TBS KJV Windsor Text Bible with Zipper, Black Calfskin

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TBS Windsor Text Bible Black Calfskin – with Zipper
Photos of this Bible:  Click Here.

Sample .pdf of interior. review:  An excellent zippered Bible-opens flat, calfskin is flexible, typesetting is clear and legible, paper is opaque.

Authorised (King James) Version
Standard text Bible without references
Page size: 190 x 133mm (7½”x 5¼”)
Thickness: 25mm (1″)

Bible Features:
Good clear print
9.6 pt. font
Quality sewn binding
Bible paper
Gift presentation box for luxury editions
Black text throughout
Two marker ribbons
Gilt page edges on luxury editions
Semi-yapp page protection
Decorative head & tail bands

Bible Contents:
Gift presentation page
The Epistle Dedicatory
List of pronunciation of words and proper names
Bible word List
Daily Bible reading plan


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7 reviews for TBS KJV Windsor Text Bible with Zipper, Black Calfskin

  1. Michael Bayer (verified owner)

    The TBS Windsor Text Bible may be the best KJV Bible available, at the current or any price. I own several Allan and Cambridge Bibles and can speak with some experience about this TBS Bible. I’ve had this Bible for a couple of months now and it has become my main reading, write-in, carry-along, and preaching Bible. I especially love pure ‘reader’ Bibles that have no commentary, notes or cross references. It frees up valuable space for a larger, readable font. The Windsor text is probably around 8 point or little larger but because of a bolder type face and extra white space between the words and lines it is one of the most readable Bibles I’ve ever owned. Factor in the smaller footprint (overall size) and you have a winning combo.

    This is the first zipper Bible I’ve owned in 10 years. I needed a Bible that I could toss in my various backpacks and briefcase and not worry about damage. The Windsor zipper Bible was the answer. It’s a small-tooth zipper so it does not dominate the Bible and works wonderfully. The two ribbon markers do get in the way when zipping up so you need make sure they are tucked in.

    It has a great calfskin cover that is pretty flexible—but not as flexible as an Allan—but close. It will lay flat when opened. I am writing and highlighting in this Bible and am impressed with only minimal ghosting. After showing this Bible to my congregation several of them bought one—so far nothing but POSITIVE raving reviews.

    I own a lot of Bibles and buy and sale vintage Bibles and I must say that I would have gladly paid $100 or more for this under-$40-Bible. I give this Bible a strong five star rating.

    A great companion to this Bible is the TBS Koine Greek New Testament (calfskin) which is just about the same size (a little thinner) and based on the Textus Receptus.

  2. Richard Reinle (verified owner)

    Just got it this afternoon it was waiting for me when I came home from work I coulnt wait to open it, and wow it is an excellent bible! I wanted a carry around not afraid what happens to it kind of bible , and this one is deffently a nice size carry around its about the size of a nook the binding looks strong it has t2 black ribbon markers the calfskin feels nice on your hand and the grain of the calfskin is sharp. The text size is nice and I especially like the layout, for the price I’m impressed, the only thing I said that wasn’t true was I am afraid of what will happen to it because it’s very nice.
    Looks sharp, for a plain text only bible this is nicer than most bibles you would pay more for.

  3. Jerry Weinhausen (verified owner)

    I’ve been collecting KJV Bibles lately and am happy to own many that I value for their study materials built around the text. It did dawn on me though that I didn’t have a pure text version. I tried a single column, paragraphed version but came to dislike sentences running across the entire page. Enter the TBS Windsor Text Bible. This is my first Bible from the TBS and now I kick myself for waiting so long to pick one up. I can’t get over how small it is and yet how easy it is to read from. The two column layout is pure perfection; no notes, cross references, and excellent spacing between words and sentences. Personally, I would’ve preferred that it didn’t come with a Bible word list as definitions can be arbitrary. The surrounding text usually defines words within the chapter or book but I guess some folks need help. I would have appreciated a brighter paper too but it’s not a problem. I might also mention that it weighs about as much an iPad and costs considerably less. If you’re looking for a Bible that doesn’t come with the white noise of commentary, maps, or won’t break if you drop it, then this is a great choice. Cheers.

  4. Kevin (verified owner)

    I recently purchased an Royal Ruby and decided because I loved the Ruby, to give the Windsor a try. At first glance, I was thoroughly impressed at how thin it appeared. The calfskin was stiff, but beautiful nonetheless. When I unzipped it though, I was blown away!!! It laid flatter than any Bible I’ve own, coming right out of the box!!! It was like someone worked the spine in for me!!! The text is the last thing I feel is important to cover. From the line matching, to the spacing of each line, the space between the words, all the way to the color of the paper… A sheer thing of elegance!!! For exceeds my expectations, as did the Royal Ruby by TBS. I highly recommend!!

    One Love…

  5. (verified owner)

    I just received my Bible today. I love this Bible already! The size is perfect. The text is very clear and readable. The paper is very smooth and opaque. And, the protection from the zippered cover make this a portable Bible that I will take with me everywhere. It’s hard to believe that it only cost $50! It is really good quality for the price. I have much more expensive Bibles that, although I love, will likely be put on the shelf while I read through this one. I’ve wanted a text only KJV for a while now and I’m glad I finally made the purchase. This TBS Windsor text is a welcome addition to my collection.

    As always, is great! I ordered this Bible late afternoon on Friday the 27th and got it by Monday the 30th.

  6. scojak1

    I received my first and only premium Bible, the TBS reference Bible and it is everything others have said it was! I really like the print though I wish it was a little darker, don’t get me wrong the print is highly readable and on the cream color paper is very soothing on the eyes making for hours of enjoyable reading without causing eye fatigue. I only wish it to be a little darker because I’m at that age I have to use reading glasses and when I try to read this in bed with minimal light because I don’t want to disturb my beloved wife, the print is a little harder to read. The reason for only 4 stars is because of the wrinkled pages throughout this Bible before I even used it, sorry for my OCD. I really like everything about this Bible, the look, feel, smell and all the built-in helps! I searched long and hard for my first premium Bible and due to lack of funds was unable to purchase many of the recommended ones on YouTube. I really needed a study Bible in the KJV that would help me better understand God’s Holy Word without denomination biases and this Bible fit the bill! For me this was a very expensive purchase and well worth every penny, just wish so many pages weren’t so wrinkled, something I need to surrender to Jesus.

  7. Dennis Preston (verified owner)

    I purchased this Bible to take with me when traveling for work. I’d previously purchased the Cambridge zip Bible, but the font there is really small, and handling it essentially required 2 hands, to hold and turn pages. I ended up selling. This is a great Bible. As mentioned in the first review, it’s just the text, no footnotes or cross-references. This is really refreshing for me, since when I travel, I can focus on a million things other than the Bible, i.e., newspapers, business books, books I’ve been wanting to read, etc. This is just the Word – plain and simple. It’s stiff, in that when zipped, it’s sort of like a thin brick. This is good, preserving the pages and also helping when packing in a briefcase or backpack. It retains its shape. I’d have given it 5 stars, except for the publisher’s wrinkles on the end pages, which slightly crept into concordance, and very, very minimally into the end pages of Revelation. This seems to come from the fact that when zipped, its very tight, but not overly, so as to strain the zipper. EVB offered a free return but I opted to keep it, as all else is good on this one, I just mention as another review here had the same issue, and it might just be one of those things. Again, the Bible is in great shape and is a very nice design, despite this. If you’re looking for a minimalist KJV to tote around, this is one great Bible.

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