Schuyler Credo Stridon NASB, Full Yapp Black Goatskin Bible

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Full Yapp Black Goatskin cover with Red Calfskin liner
3 red ribbons and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 6.1″ x 9.1″ x 1.3″
10 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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This Bible includes the following historical confessions of the church. • Apostles Creed • Nicene Creed • Chalcedonian Creed • Athanasian Creed • Augsburg Confession • Articles of Religion • Westminster Standards • London Baptist Confession

The Schuyler Stridon is a new and unique presentation of the NASB text. Here is a sampler. Here are pictures. This single column, verse-by-verse typesetting is framed with wide outer margins. Cross references and footnotes are separated at the bottom of the page for ease of use.

Full Yapp Black Goatskin Covers with Red leather lining
10 point font
NASB 2020 text
Trim size: approximately 6.1″ x 9.1″ x 1.3″ (156 mm x 232 mm x 33 mm)
Line Matching
Single column, verse by verse layout
28 GSM Indopaque Paper
~1 inch outer margins
3 x 1 cm ribbons (Red)
Art-Gilt edging (red under gold) with gilt line (gold line inside the cover)
Smyth Sewn
Black letter text
More than 95,000 cross references and the full set of translation footnotes
Presentation and Family Records Pages
Schuyler Maps

1 review for Schuyler Credo Stridon NASB, Full Yapp Black Goatskin Bible

  1. James Stanley

    I thought I found “The One” until I saw this gorgeous Bible! It truly is “The One”! The full yapp is already trained very well upon arrival. The black goat skin is perfect and the text block is the perfect size. I was a bit concerned because it wasn’t the 95 but I’ve since studied and learned that the 2020 is really a good update and I have now found “The One!” The creeds and confessions complete this Bible and I spend time in the Westminster catechisms and confession every day so it’s nice to be able to just turn to them in this Bible!

  2. Anthony Dente (verified owner)

    one reviewer of the Allan Brevier Clarendon 5 mentioned paper creases in Genesis.
    My Allan #5 had the same problem! Then I used the back of my thumb nail as an
    iron to smooth the creases out. To my amazement, the creases were not only smoothed
    out but hardly noticeable!
    Otherwise this bible is light as a feather to carry to church with very readable print.

    Anthony Dente

  3. Paul Esposito (verified owner)

    I really love my Oxford Brevier Clarendon. What I didn’t know before purchasing this, is that this Bible is the same as the Oxford Wide Margin which I have, both the original, and the RL Allan Highland Goatskin! The print (or the page, actually) is a little smaller (9 font), but the text is exactly the same as the WM. Also, the goatskin is certainly as nice as the highland goatskin. Perhaps the grain is slightly different, but the regular goatskin is in no way inferior in my opinion.
    Also, the Brevier Clarendon is not self pronouncing like the Blackface is.
    All in all, I love this Bible, and highly recommend it!

  4. Cynthia Hahn (verified owner)

    This review is by her husband. Wife owns credit card! Received my copy today and have been critically reviewing it for the past nearly 3 hours. I really like this bible overall, but it is not without some minor issues. As usual, the order was promptly shipped within no more than a few hours after placement. Ordered on Tuesday and received on Thursday. This kind of customer service is greatly appreciated and why I look to Evangelical Bible first.

    The advertisement for this bible has an error. While the descriptive text is accurate, the photos for this bible show it to have the cyclopedic concordance and shows this description imprinted on the spine of the cover. However, mine does not contain the cyclopedic concordance and only has “concordance” imprinted on the cover’s spine. Photos show “Holy Bible” imprinted on the front cover, but it is not imprinted on my copy, the absence of which I find more pleasing. Trivially, the photos show “Allan/Oxford” imprinted near the bottom of the cover’s spine, but my copy simply has “Allan.”

    The text appears to be quite uniform in print density. It is not state of the art printing and more “antique” in appearance in terms of quality text. But in its own right, still quite respectable. The much smaller font size in the center reference column remains quite distinct. A small number of pages had a very minute space where they were lightly stuck together. These were gently separated by using a thin steel rule placed between the pages and behind the area where stuck and sliding it in an outboard direction to effect separation. A thin strip of card paper or similar would work equally well plus be a little safer to use.

