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The CSB is the newest addition to the Schuyler Quentel line of Bibles, which currently includes the ESV, NASB, NKJV, and NIV.

Natural Grain Slate Goatskin Cover with Red full Calfskin Leather Lining
11 point Milo font PDF Sampler
Line Matching
28 GSM Indopaque Paper
Page Size: 6.14″ x 9.1″ x 1.1″ (156 mm  x 231 mm  x 29 mm)
9 mm yapp
3 x 1 cm ribbons (Red)
Art-Gilt edging (red under silver)
Gilt line (silver line inside the cover)
Raised Spine Ribs
Smyth Sewn
Black letter text (chapter numbers, headers and page number in red)
Cross References
Presentation pages
Extensive Schuyler Maps

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Weight 4 lbs

9 reviews for Schuyler Quentel CSB, Slate Goatskin Bible

  1. Mike Mandel (verified owner)

    I just purchased the CSB Quentel in slate, and am giving it a Five Star Review, even though it was only ordered a few minutes ago and won’t be her in Toronto for about a week. I haven’t lost my mind though. I’ve given it a perfect rating, unseen, because it will be my 4th Schuyler Quentel! I already own a green CSB (my everyday Bible), a purple NASB, and a marble mahogany NKJV. So why another Schuyler Quentel CSB? Because I want one to carefully highlight in with a gel marker, and can keep my other Schuyler CSB in pristine condition for reading. My twenty year old ESV bonded leather church Bible is showing signs of wear and has been retired, despite all the wonderful notes and highlights I’ve filled it with. So why not a Schuyler ESV? Although I love the ESV and still use that translation, the CSB has grabbed me like no other, hence the choice. So now I’ll be waiting for the delivery, and I know it will be a Five Star Bible…

  2. Kevin A Tompkins (verified owner)

    Let me start by saying this is my 3rd Quentel. My biggest complaint has always been the weight and how floppy the bible was. When I ordered this Quentel I was so excited to get it because of the lighter 28 gsm paper. I’m very happy with the weight and size of this bible. It’s still a bit floppy for my taste but I understand that I’m in the minority here. The most important factor to me has always been the readability. This 28 gsm is every bit as readable as the 36 gsm. There is some print variation throughout this copy, but I understand that can happen and is considered normal. I still say once you’ve got used to reading from a Quentel there is no going back to anything else. The grain and feel of the goat skin is absolutely wonderful! Just wish it was a touch thicker. That doesn’t keep me from saying this is probably the finest bible I ever held in my hand and it’s spent a lot of time there already! Looking forward to wearing it out!

  3. anthony.chape

    I received the Marbled Goatskin Q for my 50th Birthday gift from my wife and am blown away by the quality and the ease of reading experience from this bible.
    It appears larger than anticipated when you unbox and I have to admit to being a little unprepared for that. But having now used the bible for 6-7 months, the size has grown to be my absolute favourite. I look at other bibles now and think it looks a little small …
    There is no downside to this bible, but I’m a bit reluctant to write much in it as the pages are sooooo fine. I think the line match printing doesn’t quite give away just how thin the paper is to keep the bible at a balanced weight, but anything other than a pencil I fear either tearing the page, or just bleeding right through. That said, these are not negative thoughts. The ease of reading is awesome. It really is so easy on the eye as to make an hour’s reading seem like minutes and the weight is not a problem. I think a PSQ would not be quite so easy on the eye and have given up on anything below 9 points now. When you can read this easily, you just wouldn’t want to go back.
    The leather is holding up very nicely with use and I’m only beginning to see light wear on the leather after 6 months (I’ve killed lesser bibles in this time).
    I sometimes find the cross references had to locate in the stuff at the bottom of the page, but haven’t found a better way of doing this – it’s difficult to make a suggestion as I haven’t seen a better layout.
    Buy this bible.
    Buy he CSB in this bible.
    You’ll love it.

  4. Joel Henderson (verified owner)

    Amazed at the expediency with which this Bible was shipped. Order was placed approximately 0900 on the 17th and I received it in western CO at 1230 the 18th (I placed the order half way through my shift and received it after work the next day)! Thank you Melissa, for the speedy processing.

    My discoveries after turning through all 1615 pages…

    In the book of Deuteronomy there are several pages of mismatched left/right margins, just a few and only off by 1 letter or so (not as extreme as I have seen some reviewers indicate). Top header is consistent throughout with absolutely no drifting up or down on the page.

    Every single page is line-matched except in places where you would expect it not to match (poetry, prose transitions, paragraph heading and spacing).

    The red printed header for “PSALMS 93-94” is patchy (cannot see the top of the 3 or the 94). The printing throughout is consistent with only a few pages here and there that appear to be darker than others.

    Lastly, all the way toward the back in the concordance I found a page that the lower left corner was folded/creased ever so slightly. Pushing the crease out resulted in uncut page extending past the block edge about 1/16th of an inch.

    This is quite a leap for me both in translation and quality. Originally wanting the new QWM ESV, I decided a Quentel might be a better option, just to see what I was getting myself into and I didn’t want to wait till May or June. Not being a fan of the original HCSB made me a skeptic of the updated CSB for a long time. So I figured I’d give the CSB the most favorable opportunity to impress by making my first “premium” bible purchase a CSB.

