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Schuyler Quentel ESV, Full Yapp Dark Green Goatskin Bible

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Full Yapp Dark Green Goatskin cover with Red Calfskin liner
3 red ribbons and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 6.1″  x 9.13″ x 1.1″
11 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
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The ESV Quentel is the best all around classic reference ESV on the market.  With a clear, bold 11 point Milo font, opaque paper, references, extensive Schuyler maps – this Bible is a joy to read! The Typesetting design is from Denmark. The printing and binding is done in the Netherlands by Royal Jongbloed. This edition has a full yapp.

ESV Text Edition: 2016
Full Yapp Dark Green Natural Grain Goatskin with Red Calfskin Liner
11 point Milo font
PDF Sampler of Text
Line Matching
28 GSM
Page size: 6.1″  x 9.13″ x 1.1″ (155 mm x 232 mm x 29 mm)
12 mm overlap
3 x 1 cm ribbons (Red)
Art-Gilt edging (red under gold) with gilt line (gold line inside the cover)
Gold embossing on the Spine
Raised Spine Ribs
Smyth Sewn
Black letter text (chapter numbers, headers and page number in red)
More than 80,000 entry cross references
Presentation page
Extensive Schuyler Bible Maps

10 reviews for Schuyler Quentel ESV, Full Yapp Dark Green Goatskin Bible


    I have had my absolutely exquisite green, full yapp, esv for several weeks now. It is beyond compare in every way. Materials, workmanship are perfection. Easy to read with great font and ink color. Gave my youngest son my other Schuller that was also totally awesome. I like to buy a new one every year or so and then pass the last one on to a family member. My son was very pleased. Sorry, but no, I will not adopt you. 🙂

  2. huntley3232

    I have owned a two Cambridge Bibles in goatskin, the wide margin, and the pitt minion. Both are very nice bibles but…. this Schuyler Quentel full yapp in dark green is on another level. The leather seems to have been taken from the finest source. The grain is perfect, the color is perfect, and the feel and smell are beyond words. The font is clear and beautiful. I wish I had known how amazing the quality was on these Quentel Bibles long ago. I can’t recommend this Bible enough.

  3. Ryan Todd

    This Bible is gorgeous! Every time I see it I am compelled to pick it up. This is my first Full Yapp Bible and I absolutely love it. Not sure I can go back. I really love the combination of the green leather with the red liner and ribbons. It is such a winner and I wish my ESV PSQ matched it. (I’d be tempted if they released one.)

    The layout of the Quentel is amazing and I do enjoy to the large font. I don’t mind the 28-GSM paper although there is a part of me that wonders if increasing the paper thickness and decreasing the font to a 10pt could be an even better option. Either way this is an amazing Bible and Schuyler have lived up to their top quality reputation.

    P.S. If they do an ESV Wide Margin with the green and red combination, I’d be very tempted by that too!!

  4. jasonmharms

    A great Bible all around, but the paper is too thin for this to be called a premium Bible. Difficult to turn the pages. 28 gsm paper works great in a PSQ but becomes problematic in a full size Quentel. Schuyler should listen to their reviews and consider making their full size Quentel at least 32 gsm, or maybe provide a 36 gsm option for those who don’t mind just a little more bulk. I don’t mind a thicker Bible, especially if the foot print size of the Bible isn’t changing.

  5. Philip Melgren

    This full yapp butter soft goatskin in dark green is the bomb! It ticks all my boxes and for me is “The One”. It is used every day, it is such a joy handle and read. I know I’m gushing but I love this Bible. I have 5 Schuyler Bibles. Don’t hesitate in purchasing one of these, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Evangelical Bible dot com for producing such awesome Bibles. Blessings from New Zealand.

  6. Jason Harms

    This is the finest Bible I have ever owned! The color combination of green, crimson red, and gold is spectacular. The fine details of this Bible show why Schuyler stands above all other publishers (full yapp, hand-pleated corners, perimeter stitching, beautiful, bold type face, gorgeous art gilt, and double-satin ribbons). The paper is lavishly smooth. The 28 gsm paper allows the Bible to be easily portable. I got the wide margin edition for my notes (another home run Bible!). Thanks, Evangelical Bible, for a grand slam with this special offering!

