Schuyler Quentel NKJV, Dark Brown Goatskin Bible (Red Letter)

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Natural Grain Dark Brown Goatskin Cover with Dark Brown full Calfskin Leather Lining
11 point Milo font PDF of the text.
Line Matching
36 GSM PrimaBible Paper
Page size: 6.14″ x 9.1″ x 1.4″ (156 mm  x 231 mm  x 35 mm)
12 mm margins
9 mm yapp
3 x 1 cm ribbons (Green, Plum, Gold)
Art-Gilt edging (red under gold)
Gilt line (gold line inside the cover)
Raised Spine Ribs
Smyth Sewn
Words of Christ in Red
More than 60,000 cross references entries
Presentation page
16 pages of extensive Schuyler Maps – edited by Dr. Barry J. Beitzel – the most extensive set in any of our Bibles.

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Weight4 lbs

15 reviews for Schuyler Quentel NKJV, Dark Brown Goatskin Bible (Red Letter)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Paul Esposito (verified owner)

    Schuyler has said that this release, the New King James Version, was their best yet. And I absolutely agree! This is now the best bible I own!
    I also own the NASB Schuyler, and I definitely like this one better. Both are similar in size. The one thing that sticks out the most to me is the symmetry of the lines on the bottom of the page, where the references are. Each line gets smaller and smaller as you descend to the bottom of the page. The other Schuylers do not have this. This was a brilliant design choice!
    Also, the maps have been improved.
    The red letter is perfect throughout. Also, I love the bold verse numbers. This makes it easy to preach from, since it’s easy to find the verses in the middle of a paragraph.
    All in all, I highly recommend the Schuyler NKJV. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mike (verified owner)

    I got my nkjv qeuntel today. I got a red letter dark brown edition. This is my 4th Schuyler. I Also have the ESV Quentel, nlt Caxton and kjv reference. The nkjv has been my favorite translation for a long time but I was always frustrated with the lack of high quality editions of this translation. Schuyler really did a great job this Bible. The raised hubs on the dark brown are very classy looking. The new maps are awesome. I have a feeling this will be my main Bible for a long long time. I’ve also had RL Allan’s in the past. The quentels are my favorite. They are the most readable Bible with the size of the font in the type used. The Only thing I would change with the quentel’s is lined paper in the back.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gary (verified owner)

    WOW! I have several Allan’s but this may be the best Bible I own. The only one in the same category is the 63 Longprimer (and I must admit, I am a full yapp fan) . The Quentel is so soft, print has excellent readability, 3 big ribbons that are different colors, lays flat, chapters are numbered in big red print, and the typesetting is super, and I have to say I love those red letters in the NT. I noticed the ribs feel really great when you are palming the Bible. I thank Schuyler for finally giving us a super high quality NKJV Bible. This is my favorite Schuyler by far. IF you aren’t happy with this Bible, you need prayer…LOL

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    J. (verified owner)

    I received my NKJV Quentel yesterday, and just WOW!
    After opening the outer shipping carton, my first thought was, “The box sure is big.” Then I opened that box and thought, “This Bible is beautiful!”

    First, re the size: I would not want this Bible to be one bit bigger or heavier. That said, it’s not all THAT huge. Placed beside my ESV Study Bible, there’s a significant difference especially in thickness, so this Quentel is definitely smaller. I’d say this is a large hand-held Bible. I have small hands, and it works for me. It weighs about 2 lbs. 15 oz. according to Schuyler, and measures about 9-3/4″ x 6-1/2″ x 1-1/2 to 1-5/8″, according to my measurements.

    What I love about this Quentel:
    The supple dark brown cover, the brown leather liner, the art gilding, the quality paper, the nice 11 pt. type, the line matching, the good-sized verse numbers, the excellent readability, the red accents, the ribbons, the choice of black or red letter editions and the nice shade of red in the RL edition, and even the double columns, along with most everything else about it. I’ve tried to convince myself that a single column text is much easier to read than double column, but honestly I don’t think it is if the font sizes are similar. I’ve read most of the day, switching between the two a good bit, and I think this double column edition is every bit as readable as my single column NJKV with 10.5 pt. type, maybe even slightly more so–and I love that one. Perhaps the absolute ideal column width would fall somewhere between these two, but both are extremely readable and easy on the eyes. Absolutely great for extended reading.

    What I would wish for if everything were possible in a perfect world:
    A slightly smaller footprint and less weight, but with still-large 10 pt. to 10.5 pt., nice dark type. I’d gladly trade a little bit of opaqueness for this as well. (This paper does feel and look great, though!)
    At least verse numbers to go with the textual/translation notes. The references have red chapter and verse, of course, but the notes don’t, and that makes it more difficult to match them with the applicable verses. I actually use the notes more than I use the references, so verse numbers for the notes would be helpful to me. This is a minor wish.