    Not knowing what to expect, having never owned, touched or even seen a “goatskin leather” bible, I was pleasantly surprised. Soft, supple and yet appears very durable. Silver gilding over red on the page edges, red goatskin inside liner, edge lined (front edge line a bit stiffer than the rear), 3 ribbons, and 11 pt font. Very easy and a pleasure to read.

    The 28 GSM paper is thinner than I expected. Probably best suited for the use with soft lead colored pencils (IMHO). Rode the “pen/highlighter” fad for a while but I’m now back to pencils. Despite the best pens and highlighters there will always be “show through” regardless of paper quality. The best way to mitigate this that I have discovered is with soft lead colored pencils, not Crayola brand, good craft/draft quality pencils.

    Hope to have more to say later, will update as time goes. Thank you Schuyler for a great product.

  5. jackv (verified owner)

    Two things about this bible.
    1. The physical aspects of it that make it awesome.
    2. The translation.

    Schuyler and Royal Youngbloed have both defined “high quality” in the bible manufacturing business. But first let me add that the ladies at are some of the most helpful and down to earth folks to help you with your questions and concerns. Absolutely a five star act!

    About the bible. First, the binding and edge lining of this edition is in no way a surprise to those who have owned a Schuyler product. Simply put, they produce unsurpassed bibles along with Cambridge and Allan. Their work continues with the employment of the highly regarded French milled paper and stunning Berisfords ribbons from the UK. The goatskin cover is by now pretty typical, but the recognizable cover is celebrated for its distinguished qualities for sturdiness and longevity. The paper is ultra smooth to the touch and the ribbons are more than adequate to mark the page where you left off. I will be honest about the 28 gram paper option used – it’s seems too thin for me. Even I respect the paper for being opaque but it still does not compare to a solid 36 gram paper that reduces more of the “show through” of the text. I like the 36 gram weight (and higher) more for taking notes and utilizing highlighters and Sakura Micron pens. So, be mindful of the thinness of the paper and extra cautious when applying any ink pens.

    Now, the translation. It’s modern. Very easily understandable. Thus reading the 2020 edition of the Christian Standard Bible (translation) is a joy and makes for a nice supplement to the King James as I have discovered. I initially was debating between the ESV and the 1995 NAS Quentel but almost as a last minute decision went ahead with a modern translation I was not familiar with. I conducted various verse comparisons between the CSB against the ESV and NAS, eventually being frustrated with the grammatical and vocabulary options of the ESV and NAS translations I opted with the CSB instead. Haven’t regretted it one bit. It’s a polished translation of the original manuscripts in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. I will say the CSB is more “relaxed” or more contemporary than the other two translations but it proves worthy in keeping with the word for word where necessary.

    The take away is that this is a very nice bible. Extremely readable making it very accessible. Let this be known in this review if it hasn’t been mentioned elsewhere in other reviews. You will be owning a highly prized, well crafted, perennial work of art called the Holy Bible. Be blessed when you receive it. Be encouraged when you read it.

  6. Tim Hall (verified owner)

    I have lost count of the number of Bibles I own. My daughter swears it is over 70, but I don’t think it is that many. However, of all the Bibles I have ever owned the Schuyler CSB Quentel is far and away the best of all of them. I have had mine for almost a month now and have loved preaching from it. The other day (Christmas Eve) I was reading one of the scripture passages and made it halfway through when I realized I did not have my glasses on. There are not enough good things to say about this Bible. It was well worth waiting the 2 or so years I waited for it. The only word of advice I give is that it is not a light Bible. It is made with quality parts and has a heft to it.

  7. alorren0818 (verified owner)

    Another great purchase. The slate is a really awesome color and I really like the silver gilt instead of the gold. The 28 gsm makes it much easier to hold and carry.

  8. Michael (verified owner)

    Beautiful! Everything about this Bible just screams quality. The printing is fantastic, the typesetting is flawless and with the thinner paper, the Quentel is more practical as a Bible that you can carry with you, without sacrificing readability. I waited for the CSB translation to be released for quite some time and now that they have arrived, the wait was worth it. As far as the color goes, I am impressed! I am a conservative person when it comes to how I dress and what my tastes are, but I like to be subtly different. This color nails that. It is still a conservative color, but not just another black Bible. But the color is so unique and the red liners and ribbons are perfect compliments. Well-done Schuyler! I have very high standards, especially with the expectations I have out of Schuyler and you have once again exceeded them!

  9. Dallas McKinley (verified owner)

    Amazing printing, cover, construction, and total package. Unlike some of the earlier printings of the Quentel in other translations, the print is absolute perfection in this bible. Dark deep blacks and reds. The cover is flawless and this particular colour in combination with the red liner and silver over red page edges makes a handsome bible indeed. The bold OT quotes in the NT are even perfect – stunningly bold. Personally, I prefer this thinner paper for the total package it allows. Having owned dozens and dozens (maybe hundreds) of nice bibles over the years, I literally can’t think of a single improvement I would make to this bible. Again, amazing. Well done Schuyler.

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