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Schuyler Stridon NASB, Full Yapp Marbled Mahogany Calfskin Bible

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Full Yapp Marbled Mahogany Calfskin cover with Dark Brown Calfskin liner
2 dark brown ribbons, 1 gold ribbon, and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 6.1″ x 9.1″ x 1.3″
10 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
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The Schuyler Stridon is a new and unique presentation of the NASB text. Here is a PDF sampler. Here are pictures. This single column, verse-by-verse typesetting is framed with wide outer margins. Cross references and footnotes are separated at the bottom of the page for ease of use.

Full Yapp Marbled Mahogany Covers with Dark Brown Calfskin Lining
10 point font
NASB 2020 text
Trim size: approximately 6.1″ x 9.1″ x 1.3″ (156 mm x 232 mm x 33 mm)
Line Matching
Single column, verse by verse layout
28 GSM Indopaque Paper
~1 inch outer margins
3 x 1 cm ribbons (Dark Brown, Gold, Dark Brown)
Art-Gilt edging (red under gold) with gilt line (gold line inside the cover)
Smyth Sewn
Black letter text
More than 95,000 cross references and the full set of translation footnotes
Presentation and Family Records Pages
Schuyler Maps

31 reviews for Schuyler Stridon NASB, Full Yapp Marbled Mahogany Calfskin Bible

  1. Guy Fawver (verified owner)

    I got my Stridon marbled mahogany calfskin Bible today. I requested a highly grained pattern, and when I opened it, I was very pleased that the shipping department took the time and picked the best one they could find out of a few samples to match my request. I like the single column format. And the Quentel block is excellent for reading, even for long periods. The quality is among the best. With EB choices of colors of either goatskin or calfskin leathers, regular yapp or full yapp, Schuyler remains on the cutting edge of publishing a Bible for everyone. Their customer service is second to none. EB is the best place to buy your premium Bibles.

  2. Justin Ridgely (verified owner)

    Five stars first of all for Evangelical Bible. Couldnt be happier!

    As for the Longprimer.. I just cant express how well this Bible is put together..

    The binding is simply amazing, out of the box, its melts into your hands..

    Dont hesitate on this like I did.. Its a great Bible and a fine example of Gods written word.

  3. LAURO TREJO (verified owner)

    This is absolutely unquestionably by far the most READABLE BIBLE I have ever owned.

  4. Chris P. (verified owner)

    Impeccable construction, basically a work of art. The binding is the best I have seen in any bible. The full yapp gives it an old world look that catches your eye. All the other Allan treatments are excellent and I will not comment on them.

    The paper is surprisingly thin, but OPAQUE. How that works is difficult to understand, because the paper in my Allan ESV1 is thicker, but less opaque.

    It appears that the typesetting is an old format. It may be from the 1960s. As a result, the print is bold (almost a photocopy/scan effect) with some bleeding around some of the letters. I have seen comments that some letters have defects in them, which is true, but this is not too bad given the old typesetting. This is definitely not the modern print you find in the Clarions and other new ESV texts. Take the look of the print with the old-world look of the binding and you have a classic on your hand built to last.

    The bold print DOES NOT cause any significant shadowing (Crossway texts…) despite the paper being thin.

    There are two concordances in this bible. One of proper names, the other of terms (246 pages).

    This Bible should not receive a rating less than 5 for binding/construction and paper. The typesetting and print is up for discussion, but it is very bold and very good overall (4.5-5/5).

    Overall the Longprimer gets a 5 star mark. Purchase it and enjoy it!

  5. Cynthia Hahn (verified owner)

    The Longprimer KJV in Black Highland Goatskin is an outstanding bible. The print is bold and the font contributes to a very comfortable and pleasing reading experience. Ghosting or bleed through from the opposite side of the page is light as bible paper goes these days. The front portion of the textblock is expertly overcast sewn to Genesis chapter 27. The lined paper for notes in the back is of heavier weight than the bible paper, so this is a plus for note takers. The added translator words are not italicized. The only minor “faults” is that you will sometimes come across a lightly broken print character (relatively rare) and in some places the small reference print is of an extra bold nature.

