph looking for the verse. I have some paragraph format Bibles and I am biased towards the verse format. It is a black text only edition. If you’re one of the folks who like the words of Christ in red you are out of luck. Fortunately I don’t mind either way so in that regard I’m easy to please. There are 95,000 cross-references on the outside edges of the text. The cross-references are so helpful when following a word or theme through the Bible. Generous room for note-taking is available in the one inch margins. This edition replaces a previous edition that had half inch margins. Even though the Bible is full size, its weight doesn’t seem as noticeable while reading. I believe this is due to the flexibility of the Bible’s binding, and the eleven point font. When I lay it on my lap while sitting in my recliner I can easily read the text. I don’t have to hold it up to my eyes, or fight with a cover that keeps flipping through the pages like a Bible with a bonded leather cover. The concordance in the back is a useful feature. I don’t know if you are like me, but every once in a while I get curious to see where else a specific word is used by God in His progressive revelation. I want to see what He has said about it in other places, at other times, to other people. The concordance gives you a quick way to do a simple word study. Just remember to apply good hermeneutics in an exegetical exposition of God’s word kids!
    Just a note about the New American Standard Bible in comparison to many of the other versions today with a few exceptions, the NASB copyright is owned by Lockman Foundation. They do this to maintain the text so that it isn’t corrupted by people looking to make a buck. As of late the big Bible publishers have been bought by people more concerned with money rather than the purity of the word. Zondervan and Thomas Nelson are owned by Harper Collins. The debacle that was the TNIV was a direct result of trying to make the Bible more gender neutral. This was to make the word of God seem less offensive to women in my opinion. Well, needless to say when you start twisting the Bible around some people take note. The SBC and the Lutherans weren’t fooled when Zondervan dropped the, “T” from the TNIV and stopped printing the NIV to exclusively print their very bad translation. Thomas Nelson didn’t fare much better. They have always been the home of the NKJV or New King James Version, but hey! Why not make a completely evil version called the, “Voice?” I along with many other people still can’t get over people actually embracing this mess. So it makes me exceedingly joyful to find Lockman Foundation being loyal to God and working to keep the NASB from being perverted. I also appreciate Crossway for doing the same with the ESV and public domain for the Authorized KJV. God keeps His word from being lost.
    When I hear back from Lockman I will add the information That I had e-mailed them about.
    ISBN: 1581351607
    ISBN-13: 9781581351606
    This Bible was provided free of charge by Lockman Foundation for the purpose of a product review. I am not obligated to give a positive review.

  13. william ziegler

    This Bible has a full leather cover and I went over it with a fine tooth comb. It rates a five star. It had a misprint on the cover so I got it cheaper. But the Bible deserves a 5 star. I checked out the cover on the area where another buyer had trouble. I didn’t see a problem with this one. Looks like I got a good bargain. Love the single column reference. Text block seemed flawless. Easy to read text that my old eyeballs need help on. Thanks Lockman you renewed my faith on your products quality. If they fail to correct problems Evangelical does. Thanks for that also.

  14. MICHAEL MCCOY (verified owner)

    An update to my previous review. After less than two weeks of use, the binding on the inside covers began to tear. Foundation Publications gave me no satisfaction, but evangelical bible is taking care of my dissatisfaction presently. I think that Lockman better look at their binding quality if they’re going to charge $100. for their Bibles. I’ll stick with Cambridge from now on.

  15. MICHAEL MCCOY (verified owner)

    Awesome Bible! I bought this, and the Lockman Reference Bible. BEAUTIFUL. Excellent leather, binding, and readability. Quality throughout. I think these are some of the best Bibles out there- well worth the price. Thank you Lockman Foundation for such a beautiful Bible to read God’s Word.

  16. Robert Richardson

    Excellent bible!!……I purchased this bible along with #1255 NASB……..Very easy to read plus a great supple binding. It compares very favorably with my Allen and Cambridge goatskins!! A great value!!

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