    The paper is quite thin and I would say delicate. So gentleness should be utilized in turning pages. I usually lift a page near the corner somewhat diagonally then roll the page over. Do my best to avoid making any surface kinks in the pages on bibles. The front signature is overcast sewn to Genesis 18. There are paper creases on every page from the beginning to the end of Genesis. However they steadily decrease in severity and length approaching the end of the chapter. Even at its worst, the creases which extends the vertical length of the page at the beginning is not all that objectionable or overtly distracting as the impact where it impinges on the text affects the print very little to none. For a bible of this price in addition to being printed by Jongbloed in the Netherlands, I consider this not excusable. The skin cover is much more expensive than the text block. There is a little gutter cockling on a few pages or so in Genesis and couple of spots on a number of pages near the back in the concordance section. The rest is delightfully clean of this irritant which I have found prevalent, sometimes to a horrible degree in LCBP bibles, and moderately in their new smaller sized Cameo equivalent, which was a major factor in my decision to try my first Allan bible regardless of the much higher price.

    A small amount of irregularity can be noted insofar as the parallelism and squareness of the printed text to the perimeter of the text block, but again in use this will go unnoticed. Nearly all the pages show a slight vertical ripple from the top of the pages to about ¾ inch downward. Similarly on the bottom of the pages, but slightly less than an ½ inch upwards. On all the pages approximately an 1/8 inch from the top edge there is a very faint horizontal crease impression running the width of the pages. Again this is not going to get in your face, so to speak, but should be considered a failure in process control.

    Overall, in regards to the text block, the far cheaper TBS versions in the Westminster and Windsor, both printed by Jongbloed, are superior in paper, print quality (impeccably sharp text even at 10x magnification and uniform density) and text alignment to page edges. Plus the only trace of gutter cockling will only exist on the single and first bible paper page only. The ribbons on my Clarendon have creases, one has several, which could have been completely avoided if they had been placed within the pages in a proper manner. The maps are very nice. 9 maps covering 16 pages. 7 maps extend over both pages.

    So what else impresses me about this bible? I like the older style font for one thing. I like this particular font size. The size of the Clarendon is exactly what I desired, not too small, not too big in its external dimensions. While the red art gild extends in places a little inboard from the edges, I find the effect is “charming” and in no way displeasing. I didn’t think the yapp edges would be to my liking especially when reading from the bible, but discovered that it was not in any way objectionable. In fact I liked it immediately. My copy has a beautiful and very uniform grain pattern to its cover. As expected, the attachment of the cover to the text block uses the superior edge lined method and the uniformity therein between the two shows quality workmanship. The fact that this bible has very slight and very sparse gutter cockling or puckering/buckling of the pages adjacent to the spine is a SUPER big plus to me. I like the all black text and the fact that the proper words are not hyphenated which I find mildly distracting. The italicized words were also a desired feature.

    I have spent many, many hours debating this purchase and researching everything available on the net about this bible, of which there is little user information, for over 6 months. After reading Evangelical’s return policy, I finally made the decision to purchase my first “expensive” bible should it have an egregious text block issue. And while not perfect in some minor details, am very satisfied with it. I don’t know of any high quality bible that better fitted what was desired in a hand size bible than this example by Allan. Well, maybe the chocolate colored cover version! That was another difficult choice. I know without a doubt that my cumulative purchases of cheaper bibles that had many disappointing quality issues would have easily paid for this Clarendon.

    In conclusion, am reasonably confident this will outlast me and may be passed on and have no intentions of handling it but in a gentle and respectful manner. No folding in half or other contortions will be exercised on this bible. Eventually, this makes the future purchase of another Allan and equally likely the purchase of the new Schuyler based on my TBS text block experience a distinct possibility.

  5. ann mcmahon

    I purchased this black Brevier Clarendon for a friend and her comments were outstanding. She uses this Bible at work and finds the size convenient to keep in her desk. She mentioned that the quality of the leather and paper were beyond what was ever expected in a Bible.

  6. Michael MacCalla (verified owner)

    First off I have both the Longprimer and the Ruby from Allan.

