Schuyler Quentel NKJV, Dark Green Goatskin Bible

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Natural Grain Dark Green Goatskin Cover with Dark Brown full Calfskin Leather Lining
11 point Milo font PDF of the text.
Line Matching
28 GSM Indopaque Paper
Page size: 6.14″ x 9.1″ x 1.1″ (156 mm  x 231 mm  x 29 mm)
12 mm margins
9 mm yapp
3 x 1 cm ribbons (Gold)
Art-Gilt edging (red under gold)
Gilt line (gold line inside the cover)
Raised Spine Ribs
Smyth Sewn
Words of Christ in Red
More than 60,000 cross references entries
Presentation page
Extensive Schuyler Maps

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13 reviews for Schuyler Quentel NKJV, Dark Green Goatskin Bible

  1. Sylvia Turner (verified owner)

    This Bible is superb in every detail. The leather is flexible and gorgeous, and I love the perimeter stitching. The text block is perfect, crystal clear and easy to read. I like the red numbers which start each chapter. They are a tasteful red, not garish at all, and blend with the text beautifully. The paper is of excellent quality and off-white so it is not glaringly white as in some Bibles. The gold-coloured ribbons compliment the green beautifully. It is comfortable to hold in the hand when reading. All in all, there is only one word to describe it – exquisite. And I think the price is extremely reasonable for what you get.

  2. crosswave4 (verified owner)

    Wow! This is one of those rare occasions where the pictures and hype actually live up to reality. Without a doubt, this is the best Bible I have ever owned. This is better than my Allen longprimer by a fair margin. The leather is supple, yet tough. It is a joy to read do to the excellent text block. The words seem to poor off the page when I read it. I mean that in a good way. It’s a pretty heavy Bible. A bit larger than I’d prefer but it’s no big deal. I’m thinking of getting the blue one as well just because I like the green one so much. Expensive? Yes. But I think it’s worth it. I’m glad I decided to come back to the NKJV. I will also note that the Schuyler version has removed the triquetra which I am thankful for. I highly recommend this Bible. This is the Bible I been looking for for years.

  3. Tom taylor (verified owner)

    What can I say!
    To start with, delivered all the way from America to my sleepy village in England in under a week!!
    This Bible is just sublime in every way. I have many bibles including Cambridge and Allen.
    But the Quentel is superb, craftsmanship, quality and built to last.
    The typeface is so clear and easy to read for my fifty year old eyes.
    If you can spend that bit more on a bible then this is the one.
    Thank you

  4. William

    When I buy a Bible I am first looking at quality. I want the best paper, leather, etc. that I can get. Secondly, and most importantly, is readability. I read my Bibles often so I need a nice font in a nice readable size. I currently have four Quentels and they are far and away my favorite Bibles. My main Bible is an Allen Longprimer but only because there is no KJV Quentel as of yet. I rate the Quentel series of Bibles as my very favorite. I also really appreciate the two column paragraph format and the red letter feature which is so uncommon in high quality Bibles. I couldn’t be more pleased with this Quentel Bible.

  5. Dennis Preston (verified owner)

    This just looks and feels like a Bible should look and feel. The green leather is dark with just the right amount of firmness. It has a heft that lets you know it’s a book of substance. The typesetting is great, no distractions in the margins from references. The font size is perfect, very readable even without bifocals. It just feels like a Bible should feel…substantive. Very well done, this is now my favorite Bible.

  6. Christopher Miller (verified owner)

    Kudos to evangelical bible for prompt service. I ordered this bible on a Tuesday and it arrive at my home in Kansas on Thursday.

    This is without doubt the most elegant reference bible I have ever seen or handled. I really admire Schuyler for hiring the best designers out there to design this bible. I normally prefer single column editions, to my surprise however, I found myself really liking this setting.

    Material wise this bible is very nice. Many people have commented on the beautiful leather that they used. It is true that it is very nice leather. I think that more people should brag on the paper that they used. It is extraordinary how soft it feels. This coupled with the thicker paper and the line matching make ghosting unnoticeable.

    This bible, while I feel it deserves five stars, does have a few things I wish were different. I don’t deduct a star for these issues because they are just personal preference. They have nothing to do with the quality or excellence of this bible.
    1. I wish the Schuyler logo on the bottom of the spine would be a touch smaller. It seems a little big and gaudy to me.
    2. The ribbons are nice and thick, but i would have preferred them to be angle cut.
    3. I would like to see a full yapp cover being an option on these.
    Again, these are only personal preferences. I see no issues at all with the quality of this bible. I feel confident that I will use and enjoy this bible for many years.

  7. James A. Henson (verified owner)

    I want to thank Evangelical Bibles for a wonderful transaction… I ordered 5/15/18, and received my order 5/17/18! Such service from a wonderful company…my new Bible is beautiful!

  8. timfrisch79 (verified owner)

    Design – 5/5
    Printing – 5/5
    Durability/Materials – 5/5
    Size – 3/5
    Overall Quality – 5/5

    The Schuyler Quentel is a beautiful, high quality Bible. The design of the cover, the print format, and the materials used are all top notch. It is a solid, large Bible with large print. For those who want something easier to travel with and do not need such large print, the Personal Size Quentel NKJV (due in October of 2018) will likely be a good choice. is doing a fantastic job of providing premium Bibles for a wide variety of taste and needs. For a video shot of this product, see

  9. Christian from Portland Oregon

    The best New King James out there!

