Schuyler Quentel NASB, Black Goatskin Bible

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Black Goatskin cover and Red Calfskin liner
3 red ribbons with red under gold page edges
Page size: 6.1″ x 9.1″ x 1.1″
11 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

(Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting)


Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

Goudy 18pt
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Goudy 18pt UPPERCASE (initials only)
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News Gothic 14pt
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Black Goatskin Covers with Red Calfskin lining
11 point font
PDF Sampler of the interior
1995 text
Line Matching
28 GSM Indopaque Paper
Page size: 6.1″ x 9.1″ x 1.1″ (156 x 231 x 29 mm)
16 mm margins
9 mm yapp
3 x 1 cm ribbons (Red)
Art-Gilt edging (red under gold) with gilt line (gold line inside the cover)
Smyth Sewn
Black letter text (chapter numbers, headers and page number in red)
More than 95,000 entry cross references and about 17,000 translation footnotes
Presentation and Family Record Pages
Schuyler Maps


25 reviews for Schuyler Quentel NASB, Black Goatskin Bible

  1. Woodard Springstube

    My Quintel NASB is the finest Bible I’ve ever owned. Exquisite is the word I’d use to describe it. The type is easy to read. I’d highly recommend this product for anyone who wants a premium Bible in the NASB

  2. Brent Dziondziak

    I have never held a bible that is constructed with a quality as high as this. The spine is like steel, while the rest of the bible is so pliable that I can lay it down on any surface or on my lap/leg and it will conform and stay open. Its such a joy to hold that I find I read it more and for longer. Worth every penny.
    Id like to see a version that has no concordance or references in order to make the paper as thick as possible.

  3. Rev John WilderspinI

    Recently purchased this Bible & very pleased for the most part. My only concern is in regards to the corner work. The front lower leather cover has been left slightly raised & left in a less than professional way, making it vulnerable for further tearing & damage. I have several other Bibles printed by Jongbloed none of which have this problem so I’m left a bit surprised & disappointed

  4. John Appleton

    Purchased this bible about a month ago. This was my first premium bible and I purchased because I was tired of destroying cheaply made bibles that didn’t last. I wanted something that I could use for years to come. I am incredibly happy with the purchase as the binding is top notch, the hubs on the spine are great quality. Three ribbons are very handy. What I appreciate the most is the font size and the layout of the pages. Where the cross references are and the translation notes make it very easy to read while still being easy to reference. I will be ordering the wide margin as soon as it releases as well.

  5. Tereasa Hilliard

    Happy with my Black NASB Quentel actually delighted is closer to my feelings.
    This was a slightly imperfect Schulyer and that makes it even better for me. Such a beautiful Bible. Lovely grain so wonderful to see and touch. The print is clear and easy to read. Very pleased and thankful for evangelicalbible sending such a gem.
    The mail out from evangelicalbible was swift. But next time I hope I use Federal Express because I was so excited to start using this Bible I could hardly stand waiting for the U.S. Mail.
    Now it is with great Joy I recommend the NASB Black Quentel.
    Superb job on my initials too. Thank you so very much! God Bless your reading!

  6. DBP

    Absolutely love Evangelical Bible!
    Schuyler is, in my opinion, the best.
    : )
    This version of the Quentel has paper too thin.
    Ghosting is a distraction, especially for older eyes.
    There are those of us that do not mind (actually prefer) a thick Bible.
    Ditch the concordance and maps and use heavier paper.

    Excellent quality, very, very nice Bible other than the thin paper.
    Wider yap please.

  7. mkihox

    First of all Evangelical is an amazing company. Customer service is second to none. In this day and age of massive online companies with ambiguous customer service, it is refreshing to deal with Beth and the team at EB. The NASB Thintel Goatskin in black is absolutely amazing. Supple to the touch, exceptional paper, super readable Milo font. The concordance print may be small for some but overall this is a SUPER premium bible. This Bible should last a lifetime and then some.

