TBS KJV Westminster Reference Bible with Metrical Psalms, Black Calfskin

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New edition of the Westminster Reference Bible introduced in 2017 with the addition of Metrical Psalms, with premium calfskin leather. This Bible contains over two hundred thousand cross-references, and also features a concordance and 8 full-colour maps.

Calfskin leather cover
Gift presentation box
Cross references
Black text throughout
Quality sewn binding
Four marker ribbons
Bible paper

Additional Contents:
Gift presentation page
Translators to the Reader
The Epistle Dedicatory
List of pronunciation of words and proper names
Word list on page
Daily Bible reading plan
Colour maps
Metrical Psalms
.pdf sample of the text

Page Size: 8.5″ x 6″
Thickness: 1.4″
Print Size: 9.6 point

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4 reviews for TBS KJV Westminster Reference Bible with Metrical Psalms, Black Calfskin

  1. jackv (verified owner)

    For being released in 2012 this Westminster with Metrical Psalms is surprisingly what I consider to be the best Bible being printed today.
    Whether you cherish the pure styling of the classic 68’ Dodge Challenger or the elegant lines of a new 2020 Maserati Quattroporte it’s smooth black calfskin cover is simple and straightforward. With humble elements like a paste-down liner, and thin plain ribbons it would appear to be the inferior of modern bibles, but if you look under the hood of this modest looking book you will see it packs a high fuel injected, super charged twin turbo engine that rumbles the word of God with clarity and power!
    It begins to rev in first gear like the hum of Benedictine monks with the intro pages and shifting into second gear it opens to the lovely melodies of the Bulgarian women’s choir with the guides and helps pages. In third gear it sounds like the Vienna philharmonic choir with the king James dedication and translators to the readers pages. Shifting to fourth it crescendos into a full symphony movement with the reading of the Old Testament. And finally, in fifth gear it thunders the tune of O’ Fortuna in Carmina Burana within the New Testament!
    Sadly, like any man made thing there is going to be a design flaw, a chink in the armor of this superlative bible. The maps are horrible but acceptable.
    In this congested sub-culture of high-end bibles this Westminster features something that all other premiums do not have and that’s the Scottish Psalms in Metre. Nothing is quite like the beautifully rendered psalms located in the back. It’s words written in 1650 can move you to tears.
    If anything, this bible will save you over a hundred dollars. Because what you are really paying for is the highly opaque paper. The font is crisp. The pagination is one of my most favorite. Very intuitive and practical. Just marvelous over all. This is not the best KJV Bible, but it is the greatest in any class of bibles.

  2. Choon Hwa (verified owner)

    Trinitarian Bible Society Westminster Reference Bible is my go to bible. ‘THE ONE’ for me. The 200,000 references, the in-page explanation of archaic words, the clear and faithful KJV font and text are what make this the most useful reference bible for me. I placed my order for the large print, compact and metrical psalm editions on Tuesday and all 4 were delivered today (Sunday). I made a mistake in an earlier order, emailed Evangelical to cancel it and make a new order. All rectified and done without fuss. Keep up the great work! God bless!

  3. Susanna Smith (verified owner)

    this is a nice Bible! I wanted a Bible with the metrical Psalms and had bought the Windsor edition (which is good) but decided to try this one and it feels so much better! I think both are calfskin so I’m not sure what the difference is but if I were only buying one I would pay the extra and get this one!

  4. connkenn (verified owner)

    I think this Bible really is quite good. It is very comparable in quality to Cambridge, the binding with the paste-off liner reminds me of the liner on my Pitt Minion. The paper is very fine with a slight creaminess to it. I knock off a star for a couple of mainly cosmetic issues with my copy. The girl on the bottom side has a couple of scratches and one little spot with no gilling at all, about the size of the top of a ballpoint pen. Not a big deal. The gold stamping on the spine has one blemish in the B of Holy Bible, just two little spots, also about ballpoint tip in size, where the tilting either didn’t stick or it flecked off at some point before reaching me. Probably the most puzzling thing is the ribbons. Every review I’ve seen has the red ribbons in the front for the OT and the black ones in the back for NT. Mine is reversed. Also both red ribbons are a good half inch shorter than the black ones. They are still long enough to comfortably use, but it does look a little odd to me. I thought about cutting the black ones to match, but I would rather keep them long, as I prefer long ribbons. I don’t know if this is just a quality control issue or what, but I expect better fit and finish from a Jongbloed Bible. The leather is very supple, however. It is MUCH better quality than the leather found on the TBS Windsor.

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