TBS KJV Westminster Reference Bible, Black Calfskin

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Black Calfskin cover
4 ribbons and gold gilt
Page size: 8.5″ x 6″
9.6 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

(Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting)


Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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Westminster Reference Bible (Calfskin Leather)  (see more photos here and sample .pdf of interior)

Westminster Reference Bible, premium calfskin leather. This Bible contains over two hundred thousand cross-references, and also features a concordance and 8 full-color maps.

Calfskin leather cover
Cross references
Black text throughout
Quality sewn binding
Four marker ribbons
Bible paper

Additional Contents:
Gift presentation page
Translators to the Reader
The Epistle Dedicatory
List of pronunciation of words and proper names
Word list on page
Daily Bible reading plan
Color maps

Page Size: 8.5″ x 6″
Thickness: 1.3″
Print Size: 9.6 point

46 reviews for TBS KJV Westminster Reference Bible, Black Calfskin

  1. David (verified owner)

    Bible is beautiful in all respects. Superior customer service, ordered Thursday evening, received it Monday morning. Thank you.

  2. matt5 (verified owner)

    This is the first TBS bible I’ve purchased from Evangelical Bible, but not my last. This Winchester Reference Bible was all it claimed to be and more!
    The quality of the leather and the Smyth-sewn binding are in concert with the quality of the bible within. The paper weight and opacity are balanced nicely. The density of the impression, as well as the font and weight make this bible extremely easy to read. The registry of the columns and lines of print are spot on enhancing the readability of this bible. Even the references are easy on these old eyes.
    I was pleased to find both the Translators to the Reader and The Epistle Dedicatory. Something I don’t read often, but I find it puts the Authorized Version in perspective and adds to the appeal. The concordance, and other aids in the back of the bible are of the same high quality. The maps are bright and very well done and round out the bible nicely.
    What a gem! I will gladly recommend this bible to anyone! The quality of this bible demonstrate that both the printer and bindery take pride in their work.

  3. sethstreet (verified owner)

    Good study bible but if it had bolder type and more opaque paper it would be my very favorite. Great for the price but I still prefer my Allan Blackface and Schuyler Canterbury.

  4. James Focht (verified owner)

    This Bible’s reference’s are great! The paper is an off white which makes reading easier on the eyes I think and having four ribbons helps allot when your jumping around looking things up. The concordance in the back is good and the alternative readings and word definitions are a real plus. The only thing I can think is a downside is if your used to an Allen Bible this cover is really going to seem stiff. Other than that I use it for study and it’s working out wonderfully.

  5. Ed Sager

    Great Bible. Got mine this week from TBS after checking online and I am very impressed. After having an Oxford wide-margin years ago and lately Thomas Nelson Reference Edition KJV this is by far a better Bible. Binding is excellent, type face very comfortable on the eyes, helps are wonderful, and it is very clearly a high-end Bible. Very affordable price here. The extra cost at TBS goes to support their fine ministries, but I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking for a good deal on a really nice Bible. I plan to use this for my personal study and devotional purpose as well as in the pulpit.

  6. Lee Poskey

    Fantastic bible. I featured it in a review I wrote

  7. Jeff Pauly

    I have many Bibles and my main ones I use are KJV. I purchased this one for the price, but more importantly the quality, font size and how it has the double reference columns. It is my daily reader and just the right size. I believe one should purchase the best quality Bible you can afford. It is our daily bread and we should want the best.

  8. Ryan

    words of Christ in Red should be better

  9. Tim Howe (verified owner)

    Amazing Bible for the price!!! I won’t go into a lot of detail as I agree with the many positive things the other reviewers here have written. The layout is fantastic and the paper is some of the best. The cover is really nice too especially at this price point. I own the Schuyler Classic KJV which is the same text block with a nicer cover, they are both wonderful Bibles. At $65 each you really can’t go wrong here… In some ways I prefer this past down binding over the Schuyler as this version lays super flat right out of the box. If a really nice leather lined goatskin leather cover is your thing, go for the Schuyler Classic KJV, if having a great Bible with a really good past down leather binding at a bargain price is your thing, get this one!

  10. Ariana Warde (verified owner)

    I received this Bible a year ago, and am just now writing a review on it. This is my first “high end,” quality Bible that I didn’t buy from Barnes & Noble for $25, so it was like Christmas morning when it finally arrived and I opened it up and smelled the wonderful, leather smell. The cover is soft and smooth, and is firm and sturdy while still retaining easy flexibility. The typeface is a tad on the small size, but still reasonable, and the font both elegant and modern. I enjoy the creamy off-white hue of the paper, which is both easy on the eye and gives it that old-world charm. I absolutely LOVE the notes on the margins–the definitions for archaic words, the verse references. I so appreciate the addition of the KJV editors’ preface, and the four ribbon markers are a great touch–and this is all for SUCH a reasonable price! I’m very pleased with this Bible and I look forward to using it in the years to come. Thank you, TBS and Evangelical Bibles!