    The art red dye does infringe a little on the page surfaces. I do not find this an issue and by this nature it contributes to the deep red edges of the pages when the bible is opened. Possibly some may find this bible a little heavy or limp for extended hand holding. The cover and its attachment to the textblock exhibit excellent workmanship. The three ribbons are equally spaced on the spine and the exit parallel to the spine. They are placed with care. To put it succinctly, this bible delivers on its representation and this deserves to be emphasized.

  6. Erik Bird (verified owner)

    Received my Longprimer today,and I really love it!Having bought the ESV1 recently,I knew what quality to expect.The Longprimers Highland Goatskin is so soft&flexible,yet its very durable and the natural grain pattern is great.The font is very bold and readable.I just love everything about Allan Bibles!I know this Bible will last longer than me!The size is nice too,not to big or heavy to carry.I hope to get a Blue Longprimer in the near future.If your trying to decide between Allan,Cambridge,or Schulyer..get the Allan!You won’t be disappointed.I really think the Highland Goatskin makes the BIG difference!!Thanks for making a GREAT Bible.

  7. Keith Mayo

    Received an Allan Longprimer in black highland goatskin as a Christmas present from my stepdaughter. I own Bibles from every major publisher there is going back as far as the 1890s and I can boldly state this is the finest Bible I’ve ever held in my hands. Cambridge comes close, but the Allan Longprimer is the most elegant Bible I’ve ever seen. Top notch old world craftsmanship and super high quality materials puts this head and shoulders above the rest. I was amazed at how easy on the eyes the printing is, especially considering this Bible isn’t that large. If you want a superior Bible that will last a lifetime for yourself or as a very special gift for a loved one, you can’t do better than the Allan Longprimer in goatskin. You might want to have a pair of white gloves handy. This Bible is so nice, you’ll be afraid of hurting it with your hands. Don’t worry though – you can’t. It’s that well made. Five stars are not enough to rate this Bible.

  8. John Gary (verified owner)

    Wow, very nice piece of artwork. God’s word glorified. The full yap makes this very unique. I have had the edges of bibles get banged into pews and get a splash of water on them, the yap will be useful protection. It is soft and flexible, i can’t figure it would be in the way. Very clear text, very good paper, very good cover; yes, one of the best bibles on earth to be sure. sent it out right away for me too. I have wanted one of these for years, real happy someone is selling them here in the US and I finally made the investment. If you buy one, read it, it is built to be used not preserved.

  9. Paul Jones

    I purchased this Bible along with several other Allen Bibles over the last few years. This is my work horse for teaching and Bible study. Clear typeface, quality binding, and not likely to wear out in my lifetime. This is worthy of consideration if you are looking for a KJV that is worth the money.

  10. Matthew Burns

    This bible is the King of all Bibles. It is probably the finest Bible ever made. I recently received my first Longprimer 53 BR (Brown Highland Goatskin) and it is gorgeous. The grain on the goatskin is beautiful, the color of the brown is perfect too. The \”HOLY BIBLE\” stamped on the front cover is perfect and really adds some spunk to the front instead of just having it plain. The gold ribbons contrast with the brown perfectly. The yapp is a perfect amount, not too much to where it is touching end to end but just halfway down the page about. It gives it style and page protection. The paper is the best paper I\’ve seen in a Bible. There is close to no ghosting, only a slight amount. The paper is very opaque and thick. The font is a nice bold 10 pt font that is so easy on the eyes for reading. The self-pronouncing words are very minimal and only used on some words which makes for an easier read. The Proper Names, Subject-Index, and Concordance in the back are very helpful. The maps are great and come with a map index so you can find any place on the map. The Bible is a perfect large size Bible. Any bigger would be too large looking and hard to hold, and any smaller would effect the font size and make it smaller. The double gold gilt line is beautifully done and adds to the luxury of the Bible. The red under gold gilt on the pages is done perfectly just like all other Allan Bibles. I would recommend this bible to anyone who is looking for the top of the line bible that is a) a large sized and large font Bible and b) King James Version translation.

  11. Michael Sanders (verified owner)

    At last…a bible that is as nice on the inside, as it is on the outside.
    I have got to say I am very picky when it comes to bibles and the Allan Longprimer has my approval. It is a wonderful bible. The problem with most bibles is with the paper they use, along with the readability of the print. The bible design, paper and ability to read the bible is as good as it gets. AWESOME BIBLE!

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