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 New photos of these Bibles.

The ESV Quentel is best all around classic reference ESV on the market.  With a clear, bold 11 point Milo font, opaque paper, references, extensive Schuyler maps – this Bible is a joy to read! The Typesetting design is from Denmark. The printing and binding take place in the the Netherlands. CLICK HERE for updated photos with the spine ribs (2017)

ESV Text Edition: 2016
Antique Marble Brown Natural Grain Goatskin with full leather linings (dark brown)
11 point Milo font
PDF of Jude
Line Matching
36 GSM Paper
Page size: 6.1″ x 9.13″ x 1.3″ (155 mm x 232 mm x 35 mm)
12 mm margins
9 mm yapp
3 x 1 cm gold ribbons
Art-Gilt edging (red under gold) with gilt line (gold line inside the cover)
Gold embossing on the Spine.
Raised Spine Ribs
Smyth Sewn
Black letter text (chapter numbers, headers and page number in red)
More than 80,000 entry cross references
Presentation page
Extensive Schuyler Bible Maps

Mark Bertrand Review – CLICK HERE.

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Weight4 lbs

11 reviews for Schuyler Quentel ESV, Antique Marble Brown Goatskin Bible

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marcia Pierce (verified owner)

    *This review is for the previous edition in Dark Brown.

    This Bible was delivered today, and it’s beautiful. The leather is very supple and soft. The dark brown color is very rich, and the multi-colored ribbons offer a beautiful color contrast. I just love it.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brian Haeger

    *This review is for the previous edition in Dark Brown.

    One thing I hate with a passion, is things that are done lazily. For example, expensive headphones that, internally, are not good. If you’re paying a premium price for a product, you’re expecting a premium outcome. This has, fortunately (and unfortunately) adjusted my tastes to the finer things in life, things such as this Bible. I’ve had previous experience with premium quality leather before in the form of boots and belts, but don’t own too many premium Bibles. So, needless to say, I was excited for this one.

    Right out of the box I saw just how big it was. The pictures that Mark Bertrand and posted are amazing, but it’s hard for me to see how big it is through pictures. To give you an idea, it’s the size of a Study Bible with large print. The print is definitely large at 11 pt, but obviously there are no study notes. With that being said, I think the size is awesome. I’m more of a tabletop Bible reader and the size and typography make it easy to read. If you prefer to hold your Bible while reading, the 4 lbs makes it a bit difficult to do for an extended period of time. I’ve tried. The Personal Size Quentel is a lot better at that method of reading.

    Now for my favorite part, the leather. I own other leather products such as Frye boots and Bell & Oak (now renamed to Clint Wilkinson) accessories, but the Goatskin on this Quentel is another level. It smells amazing and practically melts when you open it. I’ve never owned something that is so supple while also withstanding transportation; and looking good while doing it.

    Overall, this is truly a lifetime Bible and one that will last me for many many years to come.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joshua (verified owner)

    *This review is for the previous edition in Dark Brown.

    I hesitated before ordering a copy of the updated ESV Quentel. I had ordered one of the first generation ESV Quentels a couple years ago, but I returned it after finding it too bulky for convenient use. The Cambridge Clarion ESV became my backup, but I was growing frustrated with how distracting the busy reference format could be. I remained skeptical of the Quentel because of 1) the size and 2) the cost given my reservations. But I decided to give it a try to see what I thought after the design updates.

    I have now spent a few weeks with the Quentel and can say that this may finally be the last ESV I will ever purchase. Much has been covered in the reviews already, so I will mention just a couple features that make this edition really great in my opinion.

    This is the most important factor for me. The placement of the references at the bottom of the page allows for a double column format where the individual columns are not too scrunched. In addition, there’s something magical about the font. References, footnotes, and verse numbers disappear when you’re not looking for them. But then when you need them, they’re right there. I have very good eyesight and have never needed a large print edition, so I expected the font size to be a little too big. And it was big at first. But I’m beginning to appreciate the size more and more for both its clarity as well as the ability to read from a desk without having to bend over to get closer to the page. The setting is so easy to read, whether taking in large swaths of narrative at once, or zooming in on a particular passage. I will also add that the coloring of the chapter numbers (along with the double column format) seems to enhance the ability to take a mental snapshot of the page. This is important for easily finding a passage you previously read and for building a mental map of the contents of the Bible. The Quentel does this better than any edition I’ve used in the past (especially single column editions).

    On one of the first couple days with this Bible, I accidentally turned a page a little too hard. “Shoot!” I thought, “I already tore a page.” But when I looked down, there was no tear! The paper is that thick and tough. This is a big plus, and I’m sure it will help with longevity.