  11. Nicole Beer

    I bought my TBS bible locally as the branch here in Canada is 45 min drive from where I live. I agree with all the above comments in that it is a very beautiful bible. I love the creamy off white pages with crispy print and unbelievable references! The calfskin is buttery soft and nice although goatskin would’ve been a better choice. The only problem I have is the layout of the concordance. Most other versions have it in a list style format whereas This bible has it in paragraph style format which makes it harder for my eyes to find specific verses. For example “day” – the concordance spans a long ongoing paragraphy style format that would take me 3x as long to find verses in comparison to the listed styled concordances. So while this bible has excellent features in terms of the bible as a whole, the concordance is a strain on the eyes and harder to use effectively.

  12. Frank O. Fuentes (verified owner)

    I just bought one to give away as a gift. I didn’t have it long, but perusing it while I had it, I was very impressed. I really like the paper & the print. The off white, or ivory, or whatever you want to call the color of the paper was GREAT! Very opaque. I loved the cross references. The leather was a nice calfskin, albeit a bit sturdy to the point one might call it still. I’m assuming with use & wear & tear it will loosen up. Overall, I would NOT mind buying one for myself. I bought it here for $60. Very nice. I did NOT use the Pay Pal option. 😉

  13. Kelly Crocker

    I got my TBS Bible last week, excellent quality, love everything about it. This my first purchase from evangelical and I would recommend them to everyone! I love the colour of the paper and having 200,000 cross references is the way to go!!!
    Now saving for my next purchase, a Schuyler, Canterbury edition KJV,

    Thanks so much,
    Kelly Crocker.

  14. C. Newberry (verified owner)

    A wonderful value. Traditional meets Contemporary with this Westminster KJV bible, which is very nice in many regards. If one needs a KJV with cross references, and does not want the bulk of a full featured study bible this is a great option. This bible is a medium size between a portable hand sized bible and a study bible. The binding is a very soft to the touch leather on a backing, and is flexible, but not floppy like many goat skin bindings, and has a yap overlap of approx. .25 inch. The text block is very nice and printed by Jungbloed, a printer and binder used for many premium bibles by various makers. The paper is reasonably opaque and the line matching reduces the degree to which text on back of page shows through. The gold gilding is of a nice quality. I have found that many KJV bibles made by well know bible publishers are simply reprints of decades old settings, often looking like a photo copy of a photo copy in quality. This Westminster is an all new setting. This text block has to its advantage modern text fonts, and crisp sharp characters for all fonts used. Unlike many reference bibles, the references in this Westminster KJV are very crisp and readable, using a font that has just enough boldness and definition between characters. This bible features two text columns with a comfortable space between them, unlike other well known cross reference bibles. On each side of these two are the cross references, giving each page 4 areas; left references, two text columns and right references. The text is in a verse by verse format with numbers on the left, which I find optimum in a reference bible. I am finding I really enjoy the page arrangement as it makes the bible serve nicely as a reader as well as a reference bible as the references are less intrusive when one simply reads.

    Despite the KJV being 4 hundred years old, the Westminster is a modern bible with a fresh new format that takes advantage of modern typesetting and design yet remains refined in a way that complements the attributes of the King James Version cherished by so many.

    The cross references total more than 200,000, and combine those of John Brown (of Haddington) and (likely) those found in Cambridge bibles. Additionally many will enjoy the chapter summaries, which date back to a 1770’s KJV printing, and are nicely integrated into this new layout design. The bible lays flat, the hinges are sturdy but not overly stiff, and 4 ribbons are present 2 red, and 2 black. They are thin and not overly satiny, yet quite adequate for marking pages.

  15. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Bang for your buck, this is the best Bible you can buy. For example, if you are trying to get thru the tough warnings in the book of Hebrew and wonder what the reference is to the “provocation” in Hebrew 3:8, there is a reference to Numbers 14:22, 27. This is an example of the extensive insights of John Brown of Haddington’s cross-references included in this Bible. The Various Helpful Characteristics of the Authorized Version section is wonderful for someone new to the AV, the quality of printing, binding and materials are excellent; overall, this is an incredible Bible for the price.

    God bless you and keep you,

  16. Bruce Anable (verified owner)

    Im 52 years of age and use reading glasses and I can read this. It would help more if the print was BOLDER. I have a NASB with 9.5 BOLD print and is easer to read then this one.

  17. Joel Berg (verified owner)

    My TBS Westminster Reference Bible just arrived and its quality in-hand is better then I expected, especially for the price. I look forward to spending time reading. I know I’ll enjoy my favorite feature of the text already, the “word list on page”. The paper color, font size and overall layout is great.