    The binding is great! Just as I\’ve come to expect from an R L Allan bible. This 5C is a very fluid bible, very flexible and a joy to hold. Absolutely beautiful to the eyes.

    The reason I ordered this one is for personal work. While the Ruby is more compact and easier to carry, the print is a bit difficult for many of the folks I work with to read. The 5C is nearly as portable but with a much more readable type face.

    I was very concerned about the Cyclopedic concordance, due to my previous familiarity with the subject index in the Ruby and Longprimer which contains a bunch of very useful theological material. Not to worry the Cyclopedic concordance has all of it alphabetically arranged and much much more. It\’s inclusion makes this bible a very potent little package for a Sunday school teacher or personal worker.

    The paper is very thin but strong and does indeed feel like silk. However it is very easy to turn past the book you want. However this is not an issue, it\’ll just take a little getting used to. The pages are not so thin as to present any problems with marking and ghosting is also a non issue.

    This one does have a bit of a printers wrinkle in the first signature, a very tight one, but it doesn\’t appear it will become or present any problems in use.

    It is funny how much bigger it looks next to the Ruby, but it really only about 15% larger, and so much easier to read.

    Truly an amazing hand sized Bible.

    Plus it\’ll still fit in my coat pocket.

  7. Rocky Cowell (verified owner)

    Very Impressed!! I needed a smaller KJV for preaching as I did not want to carry around the rather large bible I already own in this translation. It has a similar text block size to the Cambridge Pitt Minions, albeit a bit thicker. This is the perfect preaching bible for me. The text size is very readable, nice and bold on the page and it contrasts well off the paper. I have researched and found Allan bindings to be the best, and I am not disappointed. The flexibility of the cover is absolutely amazing, but still feels durable at the same time! This is my first Allan Bible, but I do intend to add more to the stable. I got the 5C as I just want my King James Versions to all be in the classic black, but I want a brown or tan ESV and maybe a Crimson NASB. I also can\’t wait for the Allan HCSB to be released. I love the full yapp feature and the cyclopedic concordance. I can\’t wait to reference this in some serious study.

  8. april achord

    I originally ordered the 6c in chocolate brown. After finding a small defect evangelicalbible agreed to replace it for me. I asked if they would send me the black 5c instead and they were more than willing. I have to say that as beautiful as the 6c was, the 5c inspires a certain elegance and beauty above that of the 6c. The black is so classic and beautiful with the red over gold page lining, and the blue ribbons are a perfect compliment to it. It shimmers in the light with almost a glimmer effect which only speaks to the quality of the leather. It is pliable and feels like velvet in your hand. In the end both the 6c and the 5c are excellent choices and the one you choose really just depends on your color of choice. Thank you evangelical for the integrity in which you operate your business and the quality pieces you sell.

  9. Michael Swoveland

    This is a classic Bible, the materials are well selected and of course the craftsmen at R. L. Allan & Sons are the best in the world. The goatskin used in this edition is as soft as leather gets and it smells wonderful. The typeface used is well selected and the layout well executed. This would be a great Bible for anyone looking for a KJV that is set and bound in that vintage old English style that you just don\’t see anymore.

  10. Michael Freeman (verified owner)

    I\’ve got them all on my shelf, from Cambridge Goatskins to Oxford French Morocco mid 1900\’s to Hidden House lambskin.

    This is the one I carry. The absolute best in workmanship and quality, coupled with a convenient carrying size and just the right support information for bible study. Has the text size you want for readability, and a feel to the cover that will not let you put it down, or away for any length of time.

  11. Anthony Miller (verified owner)

    One of the nicest KJV editions I have owned. I also own the Allans Ruby and Crystal editions to take with me but for home use in the evenings the large font makes for a nice easy read. The all black text and that is is a non-pronouncing version also add to ease of use. Allan\’s presents the only bindings I have seen that really pay tribute to the words contained within.

  12. Nick Potratz (verified owner)

    A supreme treasure! – the finest naturally grained goatskin I\’ve ever seen, with full-yapp (overlapping) covers. The grain looks absolutely incredible. The print is exceptionally bold, and the paper feels like old-school india paper made with a little cotton. The paper is very soft to the touch. Truly one of the best quality Bibles available anywhere.

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