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The Treveris is a unique new typesetting from Schuyler that seeks to give the Bible reader a format that is free of human commentary, i.e. without subheadings, references, etc., but at the same time remains practical for Bible study. The text itself is free from callers, subheadings, and numbers, but verse and chapter designations are available in the margins, with subheadings in the header.


Black Natural Grain Calfskin, Red Liner, 3 Red Ribbons
See a PDF sampler of the text here
Trim Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″ x ~1.1″ (140mm x 215mm x ~28mm)
28 GSM Paper
Font: 10 pt.
Single Column Paragraph format
Single Column, Verse-by-Verse format for Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, Poetry, and Quotations
Ornamental Drop Caps
Red letter
Italics for supplied words
Epistle Dedicatory & Translators to the Readers
Line Matching to avoid “see through”
Art Gilt Edging (red under silver)
Lined Bible paper in the back
Schuyler Bible Maps

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Weight3.5 lbs

6 reviews for Schuyler Treveris KJV, Black Calfskin Bible

  1. Donald Tracey (verified owner)

    The well-designed Treveris format helps avoid heading off on the rabbit trail of references and footnotes, which are useful for in-depth study, but can sidetrack you. The font is crisp and a pleasurable read. I wish it was an all black letter text. The red letter has consistent shading and is well done but the shifting between black to red to black text seems slightly jarring in places.

    The cover is eye-catching. I love the silver lettering on the spine and the deep red interior liner is gorgeous. The red under silver page gilding is the icing on the cake. There are three crimson double-sided, satin ribbons. Goldilocks would approve of them. They are wide (3/8”) but not too wide and long (~12”) , but not too long. This Bible is a great reader, pure and simple, arguably the best reader’s edition out there.

    This calfskin edition is probably the underappreciated member of the KJV Treveris family. It shouldn’t be. The perimeter stitched cover is sturdy and attractive. Other Schuyler calfskin editions I have become more flexible with use and this one will too. This is a good carry-Bible, a great value, and I am glad I got one.

    Schuyler went to a clamshell box for the Treveris. My Bible apparently endured a rough trip on its way to me and while the box was banged up a bit the Bible inside was protected. I noticed the opinion in another Treveris review that this box is not up to premium Bible standards but I politely disagree. Cambridge, for example, uses this type of box too. The Treveris box is sturdy and it definitely protected my Bible.

  2. Ted Adams

    This Bible is so good to read that I read several chapters more than I usually do and the flow was excellent. The print, the setup of the text and the lower page color contribute to make a Bible that will be loved. Those who have a hard time with some of the print in some Bible will find as I did that the print was o easy to read and did not strain the eyes. It was so pleasurable to read and being able to read prose and poetry as it is in other versions of the Bible has brought out things I read with new eyes.
    The leather was excellent and soft, good to the touch and the way the Bible stayed open was so good as a book should be.
    I have read many types of Bibles for many versions and I still love the KJV. Although there are many fine KJV Bible that have been printed and continue to be printed, some with lots of references, maps and helps, yet this Bible makes study easier in that being able to read and having just a dictionary and maps with the verse numbers at the side, makes finding verses for study so much better.
    I also like this as text only as not being distracted by references, it is easier to read the text and surprisingly I have found that in doing so, the text brings things out I had not seen on some ways. There is also a measure of excellence that I see as to how God had the Bible put together.
    I have read many times through the Bible in many versions, but I have to say, for reading and love I still find the KJV the best even with its difficulties. And to have such an excellent Bible to read and study is beyond words.
    I know that they will become a favorite of many and possibly maybe a best seller. Schuyler has outdid themselves with this KJV. Thank you.

  3. Shannon Adams (verified owner)

    Stunning and breathtaking in every way. A Bible to be cherished and enjoyed in a classic and timeless translation.

  4. F. (verified owner)

    I am greatly enjoying my Treveris KJV. The paragraph format is a pleasure to read, & for my aging eyes the font size & style make the reading more relaxed. I also love that it’s a red letter edition. I opted for the calfskin edition. It’s sturdy & lovely. Whichever cover you choose, I’m confident you will greatly enjoy the Treveris KJV Bible.

  5. JccJr

    Like many, I have been anticipating the Treveris ever since I heard that it was being made. Before buying one through EB, I found one for sale used for about half the price and I could not resist. I have purchased many Bibles here and am always happy with the Customer Service.

    This Bible is different and I knew it would be before mine arrived. I have looked at the Website here (and the few YouTube reviews I could find), considering the details of this Bible and remained undecided as to whether or not the single column, verse numbers out to the side format would be something that I would like or not. I have had a few single-column Bibles in the past and always wound up not using them because my eyes couldn’t follow the text all the way across the page without getting lost on the following line. Because I was able to get this at the price that I did, I decided to go ahead. I am very, very glad that I did!

    Schuyler has accomplished their goal of making a text Bible that was a pleasure to read without distractions. I want to emphasize ‘without distractions’. This is very important to me these days. I didn’t realize how ‘distracted’ my reading of God’s Word was until the Treveris! There’s nothing to take your eyes away from the text unless you intentionally do so.

    The first time I opened this Bible, I read 7 chapters before I knew it and without any eyestrain at all. The font size and style are very good. The paper is among the best I have ever ‘felt’ (it’s hard not to just rub your hand across the pages while you read…, so soft and silky feeling yet easy to turn pages!). This is the Calfskin edition and it’s beautiful. I normally go for the goatskin but am very happy with this binding. The Bible is probably the perfect size for carrying to Church. I may even try to preach from it once I get more adapted to the layout.

    I can highly recommend your giving the Treveris consideration if you are looking for a high quality Bible for reading. It’s a true joy and pleasure!

  6. CHARLO C ALMEDA (verified owner)

    The KJV Treveris will not disappoint you when reading it, as the number verses are outside the the paragraph. One will begin to realize that when the writers were penning God’s words into parchment, there were no chapters and verse numbers to begin with. These writers were focused on bringing the Word of God to the people, with the main idea being displayed from beginning to finish, without any verse numbers interrupting its flow.

    It is very enjoyable to the eyes. No straining, no squinting, just a pleasurable read to digest its holy contents.

    As for the cover, the binding, and the art gild, Schuyler has done it again of elevating the KJV translation to its rightful and majestic place.

    Make no mistake with the KJV Treveris in the calfskin edition. The red under silver gilded edges, along with the dark red interior, gives the KJV black calfskin edition a majestic and royal appearance.

    I would recommend for those that desires to buy, but is under a tight budget, a Traveris in the black calfskin edition.

    It is less expensive, and yet all of its contents are very superior.

    God bless!

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