  18. Bob Snyder

    An outstanding reference Bible and a great value! Review of the Trinitarian Bible Society, Westminster Reference Bible, Authorized KJV, 90U/BK in Black Premium Calfskin Leather.Just a little disclaimer first, I am not a KJV only guy. I love the KJV and I do read the KJV, but I also use the NASB as my primary translation. In addition I use the ESV, NKJV, HCSB, and Geneva. This should be good news to people looking for an honest, unbiased, review. The bad news is that I received this Bible gratis from TBS. Some of you might believe that will make me biased, but if you look at my blog you can see that there are a few publishers represented by reviews of their products, all of which were gratis. I am under no obligation to give a positive review to any of the books or Bibles I review.

    That being said, this is an AMAZING reference Bible! I was very surprised to see the quality of this Bible considering the price they ask for it. You can purchase one from TBS directly for $80.00 and they use the proceeds to provide Bibles and resources to Christians around the world.

    TBS took great care in packaging this Bible for shipping. When it arrived at my house it was in a clamshell type cardboard box filled with packing peanuts. The Bible was placed on top of a foam pad inside the box. Its retail packaging is a blue clamshell box with product information on it. Save the box for storage. I was so glad to see they took good care to ensure the Bible arrived undamaged. I have received numerous Bibles that have had bent corners, wrinkled covers, and scratches on them due to insufficient packaging.

    When I opened the box I could smell the premium calfskin leather. It was soft to touch and has a fairly smooth texture. It isn’t heavily textured. The cover is lined with typical vinyl looking material that is glued down. The first and last pages are glued up higher to ensure the text block is securely fitted to the cover. The printing and binding was done by Jongbloed in the Netherlands. They are well known for producing luxury Bibles like R.L. Allan.

    The spine has, “Holy Bible” at the head, “Westminster Reference Bible” in the middle, and the TBS logo at the foot. These are written in gold lettering. The page edges are gilded as well.

    The binding is smyth-sewn and very flexible. Fresh out of the box the Bible lies flat on the table from the first book to the last. When you hold it by the spine it drapes over your hand. The cover has some rigidity due to the lining. This is only a con if you are looking for a cover that isn’t lined or is lined with leather and stitched. I have had both types of covers on Bibles. For a time I thought it was the mark of a good quality Bible to have a lining as flexible as the cover material, but I have come to appreciate some rigidity in the cover. It helps to hold onto the Bible if there is something to hold onto. Some of the Bibles without it are more difficult to read because they are too flexible. They tend to flop around. This one has a great quality cover and it adds to the utility of the Bible. The fit and finish of the text block to cover is very clean and well done. It is obvious that they are doing this work with honoring God in mind.

    The Bible comes with four ribbon markers. There are two red ones in the Old Testament and two black ones in the New Testament. Both sets of ribbons are good quality and about a quarter inch wide. I really appreciate this feature. Often times Bibles only have one ribbon marker if you are lucky. Sometimes you can get them with two, but four is almost unheard of. I end up gluing more in on my own. I love having four. I can use one from the Old Testament for my daily reading plan and the other for following along with the sermon. I do the same with the two in the New Testament.

    The first pages are made out of a heavier paper and TBS instead of just leaving them blank has tastefully printed some scripture quotes on each one of them. Instead of being out of place, they were quite a propos and well done. After that we have a presentation page on the same paper, and then the paper changes over to Bible paper for the, Translators to the Reader, Epistle dedicatory, and the, Guide to Using the Westminster Bible, pages.

    At the beginning of the books there are verses that are helpful for the reading of each book and the Chapter numbers are larger and bold. The text is in a double column verse format with over 200,000 references printed on the gutter and page edge sides of the page. I love these cross references, the TBS Westminster lives up to the claim of being a reference Bible. They aren’t there to be pretty. They actually are relevant to what you are reading.

    In the top outside of the page you get the Book and Chapter, the inside has the heading, while the bottom outside has the page numbers. The font is clear and sharp 9.6 point, with consistent ink distribution making it quite legible and easy on the eyes. The paper is opaque and a bit thicker than some of the very thin paper used in lesser Bibles. It is a bit off white, but not so much as to diminish the contrast against the text.

    At the back of the Bible there is a, Tables of Weights and Measures, List of Words and Proper Names with their Pronunciations, Daily Reading Plan, and an extensive concordance. I was impressed with the size of the concordance. Most Bibles have one, but generally they are little more than a few pages. This one is actually large enough to be useful.

    After spending some time using this Bible and reading from it, I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a King James Version Reference Bible. I have some Local Bible Publishers Bibles and the TBS is superior in the printing and binding. Compared to the ones made in China and Korea the TBS wins hands down.

    ISBN: 9781862281684

  19. Alan D Sharpe (verified owner)

    Just ordered a second copy. This bible is an excellent value and sturdy like a tank. The margin references are mostly from John Brown. Quite a neat and sturdy production given the pricing.

  20. Timothy Rose (verified owner)

    I received this Bible today along with the NIC Commentary on Revelation. The delivery beat the promised due date, and came extremely well protected and packaged. The Bible is simply wonderful. It came exactly as stated on this site. I worried about the stiffness of the cover as many reviewers felt it too stiff to their liking. To me, the cover is perfect and so is everything else with this Bible. We are going to become very intimate friends.

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