IMG_3669The Cambridge Cameo is not entirely new. This is a revision of a well known Cambridge Classic. Cambridge has taken the petit Medieval Clarendon text and made it sharper than in previous printings. This is an excellent Bible.

Legibility: In all of the Cameo bindings there is a similar book block with a similar typeface (8pt Medieval Clarendon). In our experience with Bible binding, Personal Size Reference Bibles are often extremely portable, at the expense of legibility. The Cameo is different. The expression, ‘You can have your cake and eat it, too’ applies to the Cameo. Legibility is a function of many factors-the Cameo has done well in each sector. A. Paper is opaque B. Adequate boldness and clarity of text. C. Adequate spacing between letters (Kerning) and lines (leading). D. Font Size. In every legible sector Cambridge has the highest marks.

Binding: All Cambridge Bibles have sewn bindings.

Class: This Bible falls into the Personal Size Reference Class. It is not a pocket Bible, Wide Margin Bible, Large Print or Classic Reference. It is a Bible designed to be easily transported; and as we have previously mentioned, it is also highly legible.

Overall: These Personal Size Reference Bibles are the top in their class.

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