Schuyler Caxton NLT, Dark Purple Goatskin Bible

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Dark Purple Natural Grain Goatskin; 3 Purple Ribbons, Purple Leather Liner, Red under Gold Art Gilt Edging. Here are Mark Bertrand’s & M.W. Bassford’s Reviews. CLICK HERE for photos

Schuyler’s first New Living Translation (NLT) – Caxton Edition – has returned! The setting is a beautiful Single Column Paragraph format with references on the outside margin.

The trim size of the Bible is approximately 8.3″x  5.4″x 1.5″ (210 mm x 136 mm x 38 mm). This edition has the updated 2015 text, 30-40,000 references, concordance and  8 pages of maps, 4 presentation pages. This Bible also has all of the features that are standard with Schuyler Bibles – Natural Grain Goatskin or Calfskin Covers, 3 Ribbon Markers, Full Leather Linings, Art-Gilt Edging & Perimeter Stitching. This Bible is typeset with line matching and dark bold font – with black letter Lexicon 8.75 point text.

To view a sample page, please click here.

William Caxton – (1422-1492) Caxton was an English Printer who established the first printing press in England in about 1476. He printed the first portions of the Bible in English. Caxton printed more than 100 books in his lifetime. His books were known for their craftsmanship, careful editing, and attention to detail.

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10 reviews for Schuyler Caxton NLT, Dark Purple Goatskin Bible

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    ann (verified owner)

    I received this “little stout” in the mail today. I really like it!
    The foot print of the Caxton makes this a “go to for being on the go” transportable friendly Bible!
    The paper is thin like that of India paper. That being said, the print font size is similar to that of my Allan Brevier Clarendon. Also, the print is not as dark as the Allan BC, but is still legible. The verses have a nice space between each one, so Tyndale did a good job on that.
    The thin paper presents a potential problem when highlighting, so caution is needed.
    The fit and finish of the Bible is excellent and beautiful! The shade of purple ranges between a plum and a dark purple- depending on lighting.
    The black liner and “red” under gold (more like salmon) works very well with this purple. In comparing with my purple Allan ESVNCR and NLT, they are different shades of purple. Allan’s purple would not pair well with black as it has more of the blue tone rather than red.
    A new change for Schuyler as of this release and other newly released Bibles is the liner.
    I have other Schuyler’s that have the “fine cell” and the poly liners also.
    The best one prior to the Caxton for me as far as suppleness ,soft cover, laying flat out of the box, and no hinge noise, was the Schyler ESV w/confessions which has the poly liner.
    The fine cell liner made the other Schuyler covers much more stiff and was thought by many to contribute to the famous Schuyler “hinge noise”. Along with that the Bibles lined with fine cell did not lay flat out of the box.
    Now with this newly released Caxton the calfskin liner gets rid of that sound and also allows the Bible to lay flat out of the box.
    As with all Schuyler Bibles, the covers are sewn around the edge and the blocks are sewn as well.
    This “little stout” in purple makes a great addition to my collection of Bibles and will go places with me as well! Thank you Evangelical Bible for your wonderful hard work in bringing the best!

  2. Rated 3 out of 5

    Robert (verified owner)

    First off, a week after this Bible was made available for pre-order, I paid for it in full a couple months before EB said it would be shipping. Well, excitement came with the announcement of the arrival of the Bible and how shipments would be going out. We’ll, I got no notification of mine shipping, and a week later I called and got fed I excuses and was told I should have got an email explaining the situation, and by the date of my pre order should have been one of the first to go out, but for whatever reason, I had to wait another month, and even then I had to call when once again I got no confirmation, and only because I called did my Bible ship that day. So, needless to say, expectations were high. My first impression was that the color is nothing like the rich bright purple the pictures that are used on the website. It is more of a super dark purple leaning toward brown. Opening it up, the ghosting is really noticeable, and the readability is only saved by the line matching, but references on the sides of the page are very visible from the next page. Also, pages of scripture where there is poetry, are very annoying as the verses will be long on the next page and visible because the page you are on has a verse that isn’t as long. I own many Bibles and for such a costly Bible, I was expecting much less opacity in the paper as I have much cheaper Bibles with no line matching that are virtually ghosting free. I also have about ten pages that have grooves in them, which fortunately are at the bottom and not running through the text. Construction wise it’s great. I love holding it and how it feels. The ribbons are nicely spaced. In all honesty, I would have probably returned this Bible if I hadn’t got it embossed. So, lesson learned no more embossing on high end Bibles.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mandy (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this Bible as my main reader for just over a month now.
    Cover: The purple goatskin cover is tough, flexible, and an excellent shade of dark purple that varies in different lighting from a really deep, almost-black shade to a lighter plum. The stamping on the cover is not perfectly aligned or centered, but it is close enough to look good and off enough to look by-hand. The cover has a yapp that extends a bit further over the vertical page edges than it does at the top and bottom of the Bible, adding extra protection for the art gilt in that dimension. It also looks sharp and is one of my favorite features of the Bible when it comes to appearance.
    Binding: The binding seems durable and has a solid hinge, suggesting that it will last a long, long time. The Bible doesn’t quite lay flat, but it’s getting closer as I use it and break it in. The binding does not squeak when it opens and closes as some other high-quality Bibles do. This makes it easier to read in bed when my husband is sleeping and would also make it less embarrassing to use in church.
    Text Block: The paper is my preferred thinness and opacity. There is some ghosting, but the line-matching makes it hardly noticeable. It is most noticeable at the bottoms of the pages when there are notes on the other side that do not line up with the Bible text, but the problem is very minor. The paper doesn’t absorb moisture as easily as some Bible papers do. I’ve spilled droplets of milk from my cereal bowl on it and sponged it off quickly with a tissue, and no noticeable wrinkle remains. The printing is very clear and dark. The page layout leaves plenty of white space in the gutter and in the margins between the Bible text and the references. This makes reading so much easier, and keeps the side column references from being distracting. The font size is just right for reading while keeping the size of the Bible down. The block of text is as thick as I would want it to get before it got too chunky for me to comfortably hold, and even then the weight feels a bit too heavy for me to hold it in my hands to read for long periods. The solid binding keeps the thickness of the block from feeling too cumbersome.

