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The Treveris is a unique new typesetting from Schuyler that seeks to give the Bible reader a format that is free of human commentary, i.e. without subheadings, references, etc., but at the same time remains practical for Bible study. The text itself is free from callers, subheadings, and numbers, but verse and chapter designations are available in the margins, with subheadings in the header.


Slate Natural Grain Goatskin Full Yapp Cover, Red Leather Liner, 3 Red Ribbons – pics here.
See a PDF sampler of the text here
Trim Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″ x ~1.1″ (140mm x 215mm x ~28mm)
28 GSM Paper
Font: 10 pt.
Single Column Paragraph format
Single Column, Verse-by-Verse format for Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, Poetry, and Quotations
Ornamental Drop Caps
Red letter
Italics for supplied words
Epistle Dedicatory & Translators to the Readers
Line Matching to avoid “see through”
Art Gilt Edging (red under silver)
Lined Bible paper in the back
Schuyler Bible Maps

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Weight 3.5 lbs

20 reviews for Schuyler Treveris KJV, Slate Goatskin Bible

  1. Tony Gordon (verified owner)

    Beautiful bible! The Slate is stunning, wasn’t sure about it but it’s my favorite now, totally blown away by it. It will take some getting used to the format but looking forward to using this bible. I prefer black letter but the red looks good and consistent. Awesome job putting this one together.

  2. Scott (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a fine Bible that is perfect for reading, this is the one! It is easy on the eyes and crystal clear! I would say it rivals the Tourquoise text block for clarity and readability. The goatskin – well, it is beautiful! Supple and molds right to the hand. It is also the perfect size to take to church.

  3. Christopher Miller (verified owner)

    Context: This is my third Schuyler bible.

    This is a great bible. The construction is, as one would expect, flawless. I love the color scheme. It seems flawlessly laid out for general reading. It reads and opens like a bigger bible than it is, so that is a great feature. I love it when a bible carries smaller than it reads.

  4. David Adams

    I recently purchased a new KJV Schuyler Treveris fire brick red goatskin edition and was thoroughly delighted with my purchase. The 10 point type is quite readable, and the smooth liquid feel of the goatskin makes it a delight to read and hold in the hand. Buy this bible and enjoy!

  5. Charlie

    I bought a goatskin Concord and Turquoise. Both I believe have a leather liner. Quality is excellent.

  6. Matthew (verified owner)

    Hi . This is my sixth Schyuler bible . I really like this bible I agree with above reviewer maybe heavier paper?
    I like it it’s very nice . The color scheme is really cool . ….BUT The cover is not centered 😖😫and for those of us who enjoy the yapp it’s a real bummer the edge line which usually goes on edge of book block is off , anyway I know it’s petty but if I was the crafter of this binding I would admit I messed this one up . I called but you guys but you were not concerned , oh well . Like I said This is my sixth bible from you and I know there is small slight handmade imperfections that are totally fine but to not center the cover is a fail .Any way, it really bothered me and I don’t enjoy using this version because of this .

  7. Maverick Smith (verified owner)

    This is my favorite color scheme of all premium Bibles. I bought the NKJV PSQ in this color but prefer the full yapp. I wish the RSV or CSB had it as well. The NASB 2020 does in the Stridon but not full yapp. Aside from the ESV, this is the only full yapp – so, the KJV & ESV have full yapp grey slate with red under silver. I might give this one to my younger brother being an avid KJV user and any KJV reader should have the Preface to the Reader and the inscription to James I.
    I chose the Treveris because I noticed while reading Scripture texts on my phone, I blew up the font and hid the ch & vs numbers aside. I highly recommend this Bible!

  8. lionwolf1953 (verified owner)

    This is the first Schuyler Bible I have purchased. Boy, my money was not wasted. I have numerous Bibles but they are all either study bibles or reference bibles. Over time I found that I was reading the Bible more than studying the Bible. When I ran across this bible it seemed like the perfect solution, a bible designed for reading.

    It is a bible is well made and should last several lifetimes of daily use. Having recently had cataract surgery I am amazed at how clear and easy to read this 10 point font is. The really nice thing about this bible is the attention to detail the producers of this bible have taken. The drop blocks are so exquisite. The gray and red is so well matched.

    I could go on and on about this bible but I won’t. Suffice it to say I will probably be purchasing a Schuyler Canterbury in the near future as I really like the uncluttered text of these bibles. And the readability!!!

  9. Anthony Keylon (verified owner)

    Every time I purchase from Evangelical Bible and Schuyler I get the Bible and am amazed . Once again they do it again. The Treveris is a Beautiful Bible and so east to read. Construction is flawless. Thanks Evangelical Bible.

  10. Johnny H. (verified owner)

    Hi. I have had my Treveris for about 6 months now. Overall, it is a nice bible. I do think it needs a few improvements to make it a great bible. The goatskin binding, ribbon markers, print quality, and art guilting are all exceptional. was/is a GREAT company. The reason I gave only 3 stars was for more improvements to be made, mainly 2.