    As mentioned, this was one of my main reservations. The size has been much improved in this edition over the original. It’s still a large Bible, but it is now slim enough that it no longer has that “study Bible feel” (only ~2/3 as thick as the ESV Study Bible). In addition, the spine has some kind of hard, reinforcing structure embedded within it. I have never seen this in a Bible before, but it definitely adds support when holding it by hand. It’s slightly on the heavy side, although not nearly as heavy as the first edition. I have not had difficulty holding it for extended periods of reading (generally an hour and a half in one sitting). Overall, I’d say the readability far outweighs (pardon the pun) any concerns I had.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    W. Steven (verified owner)

    *This review is for the previous edition in Dark Brown.

    The only thing about this Bible I do not like is the multi-color ribbons…Purple? But this is an unbelievable Bible. This goatskin is like the Allan goatskin…soft and fluid…unbelievable. I have a Schuyler NLT in British Tan that is stiffer. This is comparable with the new Allan NASB goatskin (which I think is by far the best of the lot)…I have purchase quite a number from here. I was a little afraid to order because I bought one of the first NASB Schuyler and it was GIGANTIC. I gave it away…this one is smaller, a little bit of ghosting, large very legible type that is thrilling to read.I personally believe certain colors in goatskin are more fluid or pliable. My wife has the purple NLT…feels great…my British Tan NLT not as good but I still gave it 5 starts. This dark brown is the best I have experienced in the Schuyler…I’ll learn to live with the color of the ribbons.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    David B. (verified owner)

    *This review is for the previous edition in Dark Brown.

    I LOVE this Bible. I don’t ever need to buy another one. I have a classic reference Allan for study and marking, and this one is for reading and teaching/preaching. Maybe I’ll get the Quentel Personal Size too for portability when I do hospital visits etc. Extremely well made. I truly think Schulyer’s Bibles are the most finely made English Bibles made by anyone anywhere. I think it might very well be impossible to better their design by much. Three notes on what I think are probably the most common “snag points” for this particular version of the Schulyer:

    1. The Dark Brown in the pictures almost looks black sometimes. Not to worry. It is in fact brown. It is a nice dark brown. Not too dark or too light. Almost a chocolate shade. There isn’t much red in this shade of brown; it’s a true brown. So if you want something that’s reddish brown, the NASB or NIV versions are your ticket (they have marbled brown as far as I understand).

    2. The purple ribbon seems weird at first. I think that is a hangup for many looking to purchase this. Let me say that it is actually quite nice. The combination of green, plum, and gold ribbons was a high class choice on Schulyer’s part. Very illustrious looking. Classic looking. This is the sort of color combination I like to see in high end Bibles – unique, yet not ostentatious. Nothing against Allan (I have one and LOVE it), but I think having the same color ribbons is too plain. Any publisher can do that. But to pick different colors (even if they’re in the same shade group like in the dark green Quentel) which complement each other well, that is artistic. That’s what we pay for in finely made Bibles.

    3. The super hard spine can be a plus, folks, despite all the mixed reviews. I have an Allan which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, but it is just too floppy to stand very well on a vertical lectern when I am leading worship or preaching. It’s like wet cloth – wondrous in my lounge chair but very frustrating in certain other circumstances. Additionally, I am the kind of person who likes things to be over-engineered. I usually like products to not only be durable but also feel durable. Perhaps, as some say, the stiff Jongbloed spine is unnecessary and annoying. There is definitely validity to such an opinion. However, I appreciate that it feels like it will last decades. Sometimes I am worried about my Allan when traveling because it feels too flimsy to be resilient to the throes of a messenger bag, a duffle bag, or a suitcase. I could put it in a box, but it is irritating having to carry my Bible in a case. This hard-spined Schulyer, however, confidently sits alongside other books in my book bags etc. I never feel like it will be bent or torn if I don’t baby it. The leather is just as supple as the Allans otherwise. So I love both my Allan and my Schulyer, but for different reasons. I’ve been able to narrow down my Bible usage to these two Bibles just fine. Anyways, this is the other side to the coin regarding the spine.

    Bonus – The paper and printing are exquisite. When I spend a couple hundred on a Bible, I love when every detail feels worth it. Once again, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Allan, but the font/print/lack of red ink/lustre of paper don’t look a whole lot different from a $30 Bible at a glance. Educated people will be able to tell otherwise, but at first glance, there’s nothing special about the presentation. Schulyer’s Bibles are artistic and elegant from start to finish. Everything is immaculate. Each page is art. The words pop off the page. The page texture feels amazing between my fingers. The cross references don’t get in the way of my reading experience. Art, art, art – all the way through. In my humble opinion, the Schulyer outshines even other high end Bibles, as long as you can think outside the box (considering the hard spine, and it weighs 4 lbs).