    I was looking for the best gift Bible in the NKJV for a family member. It’s not the translation I use so I did some digging. After lots of research I had a list of requirements the book must meet:

    -Strong yet flexible goatskin leather cover
    -Perimeter stitching for added cover durability
    -Opaque, thicker-than-onion paper with line matching to minimize ghosting
    -Smyth-sewn binding so the page signatures don’t come unglued and fall out
    -10pt+ font in legible type, with enough space for the text to breathe
    -Full leather lining, tabbed into the book block

    The number of Bibles that met this were very few and quite expensive. Especially rare was the perimeter stitching coupled with decent-sized font. Lo and behold, I saw this Schuyler advertised and that was that!
    It fulfilled and indeed exceeded all expectations. The custom text layout is easily the prettiest I’ve seen in any high-end Bible. I was impressed by the dark green dye on the goatskin; I had never seen this before and didn’t know if I would like it but in person it is simply fantastic. If you’re looking for “the one” Bible to last you forever, buy a Quentel from 2016 or newer. You can identify these by the raised ribs on the spine. I think I’m in love.

    Disclaimer: I bought this from a third party seller, but liked it so much I went back and bought a Quentel in the English Standard Version for myself from

  10. Mike M (verified owner)

    Just received my new Dark Green Bible and am very impressed… I’ve had many Bibles through the years but nothing like this. There’s just a different feel in the hand… almost like it’s padded.
    Readability is outstanding, with the font size just right.
    Yes, they are but in the spendy side, but I would buy it again no questions asked.

    Thanks to Beth and the rest of the team.

  11. solitarypilgrimnj (verified owner)

    A Different Angle

    I just received my Dark Green Quentel and like everyone else… just WOW. However, I am not going to go into typical descriptions of the incredible Goatskin, features, font, etc., because if you’re reading this, you probably already know all about the SQ. 🙂

    So I want to come from another angle – the colors.

    Many of us grew up with 3 colors to choose from – Black, blacker, blackest. 🙂 Then burgundy/brown made its way to the party and made things more interesting. But still, not much to choose from. Now? There is almost every color under the sun…Almost.

    And that is why I went with the Schuyler Quentel – aside from the phenomenal craftsmanship, AND black letter text, they offered the color I have wanted for YEARS in my 2nd favorite translation (CEB is my favorite but oh what abysmal editions): A NKJV in Dark Green Natural Grain Goatskin.

    So why Green? I am a nature fanatic, especially trees and birds, and spend as much time outdoors in natural settings as I can. Green is the perfect representation of nature. And Autumn is my favorite time of year. Like many, I have always felt closest to God in nature. I love walking through the woods in Autumn, leaves rustling, fresh cool air, and stunning colors all around me as I talk with my Creator. But trying to study your bible out there could be some task! But with the Dark Green Quentel, nature has come to me.

    The combination of colors in this bible is just astonishing and is like having an Autumn tree in my hands every single time I open my bible – Dark green cover, brown liner, red and gold art gilt page edges, burnt red font sprinkled throughout the pages, and 3 ribbons of different shades of gold! I am SO thankful I chose this Bible.

    So never underestimate the aesthetic and tactile pleasure of a Bible. It can truly enhance and even change one’s entire spiritual experience with the Word of God. And the SQ Dark Green Goatskin has done exactly that for me.

  12. James (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing bible!! I’ve already ordered a nasb thinline credo after receiving this one. Worth every penny. Get one while they are available. You wont regret it. Sa tabernacle does a great review on youtube.

  13. val (verified owner)

    I already own a Schuyler personal size NKJV Quentel in navy calfskin (which I reviewed in November 2018). I was so impressed with this beautiful little Bible that I wanted the larger Quentel in goatskin for everyday home study. I initially was going to get an ESV version, mainly because I don’t yet have a bible in that translation, but this green NKJV in goatskin was on sale, and, besides already loving the translation, the color intrigued me. I am so very happy I purchased this bible. It more than met my expectations! I almost gasped at the beauty of it when I first took it out of the box. The color combination of the dark green cover with dark brown calfskin lining, gold bookmarks and gold art gilding over the page edges are simply stunning.The 11 pt. font is wonderful to read, and the page paper is a little thicker than the personal size , making it easier to turn the pages without damage. Of course the goatskin leather cover is soft and supple.

    One side benefit to choosing the NKJV over the ESV that I intended to buy is that it allows me to take advantage of the page matching feature between the regular sized and personal sized Quentel. I will be interested to see how that works out.

    I was also very pleased with the prompt service Evangelical provided (thanks, Kathleen!). I ordered this on Dec. 29th and received it in only 2 days.

    The only minus for me (purely preference) is that this is a black letter edition, and I prefer red letter. It certainly wasn’t a deal breaker for me, though. The red print accents of the chapter and page numbers are enough to satisfy me. The red accents in the concordance are particularly helpful for locating words and verses.

    I highly recommend this beautiful Bible if you’re looking for beauty, top quality and durability.

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