    One improvement would be thicker paper. The pages are hard to separate and turn. The paper hinders the reading experience when you have to struggle to turn the pages. It becomes very annoying. I would love to see thicker paper in future renditions. 28gsm paper is way to thin. Schuyler could also save some weight of the bible by cutting out the maps and (too small to read) concordance in the back. This is suppose to be a “true” reading bible, cut out the filler in the back and use heavier paper.

    Second, I would like to see a larger font. Possibly an 11 or even 12pt font. Some larger paragraphs are harder to read. Sometimes you read the same line or skip ahead a line. Larger font size and better spacing would make the bible easier to read.

    I hope Schuyler will improve the Treveris platform and make an easier “reader.”

  11. Martin Biggs

    I second the sentiment about ordering when it comes out in the ESV. A single column offering in ESV is LONG overdue. Single column might not be traditional, but it is superior in every way for those who actually read their Bibles. As soon as Treveris is available in ESV, I’m there for my first Schuyler! Please rush this!

  12. Jordan

    I will definitely be ordering this bible the day it becomes available in the ESV.

  13. Scott Hart (verified owner)

    First, ordered and shipped on same day! I love that. Now, to the bible I received yesterday.

    This is a beautiful piece of artwork. I looks so good I really had to make myself open it to read it. I am so glad I did.

    This bible is a goldilocks bible. The size is not to small like a personal sized bible, nor is it a brick. The font is not to small nor is it to big. I liked the 11 point font but find the 10 point to be even more readable. Everything is just right.

    The goatskin cover and lining are a dream to hold in my hand. But it lies flat for study.

    And now the box. (What a hoot to read reviews of a box). Since I plan on reading my bible, the box will only be used for taking up space in a drawer.

  14. Ciarra (verified owner)

    This is my first Schuyler Bible and it is gorgeous! I wasn’t sure what the slate goatskin would be like, but the colour with the red ribbons, burgundy lining and art gilt is stunning.

    I thought the Bible would be big and chunky, but it is the perfect size for a reading Bible.

    Mine came with some faint red staining at the bottom of a few pages, but I contacted evangelicalbible and Karen was extremely helpful and gave me the option of receiving a replacement or a discount.

    Not only am I overjoyed about my Bible, I am also thankful for the wonderful customer service.

  15. Doede Visser (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with this beautiful Bible. I already noticed that I read more with this single column format. The only thing I don’t quite like is the quality of the box, I think it wears out very quickly and that’s a pity for such a beautiful Bible.

  16. Mark (verified owner)

    Quality of materials and craftsmanship are impeccable. The leather is amazing, very soft and a nice grain. The slate grey is an interesting colour that sometimes looks almost brown (not necessarily a bad thing). The contrast of the red liner is wonderful and pleasant to the eye. the silver under red guiding is done nicely.

    Readability is great! The opacity of the paper is very good and font style and size are easy on the eyes. The layout is one of the best yet for paragraph format. I do like that the poetry is justified making it a joy to read. However, I do not like that the books Job and Isaiah as well as a few others have mostly been justified as well, but it is still very readable so not that concerning. I am not a fan of red letter and I do find the pages that are mostly red letter are not that readable.

    Overall this is one beautiful bible that will definitely be one of my main readers. Stunning!

  17. Audie Click (verified owner)

    Folks this is the most amazing Bible I’ve ever seen. I don’t normally leave reviews unless something is extra ordinary and this Bible is for sure. The slate is amazing and actually sometimes looks brown, black, and grey depending on the light. The size is absolutely perfect in my opinion and it’s font is incredibly easy to read. I had originally ordered the Canterbury but it was considerably larger and heavier than I expected. This company was kind enough to allow me to exchange it for free and I now have everything I wanted in my first premium Bible! Thank you evangelical! I LOVE this Bible.

  18. Rod Summers (verified owner)

    I have looked forward to receiving this Bible since it was announced. Without a doubt, Schuyler has planned, designed, and executed the Treveris magnificently. Even though I am not a frequent user or reader of the KJV, this design draws one into the text as a reader and yet allows the use of standard textual markers. This is one superb Bible and you should absolutely buy it.

    Why four stars? I wish I could do 4.5 stars. It’s the box. With the Treveris, Schuyler has gone to a one-piece, thin design of one side folding over the other like is used in some “non-premium” Bibles. Will it protect from dust while on the shelf?Absolutely. Will it hold up to constant open and closing over time? I doubt it. In my view, the quality of the box should speak to the quality of the contents. I wish the box for the Treveris were the standard two-piece design as other Schuylers.

    If this box is used for other translations in the Treveris design would I still buy the Bible? Without a doubt. The Treveris is a superb high quality Bible with magnificent design features that Schuyler is known for, and I prefer a single column, too. The box design and quality, however, needs to be reconsidered for future versions…please.

  19. patrick marriott

    The Treveris is the most unique and majestic bible I have ever seen. Reading this bible is pure bliss. A bible of bibles.

  20. PL

    I received my Treveris Goatskin in slate today… Wow. This is the perfect size Bible for sure. It is a reader, so the single column is definitely ideal for that. I have the slate goatskin in the Canterbury WM and the Canterbury PS and for some reason this slate goatskin feels better in my hand than the other slate goatskins I have.

    I am eager to see how I adjust to using a single column Bible… I have never used one before. First impression of the Treveris… Schuyler and hit it out of the park!

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