Schuyler Caxton NLT, Imperial Blue Goatskin Bible

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Imperial Blue Natural Grain Goatskin; 3 Navy Ribbons, Navy Leather Liner, Blue under Gold Art Gilt Edging. Here are Mark Bertrand’s & M.W. Bassford’s Reviews. CLICK HERE for photos

Schuyler’s first New Living Translation (NLT) – Caxton Edition – has returned! The setting is a beautiful Single Column Paragraph format with references on the outside margin.

The trim size of the Bible is approximately 8.3″x  5.4″x 1.5″ (210 mm x 136 mm x 38 mm). This edition has the updated 2015 text, 30-40,000 references, concordance and  8 pages of maps, 4 presentation pages. This Bible also has all of the features that are standard with Schuyler Bibles – Natural Grain Goatskin or Calfskin Covers, 3 Ribbon Markers, Full Leather Linings, Art-Gilt Edging & Perimeter Stitching. This Bible is typeset with line matching and dark bold font – with black letter Lexicon 8.75 point text.

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William Caxton – (1422-1492) Caxton was an English Printer who established the first printing press in England in about 1476. He printed the first portions of the Bible in English. Caxton printed more than 100 books in his lifetime. His books were known for their craftsmanship, careful editing, and attention to detail.

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12 reviews for Schuyler Caxton NLT, Imperial Blue Goatskin Bible

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark Varisan (verified owner)

    I just received my Schuyler Caxton NLT Imperial Blue Goatskin Bible today. 1st things 1st. the cover is absolutely gorgeous. I have always wanted this shade Blue in a Bible cover. The Goatskin cover is soft but yet very durable. The Blue under Gold Art Gilding is breathtaking. This is not the 1st Schuyler Bible I have purchased. But it is by far the best one I have purchased. The print is clear and the spacing between lines generous. It’s an 8.75 size font. I am 51yrs. old and am warring 3.0 reading glasses. Needless to say I was a little concerned about the print size. But, I have been able to read it for over a half hour at a clip with no problem. I believe the clarity and thickness of the font as well as the generous spacing are the reason for this. It’s not a slim line Bible by any means, but is not huge either. It’s average in size. I highly recommend this Bible to anyone looking for a very very good if not GREAT quality Bible.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Brian (verified owner)

    I received my Imperial Blue Goatskin Schuyler Caxton NLT five days ago and have spent a dozen hours or so reading through various books of the Old and New Testaments. I’ve read it on my desk in my office, on my lap in the living room, and have held it in hand while reading standing up…so considering the above I feel I’m ready to give a fair and comprehensive review.

    First off, I initially wasn’t sure whether I was going to get the Tyndale Select or the Schuyler Caxton version of this NLT. Both text blocks are the same, so the ultimate decision came down to a matter of the externals. I ultimately settled on the Schuyler Caxton due to the leather liner, the color options, and the design on the outside of the spine. Once I knew I was going to go with the Schuyler Caxton I had to decide on a color. The purple was sold out by the time I was ready to purchase one, so the blue and green copies were the two colors I narrowed my choice down to. I was prepared to go with the green until I saw actual pictures of the blue. It was a much richer/darker blue than I expected and it caught my eye and ultimately edged out the green.

    When the Bible arrived I was extremely pleased with what I pulled out the box. The goatskin leather feels very nice in the hands, the blue is a nice dark shade, and the blue under gold art gilding is nicely done. I examined the externals very closely and it is very nice, but it does have a few slight imperfections that kept it from being a 5/5 star Bible. First, the art-gilding has had a tendency to rub off slightly when I’ve thumbed through the Bible to find a particular book. From the appearance of things, it looks like excess gold gilding and not the actual removal of the gilding. Second, the ribbons, while thick and beautiful, look like they were haphazardly applied and do not lay down naturally when marking a page. You have to fold them over at the top in order to get it to lay down flat (difficult to explain without a picture). I’m not sure if this was by design, but its a contrast to the ribbons in other high-end Bibles that I own. Third, the gold gilt line on the inside liner that outlines the text block appears to be uneven on one side. Upon close examination, the stitched blue cover on the interior where it meets the liner was unevenly cut (an issue I noted in my wife’s Schuyler ESV), which makes the gilt line look a little crooked.

    These three imperfections are relatively minor, though when you are paying close to $200 for a Bible you’d expect to receive a flawless Bible with meticulous attention to detail paid to the craftsmanship of it. With the cons out of the way let me focus on the positives. The Bible just feels amazing in the hands and the text block is simply awesome. The NLT as a translation lends itself to long periods of reading and the layout of the text block is superb. I found myself reading through the books of Job, Ecclesiastes, Galatians, Ephesians, 1 John, and some Psalms here and there this past week and I covered a lot more ground per sitting due to the wonderful reader-friendly layout. The size is about perfect. It’s probably too large for me to carry to church, but for around the house and maybe the occasional coffee shop outing it’s perfect.

    I keep this Caxton NLT on my desk stacked with an Allan ESV and two Allan KJVs. It’s the only blue Bible I own and the first NLT I’ve purchased. If you like the NLT than the Schuyler Caxton is an absolute must for you. I highly recommend the Imperial Blue and have no regrets purchasing one and I doubt you will either! Get yourself one!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I received my Blue Caxton NLT in the mail yesterday. I was so excited as I’d been waiting for it to get to me here in Australia. I opened up the parcel and then the box to find my new Bible inside. I was a bit surprised as it was smaller than I expected probably because some of the pictures I’d seen on the internet made it seem bigger. So I was a little disappointed. I thumbed through it and felt the cover and checked it over. What a lovely soft leather cover. Just beautiful. I read little bits here and there from different parts of the Bible and I was so pleased with the layout and the mininal bleeding which is a big issue for me.