    The cover looks and feels wonderful, as does the brown liner. The stitching and gilt line look great. This Bible lay almost totally flat, front to back, right out of the box, so I’m not seeing any hinge or other problem at all. No crinkling, no squeaks, just wonderful. The ribbons are very evenly spaced and beautiful. The gold gilding looks smooth and thick, and the art gilding under it is a nice salmon, slightly coppery color that looks better with the brown cover than pure red would. The raised bands on the spine are nice but aren’t too pronounced. The leather is, as always, amazing.

    I’m not very knowledgeable about Bible maps, but I will try to supply some details of these new ones. The maps are not glossy and they look very attractive, with mostly soft colors. There are 16 pages of them (8 double sided), but a few span two pages so there are 12 maps listed. There are also two and a half pages of map index.
    The maps are:
    World of the Patriarchs
    Israel’s Twelve Tribal Allotments (2 facing pages)
    Route of the Exodus
    Kingdom of Saul, David, and Solomon
    Divided Kingdom
    Israel’s United and Divided Kingdoms (chart of kings and prophets and dates)
    Assyrian and Babylonian Empires
    Persian and Greek Empires
    Ministry of Jesus (2 facing pages)
    Jerusalem and the Passion of the Christ
    Apostles’ Early Ministry
    Missionary Journeys of Paul, with inset of Paul’s Journey to Rome (2 facing pages)
    Roman Empire and Early Christianity

    The maps seem to have a lot of detail and show relief well.

    There are several thick blank pages in front and back, which I could personally do without in the interest of thinness, unless they are necessary for the binding. (I don’t write inside my Bibles.) There is a Contents page and Preface to the New King James Version. The Concordance is in three columns with good white space between, with nice red accents.

    I’m even more pleased with the Quentel than I expected. This edition is really a beautiful presentation of God’s word! Keep up the good work and God bless, Schuyler.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Russ (verified owner)

    I grew up with a NKJV and have tried to wear out my Nelson Open Bible over the past 30 years. It still has the super thin pages, but is showing it’s ageand has been rebound a couple times. My preference was to stay with NKJV, and the Schuyler Quentel made it easy to continue loving a quality, NKJV Bible. As mentioned, there are many qualities to brag about. It’s a great Bible. I enjoy the larger font and the red letter edition. Since all the reviews are excellent, I’ll add one personal preference…If there was one change I would make with the brown version, is I like the look of the shades of gold bookmarks with the green edition. The different color bookmarks serve their purpose, but a little too colorful for me.

    Thanks for a quality Bible. I look forward to putting this one to good use for another 30 years… the larger font should help with that.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mike Mills (verified owner)

    Having bought several quality bibles from Evangelical Bibles I naturally migrated to the new NKJV as that translation has recently become one of my favorites. I bought the dark brown red letter edition and man of man is it nice. I absolutely love the layout, the paper quality, the print quality and the overall fit and finish of the book. I am a Sunday School director, Bible teacher and deacon in the church and Ic use this wonderful edition of God’s Word daily. Thank you so much for this great tool. May God bless all.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Scott (verified owner)

    I have never owned high-end bible until now. The Schulyer Quentel NKJV, dark brown, red-letter edition I suspect will also be the last one ever own. The reason why is quite obvious — it is superbly well made.

    I expected a high quality bible but I received so much more. I was completly blown away by the goat skin cover. Coupled with the calf skin inner cover, it just literally melts in your hand.

    I thought I wanted a single column bible when I was shopping but the layout of the Quentel convinced me otherwise. I was not disappointed. It is masterfully arranged so that it is a joy to read. Coming from the ESV Legacy, it is several steps up in readability.

    When I read this bible, I am struck almost immediately by the lack of references. Yes, it has them and has them in abundance, but because of the Quentel way of arranging the text they all but disappear until you want to look for them. Then they are so easy to read an refer to. The same way is to be said for the translation notes.

    The two things that have really gotten my attention about the Schuyler Quentel NKJV is the font and the paper. The 11 point Milo font is an absolute dream to read. It is not to big as to require 11×14 paper and yet is well manageable for those who may prefer read comfortably without assistance.

    The paper is probably the most outstanding feature. It is thick enough to mark on if I want to (but not yet!) and still thin enough to remind me that I am reading something special. But that is not all. The off-white cream color of this bible gently leads me into a reading experience that never want to end. The stark whiteness of other bibles led to fatigue that the Quentel leads you away from.

