Schuyler Canterbury KJV Dark Purple Goatskin Bible

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Dark Purple Natural Grain Goatskin, Wine Leather Liner, 3 Purple Ribbon Markers ~ pictures here.

The Canterbury Edition Specifications:

Page size: 6.1″ x 9.1″ x 1.1″ (156 x 231 x 29 mm)
Textblock bulk: Approx. 29 mm
28 GSM Paper
PDF Sampler of text.
Font: 11 pt. Milo
Double Column, Verse-by-Verse format
Single Column, Verse-by-Verse format for Psalms
Ornamental Drop Caps
Words of Christ in Red
Italics for supplied words
Epistle Dedicatory & Translators to the Readers
Line Matching to avoid “see through”
55,000 Cross References
Glossary of King James Terms
Art Gilt Edging (red under gold)
Gold Foil Spine Stamping
Schuyler Bible Maps


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Weight 4 lbs

29 reviews for Schuyler Canterbury KJV Dark Purple Goatskin Bible

  1. sethstreet (verified owner)

    Pros: It’s beautiful and very easy to read.
    Cons: lack of translator notes, won’t lay very flat, not enough cross-references for a bible of this size.
    Overall: A beautiful bible that lacks utility. I should have done more research before buying this.

  2. Cheryl Gebhardt (verified owner)

    Just received the dark purple Schuyler KJV Canterbury in goatskin very beautiful Bible and well made if you have a chance to get one don’t hesitate you will be very happy with this Bible

  3. Jordan (verified owner)

    “but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit” – John 12:24 AV

    “Lord! Open the King of England’s eyes.” – William Tyndale 1536

    I reverberate the aforementioned endorsements. Approximately 68 years after the conspired death of William Tyndale the commissioning of the King James Bible took place. There has never been and will likely never be a more historical, authoritative, genuine, influential, timeless, exquisite translation than the King James edition of the Holy Scriptures. So it is only fitting that it be treated as such. I can personally say that I have never seen a more priceless treasure than the Schuyler Canterbury KJV Bible. In addition to this great masterpiece, I currently own the Cambridge Concord KJV and the RL Allen Longprimer KJV. While all three editions are extraordinaire in their own right, the Canterbury sets an all new pinnacle that will be beyond many Bible publishers to achieve.

    The great men and women of history’s past who sought and labored for the furtherance of the Word of God in our native tongue was not done in vain, and the Canterbury is a proud declaration of that prolonged endeavor!

  4. Rhonda Brown

    I was gifted this bible, amazingly beautiful!!! This is by far the most beautiful bible I have ever seen or held in my hands!! Everything about it is precious!

  5. Mark Chase

    Got my blue Bible about a month ago. Frankly, I’m not seeing it’s worth $220. Should have gone with much less expensive Crossway Bible. I read a lot ov reviews and watched some YouTube videos but my new Bible just isn’t that special.

  6. Paul Young (verified owner)

    This Bible is an absolute joy to read. By far my favorite text block of any Bible I’ve ever used, and that’s a lot! And the purple goatskin is gorgeous. Schuyler hit this one out of the park! My new favorite Bible!

  7. Bill Z (verified owner)

    Like all Schyluer Bibles this is as good as it gets. Beautiful binding, color (purple) and the cover is goatskin. Makes one want to use gloves to handle this Bible. Thanks Schyluer!

  8. Wayne S. (verified owner)

    The Canterbury Bible printed and bound by Jongbloed and K2 is a supreme offering to people who love Old World style. Purple was my color of choice. I love” The Black Face “because of the “self pronouncing text”. My eyes and 8 font no longer work. I was elated to learn this volume had “SPT”. The “Drop Caps”add to the ” Old World ” feel of this KJV. Keep using the off white manilla paper and line matching. The combination is easy on the eyes and defuses glare from Brite overhead lights. The “Kings English ” section is another brilliant part of the Canterbury for archaic word lookup. The only part of the bible that I have issue with is the font in the concordance. I can read the topic words but I will need a magnifying glass for the verses its the font. In all fairness to the publisher my eyes are not youngsters anymore. Overall I am VERY Happy with “The Canterbury “. Thank GOD for HIS Word. Thanks to Paul and all the Crew at Evangelical Bible and Schyluer and all the skilled craftsmen and women at Jongbloed and K2 for the Exalant work they continue to do.

  9. ann (verified owner)

    This purple goatskin KJV Canterbury is simply outstanding. Soft and plush goatskin, lovely dark purple calf split liners, and double spray art gilt make the cover of this Bible beautiful. The ornamental drop caps recaptures an age where this Bible began, as they were used for the printing of the 1611 KJV. Thinner in girth than the Quentel, it makes handling this Bible an easier task and no difficulty at all. The font is the hallmark 11 pt milo font and that is easy on the eyes as well.

  10. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    I purchased the Schuyler Canterbury KJV in dark purple, and I must agree with the publisher, this one is the best they’ve produced thus far I am completely blown away by the gorgeous purple goatskin, even the box is decorated with the name of the bible The goatskin is like holding the finest silk in your hand, and the craftsmanship is second to none. For now, it will live in it’s box in my bible cabinet. It is simply too beautiful to damage by daily usage. I look forward to more outstanding products from Schuyler to follow in the coming years. What gorgeous vessels for the word of Almighty God.

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