    May God bless you richly as you read His Word! The words have power, regardless of what cover, ribbon, ink, or paper presents them.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    LD (verified owner)

    *This review is for the previous edition in Dark Brown.

    Last Saturday I received my Schuyler Quentel ESV, Dark Brown Goatskin Bible. The most important content, of course, is the wonderful Word. Praise forever, Amen! (but you all knew that).

    A beautifully hand crafted bible and well laid out. I can read everything with these older eyes. No hand crafted faults. Nice dark brown color, very soft and unblemished goatskin, nice ribbons, maps, concordance footnotes.

    The contents and layout are well done except for one thing I miss: intros.
    I’m accustomed to having book intros with small descriptions like Title, Background, Author and Date of Writing, Theme and Message and, Literary Features, etc. But that would add another 66 plus pages so I understand.

    Having had an RSV 1978 Study bible for 7 years, an NIV 1985 Study bible for 33 years and, now, this version which is not a study bible in that sense (that didn’t sound right), I miss those sections. I’m slowly getting accustomed to them being held ‘elsewhere’ so I can look anything up if need be.

    Never having owned a premium bible before I’m glad I researched and decided to order it. This is now my main bible and I don’t regret the investment. The folk at Evangelical Bible took great care in creating, packing, shipping and keeping me in the loop of the purchase – Thank you!

    May you all be blessed!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bob Edwards (verified owner)

    *This review is for the previous edition in Dark Brown.

    The dark brown Schuyler ESV Quentel is the second of three Quentels I’ve purchased over the past few months, and for which I’m now posting reviews. I first bought an Imperial Blue Quentel (see my review for it under the Schuyler Quentel ESV, Imperial Blue Goatskin listing) for myself and loved it so much that I bought this brown one for my wife for her birthday back in January. Needless to say she was thrilled to receive it and she uses it every morning as a reader before she transitions to her NASB Precepts Bible that she uses for her more in-depth study. She’s commented to me multiple times how she loves the “clarity and readability” of this Bible, owing to the generous 11-point Milo font and crisp text, and she loves the craftsmanship evidenced in virtually every aspect of its construction. And of course the text itself is what’s paramount, and the ESV is an excellent, readable version.
    She likes the somewhat novel tri-color approach on the ribbons (vs. all being a common color), and the gold, plum, and green go nicely with the rich, dark chocolate brown of the goatskin cover, yielding a pleasing, warm, inviting reading experience. I also had her name imprinted in gold on the front, and that came out quite nicely as well. All in all, an outstanding Bible, and the folks at are wonderful to deal with. I made the decision to buy this for my wife quite close to her birthday, but they managed to get it imprinted and shipped out the day after I placed my order, so it still arrived a full before her birthday. Also (and this applies to every Bible purchased from, not just Schuylers), the packaging for mailing is very well done, so you can depend upon your Bible being delivered intactly.
    If you’re considering getting a quality Bible – regardless of version – I’d encourage you to spend some time on the website and carefully look at all of the various brands, translations, and styles they offer; I don’t believe you’ll go wrong with any of them. And if you’re still undecided, give them a call or shoot them an email and they’ll be glad to help you out.
    Lastly, if you’re interested in some of the more subjective aspects of the ESV Quentel, please see my other review (referenced above). In it, I cover a few more aspects of the Bible, including a couple of things (both relatively minor) which I believe could – and should – be improved upon in future editions of the Quentel.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    nsmzed (verified owner)

    Unlike the reviews above, mine is for the the Antique Marble Brown. It is beautiful, but it is definitely a solid color, not marbled. I love it! At this point, Schuyler has the manufacturing process down for this edition, so it is probably the most flawless Bible I have ever owned. The gold gilding and embossing look really nice against this shade of brown. I can see why this color is so popular!

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    WS (verified owner)

    Read the other, more extensive reviews. They underline my observations regarding this latest-edition ESV Bible. Cover, paper, print, visual beauty, feel in the hand are superb. SCHULYER IS QUALITY. Thanks to evangelicabible for your responses to my inquiries and your excellent fulfillment services.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    asensio.p (verified owner)

    Stunned; beauty, elegance, execution.

    Words almost fail me. The craftsmanship, choice of materials, print layout and quality are mind blowing. It took me several weeks to pull the trigger on the purchase due to the cost, but now that I have it in my hands — all reservations have vanished.

    May our God richly bless you guys at Schuyler and everyone else involved in the production of these Bibles. They are truly deserving of housing the most valuable Words of God.

    Well done my brothers and sisters.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Stuart (verified owner)

    absolutely wonderful, beautiful print size and quality, leather and binding is superb. The Quentel range is the best in the world, it really is. I have purchased five and every one is perfect.

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