    I came looking for a high-end leather bound bible. I received the Word of God in a heirloom.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Travis Wake (verified owner)

    The best Bible ever…. I found the One. Thank God for Schuyler.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    PL Barnett

    Still the best bible Schuyler makes -IMHO. The print is darker, both the black and the red, than all other versions. I wish that the NASB was printed like this. Of course this bible was the 1st with hubs as well. I can’t speak high enough about the quality! Wish blue and green were available in red letter but the brown is my favorite.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark Nelson (verified owner)

    Having finally become tired of Bibles that start falling apart after a few years, it was time to buy myself a Christmas present and buy my first high-end Bible. I grew up with the NASB, but I’ve come to love the NKJV and wanted a quality red-letter NKJV and this Schuyler Quentel was it. (Dark brown goatskin red-letter)

    I have come to loathe false advertising where you are shown a picture of what you’re buying and what you get is entirely different. Well, with this Schuyler, you get exactly what you see in the pictures. In one word, this Bible is exquisite! From cover to cover the materials, colors, font, layout, etc. was completely thought out.

    The goatskin cover with leather liner is very supple and with the spine ridges, sewn edge and gilt line on the inside edge, you know you’re holding something special.

    As my eyes begin to age and I require glasses to read almost anything, the 11 point Milo font with line matching on the just-right cream color Prima Bible paper with dark type and double column text is a joy to read… even without my glasses. The red lettering is subtle and easy on the eyes, matching the art-gilt in color. I also like the red chapter and verse in the cross-references. The chapter numbers as well as the book and page numbers at the top of the pages are also in red. I didn’t know how well I would like the cross-references at the bottom of the page, but I’ve come to be quite fond of them, especially since the chapter and verse are in red to be easily found.

    The maps are quite nice. Clear and readable with very subdued colors like the rest of the print throughout. I love the index to the maps with the vertical and horizontal grids like a Thomas guide map. They even show latitude and longitude and have a mileage chart.

    The ribbon color choices actually gave me pause before spending this kind of money as petty as that sounds, but then again, I’ve come to like the three completely different colors to help guide you right to your place. Very helpful to guide you to your exact place if you have a reading plan that has you reading from different parts of the Bible.

    I did find a couple of flaws with my Bible, but nothing worth noting. The average person would never find them if they looked at it. Would I spend the money and buy this Bible again? Absolutely!! It is gorgeous and a work of art. If Schuyler were to make one in Black goatskin with silver over blue Art-Gilt and a royal blue, light blue and silver ribbons (everything else the same), then I would have to be asking God for forgiveness as I lay down my credit card.

    Thank you Schuyler!

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    John G. Powell (verified owner)

    I have never seen a Bible so finely made as this Schuyler Quentel NKJV Dark Brown Goatskin (Red Letter) edition! The font, the paper, the footnotes, the feel, the layout, the print, etc. makes it an easy read. Please buy it and treat yourself to finely made Bible that truly honors our Lord! I’ve purchased this edition in January 2018 and I’ve not been able to put it down!

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    vrhs401 (verified owner)

    Remember the Lenord Skynard lyric: “ooh, that smell?” Man, these bibles have the most wonderful leather smell of high quality. I must say that Schuyler has set the standard for high-end top of the line craftsmanship – owning these Bibles are worth every penny! I frist purchased their ESV, but wanted to have the NKJV too because of my nostalgic feeling for maintaining some of the original translation – both are fantastic. I use the EVS personal size for mobility, but the NKJV sits fine on my lap next to a window showing off a sunny day. There are not enough words to describe how fantastic Schuyler bibles are … you have to smell one to truly understand!

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rich Huston

    I purchased the Schuyler Quentel in Dark Brown (beautiful) and black letter about a year ago. (fall 2017). I’ve been a Cambridge man since the early 70’s and own many quality Bibles. I have to say Schuyler got it nearly perfect with this edition of the Quentel. It is not a small Bible but for my 63 year old eyes it is a wonderful reading pleasure. It was such a joy on my eyes I began reading and reading some more, and realized after about a week I was on pace to read through my new Bible in 30 days which I ended up doing! No eye strain with 90 plus minutes of Bible reading a day would be impossible with any other Bible I own. Thank you Schuyler! Now I can’t wait to order the page matching personal size ASAP!

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    southamk (verified owner)

    This is the most beautiful bible I have ever owned. I bought it in the Dark Brown Goatskin Leather. It feels wonderful in my hands, it is extremely well crafted, the paper is if the highest quality and printed by one of the best printing houses in the Netherlands, and the large 11pt font is easy for aging eyes to read. I chose this color because the jewel toned ribbons are stunning on this model. Yes, the price is a but expensive, but trust me when I tell you you get what you pay for on this gorgeous NKJV Bible. The Red Letter edition here is beautiful and is more an easy on the eyes burgundy rather than bright red. I truly cherish reading God’s Word in this bible. Thank you Schuyler for creating this beautiful work of art, and for offering it!

  15. Rated 5 out of 5

    dletokw (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome in every respect! Only thing I wish they would do is to make it in a verse by verse format.

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