  8. Gabriela

    Last year, I bought Schuyler Quentel NASB, the Black Goatskin Bible, and it’s a beautiful, good-quality Bible, but there is one problem with the Bible. Concordance has a 4-point font size, it is too small, for a person to read, even a person with good eyesight will have difficulty reading. All God’s Divine Words are important, so to reduce the font size in Concordance for a smaller font is the same as subtracting from God’s Divine Words! Perhaps, one day, the Schuyler Quentel Bible Concordance has an 11-point font size, that is readable to people of different eyesight. God bless you all!

  9. twalsh

    I’ve only very recently discovered Schuyler Bibles and I’m so in love with everything about them. This black goat leather NASB was my first one (also now have an ESV personal size in Marbled Mahogany Calfskin and just now preordered a full size ESV in the Slate goatskin and I can’t wait to receive it)! I’m a person who loves to study God’s Word, for hours and hours on end, and I like to look at all the different translations and compare. To have God’s Word made available to me done in such quality the way that Schuyler makes their Bibles with the thick, supple goatskin leather, the gorgeous art gild, the smooth as silk pages… it’s just amazing to me to be able to read His Word like this, feeling like it gets the proper attention paid to it in making sure every aspect is so quality done, with such reverence and respect for God’s Word as HE deserves from us. It’s worth every penny spent to me, in fact way more than money spent on the latest electronic phone or gadget because God’s Word is Priceless. Thank you Schuyler for making such a beautiful, high quality Bible. I plan to buy (eventually) in all the translations you offer; and hopefully you will do more, because to me your Bibles are even better quality than Cambridge or any other premium available to purchase.

  10. Wes Baker

    Wow! What a nice, well made Bible. The font, print, leather, and paper are top of the line! Just to hold the Bible is a real treat! It is a pleasure to read and it has so many Scripture references and the NASB notes. It is a great tool to have in my arsenal! The only negative to me, is the paragraph layout. This is only personal preference, but is does make it difficult to find the verse number when I am looking for it.

  11. jeffreyjrobarge

    Absolutely beautiful Bible. If you get this you will not be disappointed.

  12. Scott Hart

    This bible is amazing. The content and printing et al were just as I expected since I have a Thinline NASB. I got this because I wanted a black NASB and thought the concordance would be a good added feature.

    The cover is what really amazed me. It doesn’t have the gloss that my thinline british tan has. It has a really soft feel to it as well.

    Another thing that stood out is the yap. I never gave much thought to yap before. But, the yap is larger than my thinline and it is a noticeable difference and welcome feel to holding the bible for carrying and reading.

    It is hard to believe this bible is the same size as the thinline. It carries and feels smaller than the thinline. I am quite impressed.

    I am very pleased.

  13. Pastor Mark Barrett

    I have been preaching for over 25 years, more than half my life. I have owned many Bibles, this one surpasses them all. Elegant craftsmanship, outstanding durability, beautifully printed and made out of the finest materials…as the word of God should be.

  14. Greg Churchley

    I just received my Schuyler Quentel Thinline yesterday. It’s everything you would expect from a premium Bible and more. Every aspect of it screams “superior quality,” even in things I wouldn’t have expected. For instance: The ribbons are clearly not your average ribbon material. They are both thicker and wider than normal Bible ribbons and not made of the standard nylon material. I’m normally not concerned with the maps in a Bible, but these stand out. I’ve always liked Bibles with a leather inner liner as opposed to whatever cardboard material is normally used. This makes the cover much more flexible and wraps around your hand. Of course, the paper is excellent quality as well. If I could improve anything, I would only ask for a red letter version. That said, the red (scarlet?) text for chapter and reference numbers is both attractive and helpful. Evangelicalbible was a pleasure to work with. They shipped the same day I ordered and there were no hassles.

  15. Chet Gaugh

    My review of this Bible cannot be made without also commenting on EvangelicalBible

    I have been watching and reading reviews on various platforms for some time. Not only on this bible but many others as well. I needed some clarification on a particular question so I contacted EvangelicalBible and within minutes they answered me with sincere kindness. And after ordering, they had it ready for shipping that day and it arrived sooner than expected.

    There are many photographs of this Bible available online. There are numerous extensive videos as well. And with no fault to those photographs and videos, it is hard to truly know what the quality, beatuty, craftsmanship, feel, and readability is like until you experience it. And when you do, you’ll discover, as I did, how photographs and videos pale in comparison to that real life experience. This Bible is magnificent. I am blessed to have my own in my hands.

