TO SHOP – SCROLL DOWN TO CATEGORY (TRANSLATION) LINKS BELOW. is the official U.S. distributor of the R.L. Allan Bible.

We are proud to distribute the Allan Bible. Allan has a long standing reputation for high quality binding. Hand crafted, attention to detail, exceptional materials, durable, and beautiful are a few reasons to choose an Allan Bible.  Established in 1863, R.L. Allan is a family publishing business based in London, England which specializes in producing high quality editions of the best English language Bible translations. Allan Bibles are bound using Oxford, Cambridge, Crossway, Lockman, Tyndale and other publishers’ typesettings, and bound in England by craftsmen using traditional methods. We now have a page that helps customer become familiar with Allan Bibles:  The Allan Navigation Page. can also be found on facebook-with more photos, information, discussions, etc.