    My copy has a slight defect which is probably unique to it. A sizable section of Revelation has a deep crease down the middle of each page. It appears that this crease was made after the paper was printed and before it was cut and gilded. The crease doesn’t show when the Bible is closed. It is the type of crease that cannot be smoothed out. I’m glad to say that the text is still completely legible. Otherwise I would have had to return the Bible.

    Overall, I’m highly satisfied with this Bible and recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality, readable NLT. Thank you Schuyler and!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    A truly wonderful binding and printing of the NLT. I believe Schuyler has arrived at better than Cambridge quality with their recent offerings in calf-skin lined covers. The cover is absolutely superb. Paper on this bible is thinner but very high quality with medium opacity. Just a bit better than the Cambridge clarion in opacity and much better in paper feel and longevity. The print is very clear and totally consistent as well as quite dark. Generous spacing between lines and words also but the font size seems medium-small to me when reading. After all it is a hand-sized bible! My personal preference would be a two column layout in this same size bible simply because I find it more familiar, but the poetry in this single column layout is unsurpassed and I really do love the side-column references. A true pleasure to read, this bible is at the very top of its class. The purple cover is also more than I expected with its deep and darkish tone. A triumph!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Luis (verified owner)

    This bible is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted an NLT premium bible that was portable, readable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. And it did not disappoint! The color is just magnificent, the size is just right and the single paragraph format is meant to be used with the NLT. I usually garner a lot of attention with any of my new bibles, but this one was definitely the most well received. So much so that our deacon is putting in an order and my wife wants to join the party. Once again, Schuyler has another winner on their hands. Great job!!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joshua (verified owner)

    I can’t speak highly enough of this Bible! Schuyler knocked it out of the ballpark with this one.

    The purple is MUCH darker than shown in pictures. It may be that there’s variations from Bible to Bible. Or it may be that the photographer used bright lights. But my Bible definitely does not match what’s shown. But I’m perfectly alright with that. In fact, I quite like it more than what I had expected.

    The size is fantastic. I wish Schuyler made other translations (particular NASB and ESV) in the Caxton format. The single-column is the preference of many, but also the size is much more portable than bulky Quentel.

    I can only find one thing that might possibly improve the Caxton: It would be nice if it had the red lettering for the cross-references the way the newer editions of the Quentel do. I suspect if Schuyler comes out with another edition of the NLT Caxton it will include this little touch. It looks nice but it also makes finding the information that much easier.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Patricia (verified owner)

    I am so pleased with my first Schuyler Bible. The purple is a deeper color than pictured, instead it is a very elegant deep eggplant. The print and paper quality is excellent and the art gilding so lovely. I’ve come to really appreciate the NLT as a reading bible and it is such a pleasure to read this translation out of such a classy bible!!
    When I’m not reading I just love to look at it!!

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marcus (verified owner)

    I want to agree with all the praise for this edition of the NLT on this page and perhaps focus in on a couple of areas. One is readability. It has been 20+ years since being struck with presbyopia so I’m well familiar with issues of readability. I was quite concerned with an 8.75 font size but I must say that the offsetting features such as line spacing go a long way toward resolving font size as an issue in itself for me. What I’m trying to say is that overall I can read this text as a 63yo with sensitivity to readability. I would prefer a 10pt font but I’m happy with all the trade-offs made here. The hand size makes for a much more comfortable bible to hold than the Quentel and it also weighs about a pound less. I’m sold on this bible.

    I also wanted to comment on color. It is far darker than the bible pictured online. In common lighting around my house it ranges from brown to black to a very deep purple or brownish purple. The ribbons are perfect and I love the color now after several days of use.

    I would definitely buy this bible again.

  9. Rated 3 out of 5

    W. Steven (verified owner)

    This Bible is great as far as workmanship, printing, size, and everything else. But rest assured that the purple is blackish, the purple only being noticeable in sunlight!

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have owned 6 Schuyler Bibles and the Caxton is a beautiful NLT Bible. I have both the purple and the british tan and both are flawless. The quality one these is scary good. I am truly impressed on how can they put out such a high quality product.

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