  16. Paula Perry

    This Bible is exquisite. Everything about it—the cover, binding, paper, print, layout, design—is top of the line. I love the look and feel as well as the ease and enjoyment it adds to reading God’s Word.

    I’ve never owned a Bible this nice and had to talk myself into paying the price. But after considering all the money I spend on things that just wear out and get thrown away, I realized how ridiclous it was to hesitate spending this much on God’s Word, especially since I’ll read this one every day for the rest of my life and then pass it on to a loved one.

    Now, I’ve even ordered one as a gift for a special friend. I like it that much!

  17. Brian Miller

    I have had my Thinline for four and half months as of this writing and I also own the second edition of the Schuyler NASB which I have had for almost 2 years now.

    I purchased the Thinline because I really love the layout of the Schuyler and yet the 2nd edition is a chunky Bible and the thought of a thinner version was compelling.

    The Thinline has whiter paper which I prefer over the antique coloring of the 2nd edition.  The Thinline is a very floppy Bible and frankly it could use a tad of stiffness in the cover, allowing the pages to stay flat when propped up for reading and making it easier to flip through when looking for a page, so the Bible is “colapsing” in.

    The Thinline is a beautiful Bible and extremely well made, as one would expect for the price. The one area my Schuyler Bibles fall short is the ghosting in their choice of paper. My two editions have different paper and both have ghosting. When comparing the two side-by-side, it would appear the ghosting is very similar, if not identical, even with the thicker paper of the 2nd edition. That said, I find it to be less of an issue when reading the 2nd edition. All-in-all, every time I use the new Thinline I end up switching back to my 2nd edition. It has given me a greater appreciation for that Bible, it just cost me $200 to learn.

    I appeal to Schuyler to source paper with less ghosting, I find it bothersome; there are other premium Bibles that do better.

    I still highly recommend the Bible, the layout and quality are top notch.

  18. Dylan

    This is a high quality Bible! Another amazing production by Schuyler. The leather is very soft and supple, yet feels durable at the same time. The red under gold is a wonderful deep red and is evenly applied to the pages. It is by far the floppiest bible I have ever held and my goodness does it feel amazing to hold. The large print coupled with the paragraph format makes this bible a joy to read. I was surprised to see how little ghosting there is despite the 28 gsm paper. It has less ghosting than my Allan Readers which has 32 gsm! I love that they put 3 ribbons in this bible even though it is the same thickness as the PSQ and the PSQ only has 2. The more ribbons the better! I am not sure if the spine is reinforced (other than the hubs) but it definitely feels as if it is. When the bible is open and I am holding it, the spine feels very sturdy. I can tell this bible will last for decades and will be passed down to my kids someday. All I can say is if you are at all considering picking this bible up, do it. It is worth every penny. Thank you EB for another amazing bible and wonderful customer service as always!

  19. landon.sanchez

    I simply love this Bible. There is really nothing bad to say about it other than at times the pages are hard to turn as they are thin. But this is a thinline. The pages are going to be thinner to decrease the profile! The words pop off the page nonetheless. They are silky smooth—I own a Crossway ESV Heirloom single column Legacy and to the touch the pages are significantly different. This doesn’t mean anything other than when you feel these pages, you know it’s quality.

    The craftsmanship on the leather, artgilding, and binding is superb. With the tasteful highlights of red (a deep, rich red, not candy apple red) the chapters and verse references are easy to locate and are a nice touch to separate the reference section from the text as well as the subtle underline for each book title.

    This Bible has one over on the Crossway with longer (I think) and definitely thicker book ribbons, though there are only three which is honestly enough, though a fourth wouldn’t hurt.

    On a side note, I did find myself in need of corresponding with’s customer service. They were prompt in their responses over both telephone and email and very understanding and helpful.

    Trust me, from what I’ve seen of the two Schuyler bibles my wife and I own, I can’t imagine you can go wrong with anything in their lineup!

  20. Max

    Just received this on 1/27/18. Really love the quality – see my video review.

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