  7. Nedra

    This Bible is stunning! I could not be more pleased. The goatskin leather is soft and floppy. Love the red liner and red ribbons. The red with the dark green sets this Bible apart. It’s a beautiful combination. The full yapp makes it even more special. The paper feels soft to the touch. I’m very impressed with the quality and beauty. Thank you Schuyler!

  8. Wayne Finnerty

    This review is 4 stars based on the bible I received versus the Quentel bible form factor itself or this bible in general. I have bought six Schyler bibles (received five….dealing with FedEx on that issue) and of the five I received, four are absolutely perfect….just perfect in form and execution. This ESV is number five received and is good, but not perfect.

    First….let me say that the bible is NOT being returned. The issues are minor…I think I am spoiled from my previous dealing with Schlyer bibles. What I received is a “Monday” bible. Let me explain.

    In days of my youth, when looking to buy a car, you would always try to determine what day of the week the car you were looking at was built. Monday and Friday were days to avoid if at all possible. Monday vehicles were put together by workers still feeling the effects of the weekend while Friday workers were looking forward to the weekend. On Monday, the workers were not quite up to par on execution….on Friday, the workers were looking forward to the weekend and their minds were not fully on their purpose. Both resulted in vehicles that often resulted in frequent visits to the car dealerships. It was not big things, but little things. The cars drove off the lot fine, but there were things not quite right. Hence my comment on receiving a “Monday” bible.

    I won’t bother going over all the wonderful Quentel design in general. If you are here, you are aware of them. I have nothing but good to say and nothing to add beyond what is written in the bible description or what you already know.

    Here are specific comments on the bible received and specific design:

    1. Gilding on the bottom left much to be desired. I have seen and received worse from other premium sellers, but there was significant “streaking” on the gilding. Not deep enough to affect the pages….I can live with it. Other gilding (top/side) was perfect.

    2. It appears they ran out of thread when stitching the yap on middle/rear cover. They did back up to re-stitch over the area they ran out and did a good job of it. It sticks out on the inner cover, and you can see it on the outer cover if you look close. Not a big deal…..I laughed when I figured out what happened.

    3. Unequal amounts of Yapp on the bottom (less) as compared to the top/side. The top and side have excess yapp in that they don’t just meet, they actually extend over the edges expected…..the bottom meets…..barely. If I had to guess….which I am doing…..I think the text block is a little uncentered to the bottom…..but again….with the bottom meeting for a full yapp, it’s fine.

    Hence…..overall… “Monday” bible.

    Nothing else negative to say at all but there is one thing I am not certain of…..let me explain briefly. If you look at reviews and watch some UTube bible reviews, the Schyler bible Concordances have been decried pretty consistently on legibility due to size. The Concordance here is a 3-column concordance, still pretty small type. I compared to my Schyler NASB Credo and it has a 4-column concordance…..but the type looked similar. Not sure what to say there…..take a look your self. One review in the ESV WM mentions that they increased the type in the Concordance in the new editions….I just don’t know if it applies here.

    You can read everything else from colors, paper, line matching, etc. from the description. It is all good and works well. I truly love the Quentel series.

    So overall….a great bible design that I am happy to have. Just get one from Tuesday.

  9. Ronald Chastine

    Received this bible today and was completely stunned at the quality and beauty. Absolutely gorgeous. Such fine leather with stitching around the yapp. I am so delighted that I choose the full yapp. It makes the Bible beyond superb. Love the red liner as it highlights the green goatskin. Maps are the best I have seen. The concordance print is tiny, but even my 80 year old eyes can put up with it because this bible is thinner than expected. Reminds me of a thin full size Allan NASB I ordered long ago before their change in location. I have no doubt that Schuyler has now surpassed Allan in quality. The little details make the difference (I still love my Allan bibles). You will not regret paying the price for this bible. I am so glad I choose the green full yapp goatskin edition and you will be too! Dr. Ron Chastine

  10. Jim Molnar

    Just plain WOW!!! Full yapp, butter soft goatskin, complete yoga flexibility, red under gold including the liner, this one is a keeper. At 28gsm the paper has a bit of ghosting but the each page turns easily. The line matching is perfect. The hinge is stiff yet opens easily and lays flat in Genesis. One minor flaw is off center printing on the spine but since my hand is always there nobody else will ever see this. The green cover is dark yet subdued, not flashy, a welcome variation from my other black and brown Bibles.

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