    I love the white paper as some of my Bibles have this odd off white color to them. As I opened it this morning to have my quiet time I decided that I actually love the size it is. It is a great personal sized Bible. Great for home, Church and travel. It is so easy on the eyes. I’m 57 and have high perscription glasses and yet the reading was so comfortable. I found myself just enjoying the uncluttered pages of this Bible that seemed to make it all that more personal in the reading. I could read it for extended periods and enjoying my time in it.

    My only gripe is that for a Bible this size I think the ribbons are too wide. They should have been more narrow. The width would have been more suited for a larger sized Bible rather than this one. Am I 100% happy with my purchase? I sure am. It’s a Bible I expect to last me for so long. I won’t have to worry about worn out covers or pages falling out. It fits nicely into a Bible cover I have which will protect it when traveling.

    I love that it is a black letter Bible as I prefer a black to a red letter Bible. The blue color is beautiful. And I love the thickness of the Bible as well as I’ve never been a fan of the now very popular slim/thin line Bibles. It feels wonderful in your hand and so easy to negotiate cross-references.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dean (verified owner)

    The most exquisite bible I’ve ever owned!

    The quality and craftsmanship of this edition are simply breathtaking. From the deep, rich color of the Imperial Blue supple leather, to the gold with blue underlay pages, this Bible will not disappoint. Finally, a quality binding of my favorite translation, the NLT!

    Don’t delay. This one is definitely worth owning and won’t be around long.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dr Randy

    Absolutely beautiful imperial blue edition. My second Schuyler (ESV) and not disappointed. Perfect font size and easily held in my hands. I’m a full time Bible teacher and proud to make this my Bible for 2016. Opens well in your hands as well as on desk. I’m glad to have made this purchase.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dr. Jeff (verified owner)

    Astounding and gorgeous right out of the box, and has continued to get softer and more enjoyable with use. I have never looked more forward to holding a bible in my hands. I read nearly everything else on a digital device, but this bible has me holding the sacred text daily in a non-digital format. Now I need to find a way to afford an ESV in the same beautiful leather!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Reader (verified owner)

    After using it daily for a few weeks, I am in love with this bible! Aesthetically, it is beautiful and feels great in hand. Leather is supple, binding feels sturdy enough to last a lifetime, ribbons are nice (though I could use a forth for my reading plan).
    The single column is wonderful. I was previously reading the NLT in double column, and the difference is substantial. Im not sure it’s appropriate to classify the bible as “an easy read”, but the NLT in this format really flows.
    If you’re wondering if it’s worth the price tag…absolutely! You will look forward to holding it, reading it, and learning from it daily. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    valarie faber (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed my
    caxton nlt for several months now. The size is perfect, the text is perfect for a smaller bible, the leather is buttery soft. I was worried about the 8.75 text size but, it is not a problem at all. I also love the single column text.
    Did I say I love the single column text? just want you to know how much I like it. It makes reading the bible a joy! I find myself reading this bible more than any other that I own. Would love to see this in the NASB and an ESV Schuyler, Thank You!

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    James Peebles Jr (verified owner)

    This is my favorite out of five high end bibles I own. First, it’s the perfect size, small enough to hold in your hands for long periods of time without getting too heavy to hold. Second, the font size is 9 point bold type print. Making it not too small or too large to comfortably read. Lastly out of all my high end bibles this one is printed and bound in the Netherlands. Making this bible totally premium quality both in print and materials used. There isn’t a bible anywhere that even comes close to the likes of this bible on the market. At any price. The NLT bible is the version I personally picked out because of the ease of interpretation to English. Bringing the Word closer and easier to understand in a way that made me want to read out of pleasure the Word of God as I understand Him. I did subscribe to the “Kings James Only movement.” Only after listening to conspiracies about other bibles being non valid. I asked my self which bible was the first valid bible. And who’s authorized to decide? Most of the modern bibles, not all of them, have been taken from the same manuscripts. I’m sure some are different from others only I feel the NLT bible is safe enough to put your faith in as the Word of God. If you want to debate this take it up with what you truly believe because faith is the only proof I Have. My faith, a gift from God.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    keeliesgrammy (verified owner)

    I received my Caxton Blue Goatskin today. I study from the NASB but I wanted something to read from that was an easy read. It is very well made and I love it. I do think it needs to be renamed to “Mini Brick”. It is just smaller size of the Quentel, which is referred to as the Brick. lol. I like the blue but I think its a bit too dark so I think I would have chosen the Firebrick Red. I love the leather, soooo soft. I thought the font was a little larger then what it it but with my readers on I can read it. I would definitely recommend. I love my “Mini Brick” ; )

  11. Rated 3 out of 5

    jesusb4mychal (verified owner)

    Nice bible for reading! Love the translation and Schuyler craftsmanship. The critiques I have are that the Bible is a bit thick for its foot print and the inner margin needs more room. Text tends to fall in the gutter which make ease of reading harder. All in all I love to crush large amounts of reading in this book.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    golfjwells (verified owner)

    This schuyler Claxton bible defines what a premium Bible should be, the best. From it’s soft goatskin leather cover and lining to it’s 2,139 cream white pages it looks, feels, and shines quality. Of special note is it’s line matching spacing and crystal clear type face setting. The font size and shorter single column wording lends itself to easy reading and less eye strain. The NLT version allows you fall in love with GOD’s word again. It is visually a bible you can enjoy.
    James Wells

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